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Biden is Failing– It’s About People


The Biden White House is hemorrhaging people, so is the entire Administration. This is not entirely unforeseeable, but small leaks in a boat are different from mass gashes in the hull.  An Administration that is disoriented on everything from energy policy to inflation, crime, border, Covid, Afghanistan, China – is now more than founding, it is sinking.  Telling sign – Not taking care of their people.

Colin Powell was a master of the idea: You must take care of your people. The military from George Washington knows this principle. The point is not condescension or paternalism, but respect, empowerment, caring for people you lead.  If you take care of them, they will of you and each other.

The idea is both simple and deep.  If you want to be the best fighting force in the world, defend freedom, and model trust in those who wear the uniform, then do not undercut, underfund, or disrespect them.  The same is true in any White House, having worked in both Reagan’s and GHB Bush’s. 

Love your job, mission, requirements, and trust vested in you – but love your people just as much, for they are you and you are they. Their loyalty to mission, willingness to risk, think ahead, stay late, rise early, and anticipate – depend on you, what you believe, and what you will do to see it through.

Reagan and Bush 41 inspired that kind of loyalty.  They were sharp, principled, mission-oriented, both men of character and cogency, inspiring in who they were, as well as where they led.

They also cared deeply about their people. Their history-shaping successes – both would admit – were not about them, so much as about those they led, who put in long hours, knowing they counted.

So, what is the contrast?  The current moment. Failures are mounting up, and the Biden team is fracturing, fraying, just flying apart like a non-integrated, poorly maintained, rickety old piece of machinery.  The process is solid, but the people are both failing and being failed by their leadership within.

 You can say the problem is burn-out or fatigue, that times are hard, that being in the White House is challenging, and that people are free to leave.  All true.  All a deflection.  What is missing is leadership, all-in, dynamic, caring and unfailing, and go-to-the-mat to help others, make it real.

What is happening, after just one year – less than a year – is that the Biden leadership team’s failure of commitment to you and me, to big principles, to real outcomes, to logic and tradition, what works and letting us all work, is also happening inside. 

The internal state in this White House is demoralized, disunited, a fumbling team with a fumbling coach, AWOL assistant coach, lots of chefs running around spoiling the broth, and no caring about your people.

What that produces is an undeclared recognition that everyone is vulnerable to political sacrifice, no one is respected, the team is nothing more than an assembly of – possibly talented – people filling slots. The result is utter dysfunction, followed by disillusionment, disorientation, and a rush for exits.  That is what is happening.  See, e.g., Biden aides catch the holiday blues.

So, where is the good news? Well, let’s look for it here.  If the word gets out that the ship is listing, maybe someone will emerge – even at a senior leadership level – who helps restore morale.  Maybe recognition will come that a leftward shift, drift, or lurch is a bad thing – so stop it. 

Or, more realistically, maybe the entire nation will wake up to what failed leadership looks like, will sit up, begin respecting the nation, our past, traditions, institutions, good leaders, and turn things around in 2022.  We will wait to 2024 for good White House leadership, but even now – we can see the truth. 

The signs are all there, and the truth is telling:  The external failures of the Biden White House are both a result of and similar to their internal failures.  People are leaving early because they are neither led nor cared about.  This is a misguided, misfiring, muddle-minded administration.

Until leadership changes, reengaging with the American people reflects some caring about accountability, truth, and where leadership lies, nothing will change. As news accounts suggest, we should expect more ship jumping, internal dysfunction, and failure at the policy junction.  The real good news is, people inside and out are beginning to realize – leadership matters, and starts with people.  

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10 months ago

Thank you For the information that’s why I stick with AMAC
Please keep it up

Robin Walter Boyd
11 months ago

When we say, “You must take care of your people.”, we need to understand that in a democratic Republic this means to keep the people safe from outside enemies and from international crime, not to dictate the social lives of the people.
Biden is not failing. Biden continues to be personally financed to do the bidding of those radical Socialist billionaires and Communist China so these forces can successfully tear down the U.S. as a nation. The only ones failing are American citizens. We failed to prevent Socialism from infecting our education system, our governments and our very lives. We the People have allowed this monster to be created while we continued to feed it in the name of doing good for the people who cannot or will not do for themselves. Not many welfare styled programs have done anything to improve our poor. In fact, such programs have created more poor in the U.S. while making corrupt politicians wealthy beyond the imaginations of those who have produced the money they have taken for themselves.
Biden has not failed; We the People have failed ourselves. Can we turn the nation around to be what it was intended to be, a democratic Republic with a mostly free capitalist attitude?

11 months ago

What we as Americans see are reckless policies creating misery but indeed are accomplishments by this corrupt admin. An admin that creates the crisis placing the American people in harms way leaving the people with no other option than dependency on the Government for ones basic needs of food, shelter and healthcare.
Promoters of moral decay in society. Not problem solvers, but problem creators to stay in power!

11 months ago

I don’t get it. These filthy, freaking fools are Communists. Communists DON’T care about people! They never have and never will. Why would one single person in this administration expect caring?
Are they all seriously retarded, too?

11 months ago
Reply to  Becky

They live in the present moment of power and greed and could give a rats behind about the legacy they will leave behind for their children, grandchildren or America!

11 months ago

We need to stand together and stop Biden and get him out of office now Or we may not have a America

11 months ago

I really enjoyed your article, thank you!
What’s missing in everyone associated with joebama and this clown show is ANYONE with character, honesty, morals or a sense of Country first!
This is a group of self serving, corrupt,immoral, entitled,racist,divisive people absorbed in themselves!
Flawed people who inevitably fail!
With no heart, and no soul, epic failure is the result!

11 months ago
Reply to  Garye

Garye, thank you so much, and well said! RBC

11 months ago

Is it not taking care of its people or that joebama and his marxist handlers DON’T CARE about people ANY people??
Their actions show disrespect,disdain and outright hatred of REAL CITIZENS and AMERICA!
I believe they are narcissistic, self absorbed, immoral, corrupt self serving and consider everyone else beneath themselves!
They must be beaten so badly that their anti American cancer can never again sprout!

GT Patriot
11 months ago

Of course many people “want the job” because of prestige, attention, etc. Only natural. There is always the ego of those who want it and think they will be great at it. But only a few who get the job
have solid goals or purpose. Many get the job but don’t have a clue what is really needed with a well conceived plan of how to achieve the needed result. Biden wanted the job
(or at least the dims wanted him to have it) but there was no cogent plan on what needed to be done or how to do it. No attention to the economy or immigration or education or energy or various Chi-Com plots. Just Covid and Jan 6. Sad, really

11 months ago
Reply to  GT Patriot

Worse than sad, horrific to Citizens and America!
Truly EVIL marxist democrats with an agenda – END AMERICA!
They are TRAITORS, pur and simple!

11 months ago

Hidin Joself Biden is about as good an example of why an “age limit” and term limits should be put in an Amendment to ward off, to some extent, rigged elections and senile old men being allowed to serve as POTUS or VPOTUS. But the over-aged disabilities, though variable amongst men and women seems unfair and unConstitutional to some citizens, I think the time has come to realize that may be the best way to insure that the values and laws and rights in the Constitution remain strong and serve the best interests in the will of the people. Biden is the near perfect example of how rigged elections and aging senility (and a crooked political career) are a danger to this Nation and Democracy ….. exposing it to the tyranny of Communistic governance (which historically also has a civil violence and human casualties to aid the its instillation).

11 months ago

I wonder if Delaware is aware of how incompetent Biden is. At this juncture it makes one pose in thinking … “How in the world did was Dela able to be satisfied with Joe Hidin’ Biden as a Senator?” Buck Fieden is the most modern self-serving politician I can think of in modern times altho a few others (Ted “reckless drunk driver killer” Kennedy, Hillary “broom rider” Clinton, Barshock Obiden, et. al.) were in close contention.

11 months ago
Reply to  Hal

Delaware citizens are probably aware but there are more “PROGRESSIVES” than conservatives in the state so he kept getting elected by the MONEY Elite so they could maintain power over him (money, greed and power}.

Ken Fehr
11 months ago

The one and only time I voted democratic was for Jimmy Carter. Never impressed with Joe Biden’s intelligence when he opened his mouth and the way he governs is a repeat of Carter. Sleepy Joe has been more sleazy and less trustworthy, a product of the Swamp. Not the government of the people, only for himself, just like his son Hunter who would make a profit falsely. To the contrary where Lincoln spoke of that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. Elections have consequences, I hope we can survive ….

11 months ago

Go Brandon love’s his Money and power Oh wait obama’s the one pulling Brandon’s strings..

11 months ago

The sad part is the fact that the radicals and progressives are jumping in at every turn…..looking for taps to power … advantage seeking leeches….and they are succeeding….and they will continue to do so….building their power bases to the point they will be a real force to be reckoned with…..tighten your seat belts people….it’s going to be a very bumpy ride.

George Washington's Admirer
11 months ago

Look in the Oxford Dictionary under the word: monarch; (there is a picture of our geriatric leader; ‘King Biden’.)

11 months ago

Not our, only the ignorant few who support this clown show!

11 months ago

And don’t forget, he doesn’t know what a pound of hamburger meat costs, but yet he’s going after the meat companies to do them harm. This just goes to show how informed he is, how much his staff is telling him, and the fact that money has no value when somebody else does the grocery shopping for him.

11 months ago
Reply to  Barb

It also shows that he’s got far far left idealogues working for him. These people don’t believe in eating meat, in single family housing, or, for that matter, the nuclear family. Add to that the internal combustion engine, parents rights and freedom itself.

11 months ago

Everything he touches turns to crap.

11 months ago

Biden was a failure long before being a failure now as a President. He’s just bringing forward what he has been doing for years. He’s in it for himself, his family, reason for Build Back Better which equates to Build Back Biden’s Bank Account Better (Ukraine, his son, his brother, etc.). Big bucks passing back & forth, and let’s not forget the Big Guy’s share.

11 months ago

Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

Johnny Bad
11 months ago

Our people are not being taken care of by politically motivated people. These lying fools actually think they’ll get away with this. Remember people that wake up late often move damn quick when they realize the damage has been done. “LET’S GO BRANDON”

11 months ago

I wonder if “Biden” will become an alternate definition for “idiocy”?

11 months ago
Reply to  Hal

Biden will become the Merriam Websters Dictionary definition of “idiocy”.

11 months ago

i have an analogy. Lets say we’re all on a train. Conservatives want to go to the right, commies to the left. In fact the train is moving relentlessly leftward, night and day. Conservatives are divided as to strategy. Some are content to slow the train and boast of surreptitiously applying the brakes. Others busy themselves with noting the apparent internecine battles the commies indulge in. Surely, they think, the commies will destroy themselves. Some even place their faith in the hope that the commies will have a change of heart; an epiphany. Even if ‘we’ take congress the train will keep moving left. The sad fact is that most of us dont see the lateness of the hour, let alone are able to conceptualize how to stop the train. Generic appeals to patriotism arent going to work. Btw, if i had a plan id lay it out. I just know i havent heard one yet. Also btw, the convention of states aint it.

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