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Biden is Losing Peru to Marxism


Peru is in trouble, and Biden is silent. Time to speak, or let election fraud allegations linger unanswered, and watch America’s longtime ally, free, safe, democratic Peru – go Communist. This is not a close call. Having spent years visiting Peru, working to protect democracy, the rule of law, and public safety there, we are watching a tragedy unfold – and Biden is silent. Why?

Sometimes history happens fast, and we look back wondering – why did we not see this? Peru right now is such a case. We can weigh in, push for an international election audit, take account of voter fraud allegations, preserve that democratic country – or lose them to the community of democratic nations, perhaps a thousand years of darkness. 

Time to speak.

On July 6, election results from Peru’s June 15 presidential election were thrown into doubt. Honest Peruvians flooded the streets of Lima to ask honesty, a serious recount of presidential election results. You might think this is novel since we experienced major doubt in 2020, but the world is awash with election fraud. As Assistant Secretary of State, I saw it globally. 

Now, Peru – for thirty years safe, secure, democratic, respectful of law and order – is facing a potential Marxist or Communist takeover. A candidate much like Bolivia’s Evo Morales, and even closer to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, is clamoring for power. Behind throughout the election cycle, he suddenly outflanked the daughter of a former president to claim victory.  

Much of Peru is in shock. 

In past years, I was all over the nation. I feel deeply for the people. This is a nation that experienced unthinkable terrorism – through the “Shining Path” – ten years before our 9-11. They beat it, and beat runaway crime and drug trafficking, now face it again.  

Only this time, the sudden winning candidate aims to champion Marxism, promote cocaine trafficking, kick the DEA and others out of the country, empower lawlessness. Too often, the image of Robin Hood is used to champion communism and lawlessness, which kills. Peru is on the cusp.  

If America speaks up – if election integrity is insisted upon, there is hope. But sand grows small in the hourglass. And as the Peruvian people ask help – as the Cubans ask our moral support – Biden and his team stand flatfooted, not hearing the alarm, or not caring, or worse complicit. 

Against all odds and confounding free Peruvian expectations, Marxist Pedro Castillo topped his opponent, female Keiko Fujimori, by roughly 44,000 votes in a country of 32.5 million. Think about that and the largely unmonitored rural districts which reported the surprise victory. 

Right now, electoral challenges and lawsuits abound, protests roll, and Peru is on fire, but how long will that last, will justice be done or only lip-synced for the world? Many believe tens of thousands of ballots are unqualified and should be tossed, but modern talk gives election review a bad name. Where will it end?

At the end of July, a Peruvian election commission will rule on an audit, faster than happened in the US in 2020, but the outcome remains unclear – not just for ballot counting, but due to politics. The Marxist candidate promises to shut down Peru’s Supreme Court, open drug legalization and trafficking, raise everyone’s pay, reshape the Constitution. Sound vaguely familiar? In the streets, fear runs rampant. 

So why does it matter, and what can we do? It matters because, with Colombia, and other countries of South America, Peru is an American ally. It matters because a flood of cocaine would come north – where do you think? In my time as Assistant Secretary of State, we worked with Peru to kill terrorism and instill rule of law, peace, democratic norms. 

This would flip the table, might flip tables to Marxism beyond Peru. 

How do we stop it? We speak up for freedom, liberty, election integrity, rule of law, and everything that Republicans and Democrats – Americans of every stripe – have long stood for. We explain that Marxism, communism, and socialism are dead-end streets, invariably ending in death and repression and that turning away from election integrity is the first step.  

So, will Biden save Peru – or lose it. Will he step up, speak up, stand for freedom, liberty, election integrity, rule of law, and human rights – or look the other way? We will see.

Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize author and critic of Latin American strongmen on left and right, has a warning: If the Marxist is allowed to win, “we probably will not have free elections again.” If that is not sobering, shouting for Biden’s voice – nothing is. 

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2 months ago

What? do you actually believe pedo Obiden Ben Lyin is a goodie leader????????? he’s an imbecile and of EVIL ????

11 months ago

Sadly, that would mean CDC puppet Pedo Joe is GAINING Peru to his cause.

11 months ago


11 months ago

Sounds like Biden’s kind of country, any American citizen that truly believes that the November election wasn’t tainted didn’t watch the polling counting where literally the republicans were thrown out and a few hours later trump is now behind in the election? The ends justify the means at any and all costs with these haters of our constitution and freedom that is keeps us all safe in our country

2 months ago
Reply to  Bill

Agree with you ????

11 months ago

I am worried about America going Marxist and Biden’s leftist regime is quickly causing this calamity.
The article mentions election fraud in Peru as a concern but not the fraud right here in America?
Like many others I saw the video of election fraud taking place in Georgia, Detroit and elsewhere.
I am also aware of the widespread last minute changes made to election laws that facilitated much of the election fraud, These changes were made by Secretarys of States, not state lawmakers, and therefore were not legal. When Pres. Trump and others charged election fraud there were huge outcries from the leftists, but Trump was right again! The recounts and investigations have shown widespread fraud but action has moved way too slowly.
There should be protest marches and demonstrations to stop Biden and his leftists from forcing Marxism on America. There should be loud cries of fraud here in America, to save this great republic from the marxists, including China!

Stephen Lykins
11 months ago

“Biden is Losing Peru to Marxism”
Biden & the dumbocrats seem to be GIVING the USA to Marxism!

Mike B.
11 months ago

His administration is destroying this country ! He’s not going to help the Cubans, and he won’t help Peru . He’s out of touch what is going on with current events . The man can’t complete a sentence without a cue card , or a teleprompter! Our president is an empty suit . I’m no doctor , but he has dementia, or Alzheimer’s. He’s told what to do, and if he doesn’t do it right, he’s stated his staff will be upset with him. How pathetic is this? People . . . we have to vote red down the line next year, or we’re doomed. VOTE 22 !

11 months ago
Reply to  Mike B.

Who, and how many, are actually in power? We don’t know. This started a long time ago. Your empty suit analogy is perfect.

Barbara Speer
11 months ago

Very sad Perú veers toward communism. Uneven distribution of haves and have nots plus rampant corruption in government down through judiciary military and law enforcement – and anywhere else not mentioned. Lived there for 40 years and anguished over beloved friends and school pals back in Lima. Wish taxes were honestly and universally applied and query the vote of Peruvian expats who dutifully pay taxes to their adopted country yet get upset by the threat of communism looming in a country they don’t support financially.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
11 months ago

Biden losing Peru. ?? Didn’t know it was his to lose.

11 months ago

Don’t expect anything from Biden. He doesn’t know what he had for breakfast.

Robert Gentner
11 months ago

We have our own troubles. Let’s work on our issues. Peru can do whatever they want. Borders, language, culture.

11 months ago

Wow. Do we have a clueless idiot and his gal friday in the White House.

Rick Custer
11 months ago

What kind of response- probably none – would we expect from Biden on Peru or Cuba when he is leading us down the same path towards the same end we want him to criticize? Even he is not that far dementiaed.

11 months ago

I don’t believe Biden cares at all. Just as long as he is making money off his son! Disgusting, my heart goes out to the Peruvian people as well as the people in Cuba, and Haiti. Why isn’t-an elected official in the United States take action? Because he is a fraud!

Jorge L Rios
11 months ago

If Biden does anything it will be to congratulate that new Marxist guy which in Biden’s view will be a new ally to his new Marxist United States.

11 months ago

I lived in Lima, Peru in the early 60’s for 7 years. My wife was Peruvian. My son was born in Peru. We still have relatives there. I was shocked when I heard the news. Like my fellow Americans, Peruvians are literate, hard working citizens wo love their country, and America. But I will tell you now: if there was fraud, as I suspect, they will deal with it.

11 months ago

Biden doesn’t care if he loses Peru to Marxism. That’s exactly where he and his cohorts are headed with OUR country! Socialism, Marxism, Communism, whatever you want to call it, it’s the way we are headed! We all need to vote for nothing but PATRIOTIC POLITICIANS next year!!! Do your homework, I know there are still SOME of them out there. Save Our Country!

Charles Houck
11 months ago

Peru? Hell, he losing the UNITED STATES to Marxism!

11 months ago

Pretty hard for America to speak up for “election integrity” when we just tolerated the crookedest election in our history and Biden was its chief beneficiary.

11 months ago

Should the USA intercede in other countrie’s elections? Then why was their so much issue about Russia meddling in our last election. And what was story behind Trump not recognizing standing President in Venezuela cuz he did not believe their election.

11 months ago
Reply to  JohnH

Don’t worry JohnH, your guy Joe Biden won’t do anything.

Jim H
11 months ago
Reply to  JohnH

WAKE UP!!!!!

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