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Bidenbucks, Not Zuckerbucks, Threaten to Corrupt the 2022 Midterms

AMAC Exclusive – By Sam Adolphsen


Late last week, South Dakota became the latest of more than a dozen states to outlaw so-called “Zuckerbucks” in elections after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pumped more than $350 million into the American elections system ahead of the 2020 contest. But even as Republicans move to get private money out of state and local election offices, the Biden administration has quietly been working around the clock on a radical plan to inject even more woke corporate dollars into the American elections system.

In 2020, under the guise of “COVID-19 relief,” Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg distributed “grants” to thousands of election departments throughout the country through a nonprofit called the “Center for Technology and Civic Life” (CTCL). Subsequent analysis showed, however, that less than 1% of the funds went toward actual personal protective equipment or other materials to help prevent COVID transmission. Moreover, CTCL “consistently gave bigger grants and more money per capita to counties that voted for Biden,” and the organization funded individuals from liberal outfits like the Brennan Center to go into communities for “voter outreach” in key swing states like Wisconsin and Georgia.

In response, state legislatures throughout the country have worked to keep private money out of election administration alongside other commonsense election reforms like Voter ID and banning ballot harvesting. But Democrats were quick to push back, insisting that not allowing billionaires to finance elections amounts to “voter suppression.”

Now, the Biden administration is falling back on its “failsafe” plan to attack election integrity, activating a strategy they have been laying the groundwork for since very early in the Biden administration, way back when a gallon of gas still cost less than a Big Mac.

This plan was first uncovered by Stewart Whitson, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability, who wrote about Executive Order 14019 titled “Promoting Access to Voting,” just a few weeks after it was released by the Biden administration.

So what is the “failsafe” plan of the administration? What does EO 14019 do exactly?

The plan is sinister but simple. Biden’s EO orders the full strength of the federal government to develop and execute what amounts to voter registration drives and get-out-the-vote efforts in every precinct around the country. While this may sound innocent enough and even like a good idea, the entire scheme will be funded by private organizations – no doubt liberal-leaning ones – and orchestrated by the federal government, effectively giving bureaucrats free reign to influence elections.

In September, the White House released a statement detailing some of the initial steps in the plan. The press release touts the effort to “leverage the resources of the federal government to increase access to voter registration services and information about voting.”

It goes on to list the get-out-the-vote related strategic plans underway in the Departments of Agriculture, Defense, Education, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing, Justice, Interior, and even, of all things, the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

These federal agencies may not typically have much in common, but now they have all been united around an effort to “facilitate participation in the electoral process.” They will do this by submitting their “strategic plans outlining the ways that the agency can promote nonpartisan voter registration and voter participation.”

And who are all those plans going to for approval and implementation? None other than Susan Rice, former national security advisor for President Obama, and current head of the Domestic Policy Council for President Biden. Rice has developed a reputation as a far-left partisan and shows no signs of changing course now.

Along with the continued campaign by the Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland to sue and try to scare states away from election integrity reforms, these federal departments will use their current funding and work activities to push and help make permanent voting activities like universal mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting that originally led to concerns about election integrity in 2020.

They also will “help” people fill out their voter registration or ballot applications on-site at federal offices located all over the country. Should federal government bureaucrats, who vote heavily Democratic, really be standing over voters’ shoulders while they cast their ballots?

Some of the work will also be done by hired guns. The executive order states that the Biden administration will be “soliciting and facilitating approved, nonpartisan third-party organizations and State officials to provide voter registration services on agency premises.” 

So what groups will the federal government be paying to post up in federal agency buildings to help sign people up to vote? And how will they guarantee they are “nonpartisan” in who they help? Right now, answers to questions like those are still unclear, but it’s safe to say that it won’t be the Heritage Foundation or the Cato Institute running the operation.

The alarming reality is that those “Zuckerbucks” which so many states are now banning will be nothing compared to the “Bidenbucks” that will be used to influence coming elections. Only this time, instead of Facebook, taxpayers will be footing much of the bill.

Thankfully, there is still a firewall between Biden’s election takeover effort and the state’s rights to run their own elections.

Some Republican members of Congress, led by North Carolina Congressman Ted Budd, have recognized the threat and have launched the beginnings of an investigation into the details of the scheme, including seeking information about what role the “nonpartisan” group Demos, a left-wing think tank, played in the plot.

Some states are also pushing back, in part by considering legislation that would require that state legislatures and governors see any communications and funding coming from the Biden administration that would impact state and local elections.

The Biden administration and the full strength of the federal government will not back down easily, but states must fight back to protect the integrity of their elections and their rights and responsibilities as states.

Sam Adolphsen is the former chief operating officer at the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. He currently serves as the policy director at the Foundation for Government Accountability and lives in Maine.  

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6 months ago

Our governor here in NM used Bidenbucks to change election “integrity “ but of course it did nothing for the integrity of voting. Lots of corruption that needs to be checked here in NM unfortunately.

carlos Matamoros
5 months ago
Reply to  Rae

trump is a criminal with a record of child molesting

6 months ago

Many of the things mentioned in the article are really intended to make it easier to rig voting results than it was in the last POTUS election. Many are merely shams to make rigging easier to do and less capable of being spotted.

6 months ago

And the illegal aliens will be signed up to vote also. Of course they will vote for the socialists just so they can remain here. Big Brother Tech will still have control in elections. Media still wont report their socialist corruption. Was relieved in 1984 that Regan and common sense still prevailed. Hope that Orwell was not just off by 40 years! Also hope that We the People are still in charge!

6 months ago


Teresa Swartz
6 months ago

They are cheaters and they need to be stopped…but will they be

6 months ago

Deplorable!!! The problem is; who has the guts to prosecute and arrest these traitors?? Who do you trust?

Rich C
6 months ago

Look at what this administration has done “quietly” to our country. Time will tell if there are enough Americans that care enough to turn things around.

6 months ago

This will happen again in the midterm election unless it is stopped today. Unfortunately the communist democrat party will only have a corrupt and unfair election. Look at the favors soros and zuck have received since the communist took office a year ago. Question, can we survive another three years?

Rich C
6 months ago
Reply to  Kay

Not if we lose in November.

Tim Toroian
6 months ago

Read the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence where abuses and remedies are discussed. And the part about duty.
It’s getting closer to time to sharpen the tines and prepare the torches.

Mike L
6 months ago
Reply to  Tim Toroian

Maybe time to create a new “United States”, and let DC and democrat states keep the mess they are making.
Got my tines sharp, torch lit and 30-06 loaded.

Robert Zuccaro
6 months ago

I was against government enforcing internet rules but when information is controlled and censored already, how bad can government screw it up? I was booted off Twitter in 2016 for posting NY Times articles critical of Hillarys Uranium One pay to play and off YouTube in 2020 for posting about Hunters computer. I’m probably the only person in the world to not have a Facebook or Instagram account… why bother? We don’t even have journalism in America anymore. When I hear Democrats talk about “Big Lie” it makes me laugh… they should know.

Rich C
6 months ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

It’s time to get back to the basics. Watch a new program called Center Point on TBN. It will give news with a Christian world view. Starting March 28th. Real news that you can form your OWN opinions on.

Fed Up With Religion
2 months ago
Reply to  Rich C

Wow, “christian view!???” KEEP RELIGION OUT OF POLITICS… We have enough crap without having to deal with christian zealots that want to burn witches at the stake and pretty much kill everyone that doesn’t either pray to the same god they do or align themselves with the “right” christian religion…

“The basics,” as you put it, would be to teach morality and a code of honor… Worship whatever god you will, but keep it OUT of our government…

6 months ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

I just either want to put a clown nose on dumos when they speak or do a Moon Struck action of “snap out of it!”

6 months ago

If these gazillionaires can corrupt our elections, why can’t “Patriotic” Americans reeducate them by “sending” them “bullets” as a reminder that there are consequences to every bad behavior!!!

Boyd Parks Jr
6 months ago
Reply to  Rik

@Rik, I think that is an excellent idea! I would support that agenda, for sure!!!

6 months ago

It has been proven, that in my State of Wisconsin, millions of Zuckerbucks were sent here in large numbers floating around the State, that corrupted our 2020 elections! There were Zuckerbucks sent thru out the country!

6 months ago

Don’t forget about ‘Dark Money’ that’s actually funding Elections.
Just Search for:
-NYT Article-
” Democrats Decried Dark Money. Then They Won With It in 2020 ”

The analysis shows that 15 of the most politically active nonprofit organizations that generally align with the Democratic Party spent more than $1.5 billion in 2020 — compared to roughly $900 million spent by a comparable sample of 15 of the most politically active groups aligned with the G.O.P.

Nonprofits do not abide by the same transparency rules or donation limits as parties or campaigns — though they can underwrite many similar activities: advertising, polling, research, voter registration and mobilization and legal fights over voting rules.

6 months ago
Reply to  MAGA TRON

The Democrats will not follow the rules. Nor will monitoring law enforcement agencies investigate it if the Democrats are involved. The Democrats are all about getting elected and taking care of their supporters that aid them. And they key focus in their governance is to maintain such an advantage in a furtive way. When you vote for a Democrat, you are voting for Communistic control (disguised as much as possible). Even a lot of the news media is fooled by this. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for disguised Communism.

6 months ago

Judas Goats are trained to lead designated herds to slaughter. Some politicians exhibit similar characteristics.

Lincoln Sorensen
6 months ago

The only way to ensure fair elections is to remove the money. Money always results in corruption. The only way to eliminate the money, and voter apathy is to reduce the campaign period from 2 years down to 6 months, ban all political action committees and campaign funding. Pass legislation that all media must post one time for each candidate their platform. There will be one debate each month hosted by one of the media on a rotating basis ( which will more than reimburse them for posting the candidates’ platforms.) The candidates that wish to participate in the debates can present for reimbursement their reasonable expense account to the treasury. Until this is done, it is a rich mans game and the candidates are bought by the PAC’S.

6 months ago


6 months ago

Send the godless mother lover to Hell…!

6 months ago

same ole crap…money talks and bulls**t walks!

6 months ago

The joebama bucks have been being thrown at everything by govenor half-whit in Michigan in an attempt to buy re-election this year.
She has been handing out free dollars for housing,food,child care workers, free education, tax breaks for marxist democrat party donor companies, throwing billions to the unions, giveaways to anything and anybody with the green deal lie!
Plus this failure nit-whit is under investigation for campaign donor donation fraud, under reporting senior home covid deaths by 30% and outright corruption by other democrats in her administration!
Oh yes – useless,failure ,marxist democrat whitmer is buying votes big time with OUR tax dollars.
Their such corrupt scum!

6 months ago
Reply to  Garye

Now that’s taxation without representation if we ever have seen it

6 months ago
Reply to  HocasPocas

Yes, and it’s time to end it.
These failures need to go!

6 months ago
Reply to  Garye

As long as there are people( welfare, illegals) getting “free” stuff, we will always have whitmers.

Richard Cordell
6 months ago

And… we need to get rid of voting machines that are hooked into the internet.

6 months ago


6 months ago


6 months ago

Yes- it has been forensically proven. And needs to be banned even if we have to go back to paper ballots.we as taxpayers still have to have paper backup of our transactions for the IRS. And voter ID. Just common sense people!

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