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Biden’s Food Stamp Order Accelerates Dependency

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We all know President Joe Biden wants to dismantle the accomplishments of the Trump administration. We all know this includes massively expanding welfare to keep more Americans out of the workforce and dependent on government.

And we all know he’s not afraid to schedule a controversial announcement on a big anniversary. (See “September 11 Withdrawal Date, Afghanistan”)

But who knew he was such a movie buff?

On June 10, the Biden administration announced that it would reverse one of the Trump administration’s most significant welfare reforms—closing the “Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility” (BBCE) loophole in the bloated food stamp program.

The Trump administration argued that states must at least check the financial assets of food stamp applicants to make sure they’re actually eligible for welfare. But that commonsense measure to reduce fraud is apparently too radical for Democrats these days.

Instead, the Biden administration is blowing the loophole wide open once again, pressing the gas pedal of welfare enrollment to the floor and disabling the brakes of common-sense integrity checks.

Why did Biden sign the order on June 10? Maybe someone in the administration has a sense of humor.

Exactly 27 years earlier, Speed hit theaters. You may remember it: Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock find themselves scrambling to save the passengers on a city bus rigged to blow up if it moves slower than 50 miles per hour. 

It was the perfect day to announce that the Biden administration plans to treat big-government welfare programs the same way—a rolling, non-stop, no-exit machine rigged to explode.

The BBCE loophole—through which states have enrolled millions of individuals onto food stamps without checking their assets at all, including millionaires and lottery winners—was born during the Clinton administration just a few years after the original Speed came out in 1994.

By 2012, it became an issue in President Obama’s re-election campaign. Rival candidates like Newt Gingrich called President Obama the “food stamp president,” pointing out that, despite economic growth, the program didn’t shrink in the aftermath of the Great Recession.

Instead, food stamp enrollment reached all-time highs.

BBCE, in large part, drove this. What else can you expect from a policy designed to increase enrollment and dependency by purposely not checking eligibility?

Even as fewer and fewer individuals qualified under federal guidelines, BBCE prevented checking their eligibility, accelerating dependency at maximum speed—and maximum cost to hardworking taxpayers.

Biden’s reboot is true to the original. At one point in Speed, Keanu Reeves’ character warns another police officer that “there’s enough C-4 on this thing to put a hole in the world.”

That’s BBCE. It blew a massive hole in America’s safety net—and in the federal budget—and we’re still picking up the pieces.

But there was hope for reform during the Trump administration. After decades of this destructive growth in the welfare state, Trump’s Department of Agriculture finally put forward a serious plan to close the loophole.

President Biden could have admitted that the Trump administration’s rule would reduce wasteful spending and extreme cost, while protecting food stamps for the truly needy.

But blinded by his determination to undo President Trump’s accomplishments and to grow government any way possible, he didn’t.

Instead, BBCE will go on. Taxpayers will keep spending billions on benefits for ineligible welfare enrollees. And businesses will keep searching for more able-bodied workers.

Early on in Speed, Sandra Bullock says to Keanu Reeves, “just tell me what the plan is. Is there a plan?”

In President Biden’s reboot, nobody’s asking that question. Nobody is playing the hero. And welfare enrollment just keeps picking up speed—and passengers.   



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John Rogers
1 year ago

Every welfare program that the new government creates or expands is meant for one reason. It will make the people more dependant on the government for their existence and therefore gives the government more control over them.

Thor Andersen
1 year ago

Is this CS on food stamps?

1 year ago

If you actually set out to destroy a country, what would you do. Destroy its economy, convince people not to work, teach children to hate themselves and be ashamed of their history, dismantle their culture, weaken their military, erase their borders and flood them with immigrants with whom they have nothing in common, release criminals into the streets where crime is so high people beg the government for help, etc. I could go on but you get the point. Their plan is working perfectly.

1 year ago
Reply to  John

Agreed, no one can explain it any better than you did. Thanks for getting it out there for all to read!

1 year ago
Reply to  John

I totally agree

1 year ago
Reply to  John

Agreed. It’s nightmarish what that horrible Biden is doing. He ID not helping America one bit.

1 year ago

In Wisconsin, our Republican controlled Assembly and Senate passed a requirement to take a drug test to obtain food stamps. Great plan but our dimbulb Gov. Evers vetoed it.

1 year ago

Well, somebody needs to feed the malcontents, the lazy, and those that think everybody else owes them a living.
With Biden‘s continued assault on the principles and freedoms of this country, he is already declared war on us. He seems to relish the idea of a Civil War. Perhaps it’s time that those of us who are against this kind of tyranny start to show our real support for the country. I would suggest that everyone who really is a proud American to make sure and hang a flag out in front of your residence for all to view every day. And if you can find little flag stickers to put on your car of the American flag, I would suggest you do that too. And as a matter of solidarity, every time you see someone in their front yard with a flag or you see another car that has a flag sticker on it, give them a thumbs up and a wave. It’s time we who believe we are patriots start really bonding together and show solidarity in being proud to be an American. If you don’t already have a flag to fly, just go online and find any veterans group that sells flags and buy one from them. Yes I know you can get one cheaper from a discount type store or other places like that, but at the same time since we’re proud to be an American and want to display the flag let’s support those who made that flag a symbol of freedom throughout the world. We can do this by buying a flag through veterans groups. And maybe somebody who reads this has the contacts or the ability to make bumper stickers. I would love to see a bumper sticker that says “Let Joe know, I am proud to be an American!“ With the flag symbol prominently at one end. It is time that we, the silent majority, quit being silent, quit allowing those that hate our country to shout us down. If they want a civil war let us engage them, as a beginning, in a real war of words. We need to be heard and we need to be loud. It’s time for us to stand up and support a country that we’re proud to be a part of. It is up to each of us to do what we can. Maybe at some point the damn elected Republican in office will start adding their voices too.

1 year ago

I’m speechless!
I just can’t believe what is unfolding in front of our own eyes and ears, reward laziness or reward dishonesty! Such a travesty!

1 year ago

Accelerates dependency and creates many demo/globalist voters forever. Keep buying those votes and rigging elections. Keep America lefist whether we want it or not.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

This is the Democrat 101 way of buying votes from years gone by now, looks like it’s back folks. We the American taxpayer once again have the honor of supporting any, one in all that decides to collect Food Stamps, i.e. WELFARE & income limits be damned!
I’m thinking about the millions of illegal immigrants the Biden administration has been flying into Texas by the plane loads now from, Guatemala, El Salvador & Honduras, this is in addition to the close to 200,000 per month crossing the Rio Grande currently, many not ever seen, simply walking right in…Make no mistake, Biden will find a way to support these illegal immigrants through gov’t programs.
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Kathy West
1 year ago

Biden keeps on GIVING freebies and you need to stop and realize, the government has nothing that has not been given to them through taxes paid by We The People. When are WE going to put a stop to this. I wonder what would happen if for 2 years NO ONE PAID TAXES. Those elected officials are living off of US. They are NOT doing their job. Time for Term Limits and taking away their power to give themselves raises without any input by We The People. Enough is Enough!

Bruce E Stevenson
1 year ago
Reply to  Kathy West

SPOT ON Kathy. We could DEFUND CONGRESS and the other government parasites. I agree with a tax strike. Always have. Retired Navy

1 year ago

bidenbum, communist heresy and the useless corrupt democrats are buying dependant voters with their lies and social programs.
The ONLY thing democrats can claim is an under class of dependants failing at having a decent, self sustaining life to be proud of and teach their children.
Instead they show the inability to reach their own potential and accept the democrat theory that they are not capable of success.
These exploited people are beginning to recognize that their being used by the democrat party.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
1 year ago

Lets have a big hand for Biden. Greatest failure this country ever had.

1 year ago

Trump help us !!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Kelly
1 year ago
Reply to  Kelly


1 year ago

The moronic things this presidency does is beyond belief. There is no way this president is for the American people!! They just want to keep throwing crumbs at people so they can’t see what is taking place right before their very eyes!

1 year ago

Why did Biden reverse this when businesses all over the US are talking about a worker shortage. This is just a way to make one dependent on govt. & not want to work and earn their way. Biden has never hear the motto “There is no such thing as a Free Lunch”. He does seem to even care at all about out Federal Debt.

1 year ago
Reply to  JohnH

Biden has never worked in the private sector for his entire adult life. He’s the personification of a career politician. That was when he still was all there mentally. Now that he is suffering from dementia as well, he is even less in touch with how the world works. He does what his handlers tell him to do and he gets to pretend he’s the POTUS. Stop thinking he’s in charge of anything. He’s not.

Lee S McQuillen
1 year ago
Reply to  JohnH

His programs like this are closing small businesses. He and his handlers are out to totally destroy this country. They think they’re the father and all of us are the children with no brains and to be bossed around. Looks like Hitler revisited!

Jean Hollobaugh
1 year ago

I am one who does need the food card. without it we could not buy the kind of foods we need. We are both 64 and disabled. However I know people who are getting more by staying on unemployment and drawing benefits rather then work. They get bills paid and run around doing pleasure activities. That is not right or fair to ones like me that really needs them.

1 year ago

There’s no one here condemning people who actually need SNAP benefits, especially those who are disabled, elderly, and unable to earn a living. But to not require the system to check both the identity and financial assets of those on benefits as required by the actual rules in place leads to major fraud and that’s what is the major uproar about. An able-bodied individual is perfectly capable of working a minimum of 20 hours per week to reach the requirement of 80 hours maximum a month to continue to receive benefits. The problem is the applications are supposed to be actual temporary TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) except where classified as permanent as in the disabled and elderly. There is no evaluation done, except when a quota is needed to cover their inefficiency at checking. Everything is done on the computer today, the program should be check and request the evaluations in a timely manner. Able-bodied individuals don’t need to have permanent welfare, they need to become financially self-sufficient.

Ed J
1 year ago
Reply to  MariaRose

Yes, there are fellow Americans who truly need governmental assistance due to their circumstances and I have no qualms about my tax dollars going to support such programs.
However …
A few decades ago, here in California, the Welfare system was reformed to change some aspects of it to Workfare. If you were able bodied, you would be required to contribute a certain number of hours each week in public service to qualify for your benefits. The work required was not chain gang kind of work, but lite duty type of work, such as, manning an information booth at a public facility.
Well, guess what? As soon as Workfare was test implemented here in our county, the welfare rolls dropped drastically by (as I recall) about 25% overnight! Lots of the folks who were not really needy (but who were slopping at the trough for the free government handout anyway) somehow felt it wasn’t worth their effort to contribute their time and just chose to remove themselves from the rolls. This single event spoke volumes concerning waste and abuse of the system.
What people forget to remember is that Americans are very generous when it comes to helping those in need. But the guiding principle is to give a hand up as opposed to a hand out. The Demsheviks embrace only the hand out part and are oblivious to anything else regarding the government’s expedited giveaway of your tax dollars.

Lee S McQuillen
1 year ago

Your needs are the reason for food cards – perfectly reasonable. I have two daughters who went to college with children and they needed the help just for that period of time. They knew that it was only temporary while they got an education so they could support those children. Another purpose for food cards. I’m glad you are getting the help you need. But, those who can work and won’t – they need to lose all welfare benefits unless they make an effort to improve their situations. The law of diminishing returns applies to what Biden has been doing – eventually there is nothing left to use. And, he’s certainly not going to contribute – that Rehoboth Beach house sure cost him a lot….

1 year ago

There is no surprise here. The current administration is bent on making more and more people dependent on government support and subsidy, reduction of the work force, and driving up inflation and making it harder to live your life outside of government control and managment. Welfare has been a bane to this nation for generations…..and is “off the charts” in increased spending, cheating, abuse and usury. Whole organizations have been formed to manage, use and manipulate the welfare system. It is so ingrained, real change is nearly beyond reality. Common sense says if you can work, you ought to be working. If you, for no fault of your own, (sickness, real disability, mental trauma, accident, etc.)cannot work, then welfare is a appropriate aid. It should never have become a primary source of income….and a means to propagate poverty and government control. No administration has ever succeeded in making any permanent change to the system….even Trump, try as he did, could not close the door on fraud, misuse, abuse and such……too many government people involved and paid to “work” welfare, and too many on the payroll, who don’t seem to mind being “fed” by the Fed.

Lee S McQuillen
1 year ago
Reply to  D.P.

And, on welfare one can make much more than I can so why try to get off it.

Ralph S
1 year ago

Please confirm with the philanthropists of JoKe Biden’s Dept. of Agriculture… is it true that they found that money does grow on trees or is this just another scam of Obamboozle’s leftovers.
Biden and his gang may be a bunch of clowns but who is laughing?

1 year ago

Americans are out of work and this piece of “White Trash” (I call the White House the White Trash House now) wants to give people who aren’t even suppose to be here food stamps and welfare Any one’s blood pressure off the hook yet ??? I worked the INS prior to 911 deporting millions of illegals my brother is/was a ICE agent I pray he’s safe where ever he is he couldn’t talk about what he was doing most the time what the Domestic Terrorists Demo Ratic/ Communist party are doing is absolutely criminal why isn’t anything being done to STOP them !!! is the Constitution that far gone ???????!!! there should be ALOT of arrests !!!!!???????????????? along with dirtbags that left TX and went to DC arrest and fire them !!!

1 year ago
Reply to  ALI C

I am wondering if these Democrats that left TX went to DC are still getting pay from the people who are paying taxes in TX for their salaries. I would love to know. If they are, then they should arrested and put them in jail and keep them there.

1 year ago

You’ll never convince me that slowjoe plans anything. He’s a puppet of the commie left, and will sign anything slid in front of his pen. He has no ideas of his own, but is following the path ovomit and pelosi steer him on. His days are numbered, tho, as are all of the dimrats. Elections are coming, and Americans have had enough of this takeover to make the necessary changes. In God we trust.

1 year ago

This a very effective method of Communist Control. President Puss for Brains knows if “you keep them hungry, stupid and their hands out” they will follow you anywhere! Creating further misery and death. Ask Joe Stalin?????
He killed and or starved to death 80,000,000 of his own people. “A few deaths is a tragedy but massive murder is only a statistic”

Ed J
1 year ago
Reply to  JOHN

Gee, I bet many Americans would follow Biden anywhere … but only out of morbid curiosity!

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