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Biden’s Peculiar Priorities

BidenIt’s easy to feel like we’re living in the twilight zone these days. Just look at the Biden Administration’s priorities. It is gleefully promoting woke over work, aliens over Americans, and entitlement over empowerment and entrepreneurship.

It makes little sense to so many.  So why is Biden and his team doing this?  On its face it appears payback and thanks to the radicals and the far left for supporting him this past November.  It’s not outside the norms for a party to try to placate its supporters on the fringes.  After all, Ronald Reagan gave the occasional speech on prayer in public schools, posting the Ten Commandments in buildings, and banning abortion, to name just three.  The difference is Reagan, while recognizing those were important issues to his base, didn’t make those social issues cornerstones of his national policy strategy.  His team remained laser focused on the priorities of cutting taxes across the board, reducing the size and scope of government, and rebuilding the military.

But what if first, Biden and his team actually believe destroying jobs and throwing thousands out of work from canceling the Keystone Pipeline is a good idea?  Unionized blue-collar workers seemingly matter not to party elites.  Second, what about opening the border to 25,000 or more migrants to cross during a global pandemic as sound policy?  Some progressives even want to go further and demolish the entire southern border.  Third, there’s the relentless drumbeat to pay people not to work by continuously promoting increased unemployment benefits, including a strange new variant that would allow anyone to refrain from work and still get paid simply by saying they have a fear of Covid.  

Each of these Biden priorities could prove very unsafe, risky, and a bet against a robust future.  Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) summed up these peculiarities succinctly by noting, “If you’re going to claim you’re the party of the working class, you actually have to support working.”

Only liberals would continue advocating to keep an economy closed and locked down while simultaneously trying to get throngs of new people hooked on government benefits, almost akin to a drug.  Their hope is voters will regularly ask for such benefits and appreciate and reward a party that gave them the goodies.  After all, an economy that were to grow strongly again (think pre-pandemic) with the entire country working and providing for themselves leaves little room and need for Democrats and their “I’m here to give you something from the government” mindset.

Hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit of starting and running businesses have been hallmarks of this country for so long.  The new Biden priorities run completely counter to over 200 years of economic history.  It appears Biden and company are hellbent on pushing as many divisive and misguided policies forward as they can, perhaps fearing they’ll never get an opportunity like this again. 

Democrats know the clock is ticking on their extremely narrow House majority and 50-50 split in the Senate. November 2022 cannot come soon enough for moderates and conservatives and indeed anyone who might have bought into the “unity” that Biden was selling in the campaign.  For those with a case of buyer’s remorse, you need just wait a little over 20 months for a second bite of the apple on a new set priorities for America.

Jeff Szymanski works in political communications for AMAC, a senior benefits organization with nearly 2.4 million members.

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Danny Estridge
7 months ago

Sooooooooo, now I don’t have to worry about paying taxes? I’m already forcibly retired due to my body, so any free money I get is a bonus, maybe I can afford one of those fancy vacations that rich people can afford?
Oh, also, I ain’t bi lingual. Question, what should I learn, Chinese or Hispanic, just in case I live long enough, used to know Korean, but that was 40 years ago.
Oh, I forgot, the Dems are for the working person, sorry.

7 months ago

Put on your masks, stay in your safe place, distance from others, keep schools closed, increase ability of unemployment benefits to get more people on the dole, make business go away except for your buddies, and then have the only safety net to bring us all in need of government help.

7 months ago
Reply to  DrScott

We’re going through a rough time folks. Stay strong. Pray for God’s help.

Victoria Johnson
7 months ago

This is not Biden implementing ‘his’ ideas and platform. He is just the cardboard cut-out being pushed out to the front of the stage to read the teleprompter. He barely knows where he is at any given time let alone what he is doing there or the implications of it. Barack Obama, (carrying out his third term), is directing the entire agenda through his surrogates, all former members of his own administration, from his home just a couple of blocks away from the White House. This is the reason he is the ONLY former POTUS who did not leave Washington, D C after his term ended. He has been orchestrating EVERYTHING from before he even left office in 2017, (Jan. 5, Oval Office meeting), from the fake dossier coup against President Trump to the choice of Biden and, ultimately, Harris as President. Every single exec. order and MOU Biden has signed was written long before he was even ‘elected’. Biden doesn’t read them nor even had a hand in writing any of them. Obama chose Biden as his VP because he considered him a complete buffoon who would act as his court jester to divert attention away from things he was actually doing behind the scenes against the American people. Biden was allowed to make his financial deals on the side all over the world for playing his part perfectly. As his mental functions began to deteriorate, he became the perfect ‘candidate’ to allow Obama to secure a third term and provide the vehicle to transport Harris into the Presidency which she would never have been able to attain on her own merits. Harris will play a much more involved role when she takes over as ‘President’ but she knows she will be subordinate to Obama and has been in on the arrangement from the beginning.

Victoria Johnson
7 months ago

Unfortunately, it won’t matter how much ‘buyers remorse’ Dems, Independents or anti-Trumpers have. When Pelosi and Schumer pass H R 1 and S 1, they will enshrine into Federal law in perpetuity every device of voter fraud used in the 2020 election, and that they’ve been using in Calif., Ore., Wash. and other ‘blue’ states for decades, to ensure NO Republican or conservative is EVER elected to a national office again. Add in the 30 million new illegal immigrants made citizens, or just allowed to vote in our elections without citizenship, and there will never be a ‘fair’, honest election again. Read the bills to see the details of whereof I speak. If it doesn’t benefit Democraps, it isn’t in there, like requiring voter ID.

John A. Fallon
7 months ago

The seperaton of church and state is NOT a law, it was a concern of one of the founding fathers, who saw what happened when other nations created STATE CONTROLLED CHURCHES(england for one) they outlawed all other religions, add to the present situation the socialist FEAR of any group that brings like minded people together, they do not want people banding together to oppose them, seperation of church and state works BOTH WAYS, the state should stay out of church business as well, plus do we want a nation like iran? Controlled by radical terrorists? PROVE VOTER FRAUD, PUT OUR PRESIDENT BACK WHERE HE BELONGS, TRUMP WON!!!!!

Victoria Johnson
7 months ago
Reply to  John A. Fallon

The Founding Fathers were not worried about churches influencing the govt. They regularly invoked the name of God in speeches both in and out of their govt. positions and forums. They were strictly worried about the govt. interfering with the practice of religion by “The People”. That is what the First Amendment prohibition of the FEDERAL govt. “establishing” religion was all about. Many of the individual states at the time had ‘state’ religions (Maryland – Catholic, Pennsylvania – Quaker, et. al.) and they did not want the Federal govt. coming in and over-riding them with one monolithic national religion like the Anglican church was in England. The Constitution SPECIFICALLY spells out “Freedom OF (not from) religion AND the FREE EXERCISE thereof.” It explicitly does NOT allow for the govt. to tell you, the citizen, when, where or how you can practice your religion.

7 months ago

Victoria, correct! They did not want government “forcibly” sanctioning one denomination but they were in agreement that the general principles of the Bible was the only way to ensure and orderly and just society. The civil government was ran on the foundation of Scripture, while allowing the public to freely worship as they pleased, within a lawful and peaceful means.

John A. Fallon
7 months ago

SWAMP RAT chinajoe, like ALL carreer politicians, went into politics NOT to SERVE AMERICA but to serve THEMSELVES! THE SWAMP WAS CREATED TO HIDE ALL THIER GREEDY DIRTY DEALS, how many lobbyists are agents of hostile nations? using the GREED AND PERVERSIONS of these dirtbags to blackmail them into SERVING china or iran? These people are to stupid to see or even care what thier evil actions are doing to this country, chinajoe will destroy AMERICAN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE just so his crime family can get filthy rich from the deals his BAGMAN hunter made with china and ukraine, tons of proof for this and the voter fraud, where is scotus? the fbi, doj, cia? They are ALL controlled by the socialists, who have been filling gov. jobs with thier mindless drones for DECADES in positions where they can control what gets exposed or hidden.

Victoria Johnson
7 months ago
Reply to  John A. Fallon

You nailed it, John. Kudos!

7 months ago

This is a president that wants to punish America. Definitely not pro-American. Maybe democrats will start feeling the consequences of their actions.

7 months ago
Reply to  Marilyn

They already are but most of them will never admit it.

Ginger Lymbery
7 months ago

He is a bonafide communist and NWO member who wants to destroy America where he can actually rule as if he were a king….remember what happened when King George did his thing….he got a revolution and that is apparently what is going to have to happen to get our country back….physical violence….that is what these people use all the time with Antifa and BLM…I believe it is time for secession of states from this communist regime and we can take the Constitution and Bill of Rights with us because these POS are not using them.

7 months ago

The problems is American voters are lazy and don’t investigate the people that are running for office. They just listen what they are told by CNN or MSNBC and like good Kool-aide drinkers they just do what they are told and this a**hole gets elected. I feel sorry for the youngsters being born today and what they are going to get stuck with.

Susan A
7 months ago

It is so sad what Biden and his agenda are doing to our country. We must make a change in 2022, but we can no longer vote into office RINO’s. The states that own them must wake up or Republicans have no party!

Ginger Lymbery
7 months ago
Reply to  Susan A

We may not be able to wait two years….look at the destruction he has caused in two months. It is time for the military to step up and correct this problem….it is their duty to stop this madness.

7 months ago
Reply to  Susan A

Absolutely. As I have said many times before, if republicans continue to vote for RINO’s, we are done as a party because RINO’s are just democrat-lite. We saw & had in Trump a true conservative voice with true conservative values, not the likes of Romney & the late McCain & the rest of the establishment republican party who have an agenda closer to the democrats than to conservative values. Continuing to vote for RINO’s will accomplish nothing to stop the madness that the democrats are wreaking on us.

7 months ago

Would anyone with a brain and common sense expect anything else. He like obama got in the Only way possible and that was by rigging the election. Because of the rigged election we now have a demented and perverted pedophile for president and an ex call girl and Radical Liberal for vice president. A losing combination !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael F. Burke Sr.
7 months ago

What we are witnessing is the total destruction of The United States of America from within and from it’s highest office.
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are simply figure heads. Our country has been overthrown by the CCP. This plan to overthrow our country has been underway for many years and the greatest most effective weapon used against Americans is “FEAR”.
Perhaps many Americans understand that our country is now ruled by a committee of Globalist who are following the well thought out plan of the CCP. Unfortunately far too many Americans have no idea what is taking place under their noses and far too many that may be a little more savvy don’t have the courage to admit out loud to themselves what the know deep down in their heart of hearts.
I never thought I would love ve to see this happen here in America.
All I can do now is continue to educate my children and grandchildren to the best of my abilities and try to secure a safe place for us to gather as a family.
I’ve already given up on many friends and several of my siblings who refuse to acknowledge what is becoming more obvious with each passing day.
Our country has been overthrown and is systematically being dismantled before our eyes. God help us

David P Nelson
7 months ago

This Administration is not helping America at all! These Executive Orders and Left leaning Policies are tearing our Country apart.
Plus, his rag-bag picks for this Cabinet are definitely from the bottom of the Barrel.

7 months ago
Reply to  David P Nelson

Depends on whose barrel
For the anti-America leftist socialist totalitarian DemonicKrats
These picks are probably considered the cream of the crop

7 months ago

We may have been divided many times before,
But with our foundation, the Founders were sure.
As this world is and the earth is always turning,
One thing they were all agreed, though all their vast learning.
Through their writings and speeches was heard,
Peace and order come from God and His Word!
Band aid approach for symptoms should give us pause,
Disease leads to death unless treating the cause.
Federalist and Antifeds had a main point in common,
Fear of man’s sinful nature brought an, “Amen”!
Man’s sin nature and virtuous need harmonized,
Scriptural Christian principles realized.
A people from good morals swerved,
A nation though great cannot be preserved.
One sure thing this gathering did convince,
Even Franklin swore about God’s providence!
The Founders did not labor in vain,
This house was built by calling on His name!
Though for weeks they seemed to ignore,
Then answers to prayer, as God they did implore.
Opposition can sometimes produce good,
The Bill of Rights proved, Washington understood.
United though at times seeming tribal,
Discussion is good when guided by the Bible.
Washington’s ha d on the Bible, took his oath,
confirming his and the Founder’s boast?
Our last four years, great things we did receive,
But let us not by thesebe deceived.
Forsaking our past, continuing blind,
To the Pilgrims and Founders – the great rewind!
Atheistic infiltration,
Is destroying this once great nation.
Our country’s values becoming more and more gross,
Under Communist leadership of Alinsky, OBAMA and Soros.
Nothing pure and White occupying this House,
This flood happened after a little by little douse.
Judgmemt begins at the LORD God’s house,
Evangelicals did not engage in this joust!
Of course we are voting year after year,
But protest or run for office, we did not endear.
Mega church entertainment and Pietism,
An undiscerning look through this prism.
Complacent and held by fear captive,
A main cause is comfort and being inactive.
The Lenin Virus, was spreading as Joe spake,
Destroying all in it’s wake.
This historical virus we have seen,
Yet, the elite refuse the Republic vaccine.
Their Surgeon General continues to flounder,
Warned by General Washington and the other Founders.
The Bible and good morals are the key,
We need to return and learn our history.
Ungodly nations fell very quick,
Many dictatorships, take your pick.
This is not a political ping pong,
God alone, decides what is right or wrong!
Around the world there are genders two,
Science cannot change the inside of you.
We’ve gotten about as depraved as can be,
God’s judgment is now our sure destiny.
We need to get down with our faces in tears,
Our future prospect is nothing but fears.
Remember that God uses men as a means,
Yet, through second causes God still screams.

7 months ago
Reply to  Bill

Bill, Nice article, but you ,me, and all others that believe in God and the Bible will be called outlaws because they are trying to outlaw churches. They are trying to start a civil war so they can take over for good

Barbara Stricker
7 months ago
Reply to  PopPopB

People won’t wake up til it hits their pocketbook. And Medicare badly enough that it can’t be ignored and even then…many will blame Pres. Trump..stop wondering what they are doing.. They are out to destroy America and if voting legislation that they want gets passed.. It’s over.. The Repubs but for a handful are useless…McConnell showed his true colors…they are also in the swamp .

7 months ago

One advantage conservatives have over these left wing lunatics, we know we’re screwed, these people have no clue how bad off we are right now. Hopefully one day soon they will wake up and say WTF have I done! Sorry thing is that day will probably never come.

7 months ago

Obama and Pelosi didn’t have it aligned the first time around. They finally figured out how to ruin this great nation. They have a lot of evil people backing them also

7 months ago

In my humble opinion, what we are experiencing is obama’s third term..He could not legally run again, so they chose the biden puppet as he is so incapacitated mentally it would be easy to pull the strings. I found it odd that everyone who was running against biden dropped out of the primaries on nearly the same day and time. Every one of them. I believe that a plan was put into play to get biden elected and all or most of his opponents were promised cushy jobs in the whitehouse if they would just step aside for now and go along with it. That way obama and the other Socialists that didn’t get their nasty agenda completed before his term was up would be able to complete his agenda. That, to me, is a Real Shame. He Racially divided this country more than any other President we have had. We need Term Limits NOW! The Swamp just got stirred up from the bottom, now it has to be drained. Thank All of you for your time.

7 months ago
Reply to  Charmaine

We don’t use the term limits we have now!! We, as a group, do not pay enough attention to what our employees do now. If we institute term limits we simply make the bureaucrats more powerful. Also, we would not have the benefit of the good people who do get elected.

7 months ago

This is what happens when the voters in the United States don’t do their research. It’s obvious the left wing of the democratic party is trying to destroy this country so they can replace it with communism.

7 months ago

Folks, its time to stop “flappin our lips” and put Action to our words.
This country will not change till its citizens have a united front and are willing
to ACT.
It begins with a united prayer to God. The Tree of Liberty must often be fed
with the blood of tyrants and patriots.

David R
7 months ago

Just checking to see if this gets approved

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