Bill Would Allow Victims of Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities to Sue

Democrats Kavanaugh confirmation hearing protests set-up Trump biased judges political scotus cross peace crimes victimes illegal sanctuaryRep. Ted Budd, R-N.C., has introduced a bill that would allow victims of crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants to sue sanctuary cities if that is where the crimes occurred.

The legislation, called the Justice for Victims of Sanctuary Cities Act, would allow victims of crimes as long as 10 years ago to file a lawsuit against a sanctuary city where the crime occurred.

Illegal immigrants with past criminal convictions made up about 74% of arrests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2018, according to Pew Research Center.

“I’ve found that sanctuary cities’ failure to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement is reckless and has had a real cost on society, both economically and in terms of human lives,” Budd said in a press release.

Budd offered the bill July 25 after more areas in the United States became so-called sanctuary cities, which means they will not assist the federal government with immigration enforcement.

His bill would allow any victim of murder, rape, or any felony at the hands of an illegal immigrant to bring a lawsuit against the state or sanctuary city if the jurisdiction didn’t help with an immigration detainer request from the Department of Homeland Security.

Victims could sue the jurisdiction if the illegal immigrant “benefited from a sanctuary policy of the sanctuary jurisdiction.” Another stipulation is that the victim “would not have been so injured or harmed but for the alien receiving the benefit of such sanctuary policy,” the billsays.

“It strikes me as common sense to introduce and pursue legislation that allows families and victims recourse against municipalities and policies that have caused them so much damage,” Budd said in the press release. “Currently, they have none.”

Budd’s bill aims to make sanctuary cities accountable for not complying with Department of Homeland Security requests, and would require state and local governments to waive immunity in order to receive certain federal grants.

Some of the grants given to sanctuary cities also would be limited under the new bill, covering only public works, administrative expenses, grants for research, among others.

Sanctuary cities include such places as San Francisco, New Orleans, and Newark, New Jersey.

“I’m sick of hearing stories about illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities committing horrific crimes against American citizens. It’s time we do something about it,” said Rep. Bradley Byrne, R-Ala., who introduced the bill with Budd.

“Not only will our legislation provide justice for victims, but it will push communities to abandon their reckless sanctuary policies and help disincentivize illegal immigration.”

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Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Shelby Talcott

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1 month ago

In January of 2017 my husband was hit by a Hit & Run driver – illegal in the country and hiding out in Pueblo, CO (Sanctuary City). My husband suffered a Spinal Cord Contusion which has left him partially paralyzed. The attorney’s would not let us go after the illegal person or their insurance – they insisted on going after Our insurance. Our insurance (SF) Paid-off a physical medicine doctor to come in court and lie to overrides 2 top Neurologists that say “Spinal Cord Contusion”. Plus, they threw out all the jurors in a group of 50 that did not like SF and left only six scum bags in the jury that had pants hanging down to their knees. The two slime-slugs we had for attorney’s were tongue tied to do any action honestly. It is a Terrible Act when Illegal’s that come into our Country are given More Rights than the honest decent people of America!!! Shame on the Justice in this Country! Judge Winner is NO WINNER at all!!!

Linda M
2 years ago

This is the kind of legislation that would not only help victims but put the onus on the municipality that allowed it.

Phil Hammersley
2 years ago

This is an excellent bill but has no chance with the AOC-led House. I think that the U.S. Dept. of Justice should arrest some of these loco mayors for violating federal laws. If they had to leave their mansions for awhile, they might cut this crap out!

Stephen Lykins
2 years ago

Take it a step further, hold all politicians who voted for sanctuary status responsible as well!

Richard L. Tucker
2 years ago

I would sue the city for putting citizens in dire straits to begin with.

Robert Goidel
2 years ago

Sanctuary cities harboring illegal aliens thwarting the rule of Federal Law should be held accountable especially if any illegal alien hurts or causes damage to any citizen there should be monetary compensation and the cities that engage in harboring illegals should face monetary penalties awarded to the persons damaged or hurt in any assault by the assailant, The Federal ICE are prevented in these illegal Sanctuary cities that promote and protect these illegal aliens who do not value the concepts of what America holds dear. Something must be done to reverse these Sanctuary cities and States.

2 years ago

how about if the crime is committed by any illegal alien who was not detained by a sanctuary city, county or state when he/she should have been … regardless of where the non detained committed the crime ?? the way this legislation sounds, it is too narrowly focused and able to be circumvented by any Libtard lawyer.

2 years ago

Why do we need a bill couldn’t a class action lawsuit be formed?

2 years ago

My truck was stolen by what I believe to be an illegal immigrant If I find he has a criminal record and under sanctuary protection, the state owes me a new truck and compensation for my time. I got it back but it had damage stunk like cigarette smoke burns in the back seat and the were probably beating the S out of it

linda bennett
2 years ago

please do background checks on all illegal immigrants and deport them.also illegal immigrants should be deported now.sanctuary cities should be fined for threating our safety. Support president trumps efforts to secure our borders. thank god for president trump

Greg Russell
2 years ago

Better yet, lets just not HAVE to sue. Lets forcibly shut down sanctuary cities and remove EVERY illegal aliens from America, then SECURE the border. NOW.

2 years ago

It is criminal itself to need a law to allow you to sue when you are the victim of a crime by an illegal being protected by a government entity. And does anyone wonder why people need guns? Give illegals a month to leave this country or they get executed. Simple! Next case!

2 years ago

Bad idea to promote lawsuits against cities.

2 years ago

Where has this guy been ?? Hiding in the closet with the US Steel CEO . These crimes have been going on since the 80’s . Sue like the nutjobs . City leaders the protective services for failure to Serve and Protect !!

Mary Seres
2 years ago

Way to go. This is obscene that illegal aliens can retreat to sanctuary cities after committing a crime.

Herb Lieberman
2 years ago

Why do we need a NEW LAW…Laws currently exist and it is call Aiding and Abetting a Criminal (crime)….Or am I incorrect???

2 years ago

Excellent bill. More common-sense legislation from Republican congressman when there should be no need for it. But unfortunately, the left is so off the wall that it is absolutely necessary.

Linda McIntire
2 years ago

This bill would be great. Houston, Tx has been a sanctuary city for a long time. Actually the whole county is, Harris Co, Tx.

Irv C
2 years ago

I don’t understand why the Mayors etc. of these cities aren’t arrested for aiding people to break America’s laws.

Irv C
2 years ago

Should be able to sue for prosecution for breaking federal law. Sanctuary cities are a disgrace to our Nation.

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