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Bloomberg is moving up so quickly that he was able to participate in the Nevada Democratic Presidential Debate, yet liberals are pushing back. Also, the US stock market is hitting highs and Obama is trying to take full credit. Finally, the coronavirus is worse than the international media claims with the death toll passing 2,000.

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Pat R
2 years ago

Bloomberg and I are 1 month apart in age. So if we both get deadly sick, I will be refused treatment under his plan, but hey, he has plenty of $$ to pay for his own.
I am not an advocate of wealth distribution (as is presently being done via taxes/welfare) but if this is the way wealthy people think, believe and act, the only way their thinking will change is to take their money away and they have to live like the rest of us on a budget. THEN they will be singing a different tune.

Faye Sarren
2 years ago

I don’t understand people believing or voting Democrat. Killing unborn, is one of my major concerns.

2 years ago

Democrats are just plain un-American. They have been brain washed by our so-called higher education “schools and universities”.

2 years ago

Coronavirus: If possible worldwide, then quit allowing possible/infected people to leave & go to other countries. A few weeks ago Trump stated that China had control of this & that President Xi told him that warm weather in April would stop this. This warm weather story does not appear to be true & Trump did a disservice by stating this to the world.

2 years ago

Obama & Trump tweeting at each other over economy is childish. & the whole world watches! Someone tell me, how did Obama years increase the National debt by +$8 Trillion & where did money go ??? And Trump so far is about +$1 trillion per year. If economy is so good & changes so good, then start paying down debt.

Samuel Zicafoose
2 years ago
Reply to  JohnH

Right on

Ed LaPinskas
2 years ago

The only people who are un-employed either cannot pass a drug test or just don’t wanna’ work. Class dismissed.

Ed LaPinskas
2 years ago

Granny witch seems to have her Prozac tailing off, again.

The Freezing Senior
2 years ago

Bloomturd and his fellow travelers ARE a deadly virus that has infected America.
The only question that remains is how to rid ourselves of them.

Orange Man Good !

2 years ago

It’s amazing what these Demoncrats are saying, apparently they dont hear themselves. Plus they dont care about anyone, but themselves. Everyone of them are sick, sick people. God bless Trump !!!

Ed LaPinskas
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim

Jim, they are not even demon-crats. They are flat out communists. My observation and I respect YOURS as well.

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