Book Review: The Election Heist by Kenneth R. Timmerman


AMAC Member and NY Times Best Selling Author Ken Timmerman New Book – “The Election Heist”

AMAC member Ken Timmerman’s newly released The Election Heist is a very timely must read, fictional but accurate disclosure, of cyber election manipulation and fraud strategies that can be undertaken by those wishing to steal the re-election of the President. As a former candidate for Congress and an investigative reporter, Ken Timmerman has very real and direct exposure to election campaign strategies and tactics.

The Election Heist begins with a conservative reform candidate in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District challenging against a longstanding Democrat incumbent fearing loss of his re-election – and the loss of his opportunity to rise in the national party organization. The incumbent Democrat congressman’s linkage to his national party’s leadership becomes tied with the national party’s effort to manipulate the voter counts in key Electoral College states to elect the Democrat presidential candidate – and defeat the incumbent Republican President. As a reader, you will get an “insider view” of a cyber manipulation of election outcomes – and how they can be countered — as you travel to the book’s exciting outcome.

AMAC members will get a special 90% discount on the Kindle version of the book this week ($.99 instead of $9.99). Just click HERE!

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Mark Freedman
1 year ago

On the morning of 11 6 2020 three days after the USA 2020 presidential election itself, we can all agree on the wisdom of the ORIGINAL old saying: “Truth is stranger than fiction…”

2 years ago

Cheating is the only way democrats win. At polling stations democrats cheat every way they can. Don’t trust anything democrats do there!!!

Timothy Flynn
2 years ago

Democrats have been trying to steal elections as long as I can remember

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