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Breaking: New Poll Shows Biden Down with Independent Voters


Washington, DC — Today, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll showed Joe Biden’s honeymoon phase may be over. In response to the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, the border, and a new COVID-19 Delta variant sweeping across the country.

The polling showed that 46 percent of Independents Disapprove of the President’s performance up from 38 percent in June. Since June, Biden’s net approval among independents has fallen by 14 percentage points overall. 

According to Reuters, foreign policy and an inconsistent approach to the coronavirus is to blame: “ Among all Americans, Biden’s net approval for the coronavirus dropped by 21 points from June to August: 55% approved of his handling of the virus, down 10 points from June, while 39% disapproved, which was up by 11 points.”

AMAC Action President Bob Carlstrom said: “These poll numbers show the Americans, and particularly independents important to the 2022 midterms are very much doubting the policies of the Biden administration. From foreign to domestic policy, this administration has showed ineptitude and tone-deafness with respect to the state of the economy and our overseas relations. On the economy, the Biden administration has disregarded the current unsteady footing the country is on by pushing more economically destructive tax increases and wasteful spending. In Afghanistan, the world is seeing an unorganized shoot from the hip approach to evacuating Americans. The Biden administration would be wise to back off from their broken record approach to pushing for more tax hikes, as most Americans and small businesses are still struggling to stay afloat. This administration’s mishandling of the economy and foreign affairs so far is not going unnoticed by voters.”

With the 2022 midterms around the corner, AMAC Action continues to educate lawmakers on the public’s distaste for far-left economic and social policies and is stands opposed to the harmful tax increases being pushed. The administration faces many hurdles in the coming months, as they work to quell the crisis in Afghanistan and enact their legislative agenda. Please stay tuned to AMAC Action for more breaking news and updates. 

You can read the analysis and polling here:  Biden shedding support from independent voters as Delta variant spreads – Reuters poll

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1 month ago

All that Biden has done thus far only goes to prove that Democrats do not care about the American people. More frightening than that is the inability of conservatives to do anything about it.

Sharon Danks
1 month ago

Kamala as president!! Even more scary than Joe!

1 month ago
Reply to  Sharon Danks

…..and it’s not less scary as you work down the list that is the line of succession!

1 month ago

Duh!! Who in their right mind would say this guy has done a good job. Only a die hard socialist/marxist.

1 month ago

The Democrats aren’t worried about the mid-terms because they have the money to steal the election again. If HR1 passes they will never lose again.

1 month ago

I agree Biden needs to be gone out of the white house lets bring back old school punishment for treason.

1 month ago

Quit with the polls We know hes a failure Remove him before we dont have a free nation because hes given it away

1 month ago

they all need to be removed immediately!!!! The Republicans need to step up big now!!!!

1 month ago
Reply to  Anne

Don’t hold your breath.

1 month ago
Reply to  Max

Yes, any Republican with a back bone would be shot down from all of the leaches that have been in Washington far too long. But, the ones with a back bone should at least try. Their voices can’t remain silent.

1 month ago
Reply to  Rich


1 month ago

Who cares what Biden’s poll numbers are? Are we just going to sit back and allow another three and half years of this dangerous incompetence to continue? Look at the damage Biden has done after just 7 months. What do you think another three and a half years of this will do to our country?

1 month ago
Reply to  PaulE

You know as well as I that the situation is just going to get worse.

Rexford O Ames
1 month ago
Reply to  PaulE

You just stated a truth. From what I’ve seen so far.
one: He is unfit to be that office!
Two: He is very,very ill and is not functional by any means of anybody’s imagination.
three; The leadership of the Democratic Party knew he was unfit,Yet was and is, persistent in allowing him, do go on as long as they thought they had control. They never did. That’s the illusion of power one thinks they have.

1 month ago
Reply to  Rexford O Ames

Remember, there is a higher EVIL committee pushing the Demo’s agenda and the Demos are just following the game plan.

The Freezing Senior
1 month ago
Reply to  PaulE

I have been telling people for quite a while now to prepare for the worst and
they all thought I was crazy for over-hyping matters, not so much anymore.
DEMOCRATS are the enemies of Liberty.

MAGA FOREVER – Deus Vult !

1 month ago

Yeah, and those who hated Trump hated him for what? Making America first? Shame! We need to blend into the rest of the third world countries.

1 month ago

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! He and Harris should both be impeached. I guess that’s what Pelosi wants!

Rexford O Ames
1 month ago
Reply to  Mike

Pelosi wants to become ” President”. She will be , as the rules changed back in 1947. To whit. Instead of the line consisting with the Secretary of State to the Leader of the House being third in line to the Presidency. That would give her ” 3 Years in that office”. To me that is a very, very scary situation!

B. Brown
1 month ago

What is this “ I was instructed to take questions ….” Who the hell is calling the shots in this country?

1 month ago

Never have believed in polls. His approval rating is probably more like 20% for all groups if you don’t cherry pick the samples!

Mitch Mitchell
1 month ago
Reply to  Oz

I hope your numbers are accurate, then we can get this crazy man out of the White House!

R. corcoran
1 month ago

Can we get all the Socialist Dems down to minus 100%????

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