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Cackling Kamala’s Disastrous Trip to Asia

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As all eyes remained fixed on the ongoing disaster in Afghanistan, Vice President Kamala Harris embarked on a South Asia tour of Singapore and Vietnam—no doubt calculating that it was a wonderful time for her to be as far away from the White House as possible. However, the Afghanistan debacle nonetheless weighed heavy over the entire affair, and Harris found herself caught in more than a few awkward moments – as has seemingly become the norm for one of the most unpopular vice presidents in recent memory.

While the administration’s self-inflicted disasters at home and abroad certainly cast a pall over Harris’s trip, the Vice President did herself no favors with several messaging missteps of her own, as well as some bizarre behavior.

Harris came under fire just as she departed for the trip for appearing to cackle when asked about the Afghanistan crisis. Over the first several months of the administration, Harris has repeatedly laughed at inappropriate moments, most notably when asked questions that she appears unprepared for.

During a roundtable in Singapore, Harris also sparked concern over her statement that “if you want to have Christmas toys for your children it might be the time to start buying them because the delay may be many, many months.” Some commentators suggested that the Vice President’s remarks indicated that more economic lockdowns may be on the horizon, which could lead to even more panic and uncertainty from Americans already struggling to recover from the pandemic.

It also became clear at Harris’ first public appearance on the trip that she would not escape discussion of the Biden administration’s botched pullout from Afghanistan. Asked about America’s “credibility” at a joint press conference, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, a former Brigadier General, expressed concern that Biden’s precipitous retreat may make the world a more dangerous place, saying that he hopes “Afghanistan does not become an epicenter for terrorism again.”

Loong also said that “perceptions of US resolve and commitment to the region” will depend on “how it [the United States] repositions itself in the region, how it engages its broad range of friends and partners and allies in the region, and how it continues the fight against terrorism.” No doubt the “repositioning” the Prime Minister referred to was regarding America’s posture toward China, especially in light of its increasing aggression under Xi Jinping.

As the point of Harris’s trip was to reassure Indo-Pacific nations that the United States remains a strong ally against threats from China, North Korea, and Russia, things were not off to an auspicious start.

During her stop in Vietnam, the Vice President said that “we need to find ways to pressure and raise the pressure, frankly, on Beijing.” But both the optics and the substance of the trip were completely incompatible with that narrative, as the Vice President had no major announcements to back it up, and the world was transfixed on a retreating America halfway around the globe.

Moreover, the Vice President’s presence in Vietnam presented perhaps the worst possible contrast to the image of strength and competence the Biden administration hoped to convey given the events occurring simultaneously in Afghanistan. After President Biden reassured the world in July that it would not witness anything akin to the US’s chaotic withdrawal from Vietnam with the famous helicopter evacuation of embassy personnel in 1975, the world was watching that exact scene occur in Afghanistan, while the Vice President was in, of all places, Vietnam.

Kamala’s diplomacy tour also got poor reviews from many of our allies in the region. Susannah Patton, a research fellow at the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre in Australia, commenting on the Vice President’s trip, said it showed the administration was “lacking a serious vision for the region,” and “is aiming low.”

“For all the administration’s rhetoric about strategic competition with China, it has yet to present a serious Indo-Pacific policy,” Patton warned. And notwithstanding Biden’s rhetoric about an organized and dignified exit from Afghanistan, it failed to deliver on both, ceding ground and negotiating leverage to an enemy far less powerful than the United States. In light of the disaster, countries like Australia, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam have reason to fear that the Biden administration will not keep its word to defend America’s allies against a much more powerful enemy in China.

To cap it all off, although clearly no fault of Harris’s, the Vice President’s flight was delayed several hours in Hanoi for an undisclosed health incident, rumored to be the mysterious “Havana syndrome” reported by US[JC1]  government personnel abroad, drawing distracting headlines and putting her off schedule for the remainder of the trip.

At precisely the moment when the world needed reassurance that the United States is still a stalwart friend and defender of freedom that can be relied upon to stand up to China, Harris not only failed to credibly convey that theme, but seemed to project the exact opposite message.

Countering threats from China, North Korea, and Russia in the Pacific region will require responding with the same level of commitment and resolve that those countries are prepared to leverage in any potential conflict. Thus far, Biden and Harris have shown no indication that they are prepared to defend American interests, or even to put up a strong front to deter further aggression from America’s enemies.

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4 months ago

She is worthless as a leader. Heals up!!!!!Biden is destroying our country and does not have enough intelligence to realize it.Hussein is enjoying the power.

4 months ago

In my opinion,
“Cackling Kamala” won’t risk her health or beauty doing her job (or NOT DOING). If a bullet ever whizzed past her head, she would collapse in terror and totally freak out. She may be a brunette or black haired, but she must have blonde roots. If Biden was removed from the office she helped steal, then Harris would BE the one everything falls upon – and she doesn’t want that at all. Right now, Harris is hiding in HER basement in hope that Biden will hang on for another 3 1/2 years so she can get out of her responsibility to the Nation. Never expect much from Kamala Harris, because it was never there.

4 months ago

People don’t realize the depth of Kamala’s wickedness. This woman is a spawn of satan. She has no conscience and zero emotions for humanity regardless of race or ethnic origin. She could look at starving children in Africa or filmed abortions and feel nothing. She would probably just give that “cackel” laught of hers which sends chills up the spines of normal people. The only thing that concerns her is the goal of globalism. Get America into the one-world system.

Lee S McQuillen
4 months ago
Reply to  CoNMTX

You actually think she even cares about globalism? I think she only cares about herself and what she can get out of whatever she does. Nothing else matters.

james pierce niedermeyer
4 months ago

Following the Biden/Harris pathetic, treacherous and cowardly collapse in Kabul, Vietnam and other SE asian countries, along with the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, will be wise to look to themselves to defend against Red China. Certainly, they can’t rely on the U.S. under its cowardly Biden/Harris cabal.

4 months ago

The rigged election of Joe Hidin’ Biden and Kamel Hairs rivals the onslaught of the Civil War in the 1860’s as far as the damage it will cause to our Constitutional Democracy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again …. IF THE ELECTION PROCESS IS NOT CLEANED UP TO PRODUCT HONEST CONSTITUTIONAL RE\SULTS BY THE NEXT ELECTION, A NASTY CIVIL WAS WILL BREAK OUT … and the Chinese and Ruskies will be foaming at the mouth to take advantage of the Nation.

Carol Murphy
4 months ago

Why haven’t process started to get Biden and Kamala out before our country is totally lost?

Thomas Mcgeehan CB
4 months ago
Reply to  Carol Murphy

The process could use a little help from the left- winged media

All aboarrrrrrrd

4 months ago


4 months ago

From the time I was able to understand what and who the President of the United States was at 5 years old, I have Never See a President Nor Vice President Go To Visit A Communist County as much as This Administration!!! For What Reason? Except to get A thumbs up on how Biden withdrew from Afghanistan! Oh and to offer them a quid pro quo for siding with Biden!!!! It’s definitely Not for the Betterment Of The United States!!!

4 months ago

Shame on every person who voted these two into office. Hopefully they make better and more informed choices in the future.

4 months ago
Reply to  Mary

If there is a future. America has been led astray and asleep into the most dangerous time in America’s history by the socialist left aka communists. Many evil nations await the right time to strike. China is only one of these.

4 months ago

While I don’t like this administration anymore than the rest of you, can we PLEASE stop using derogatory nicknames? “Cackling” Kamala, really?!?! It’s childish and divisive and it’s below our dignity as conservatives. Grow up people!

4 months ago
Reply to  Ken

“Cackling” Kamala is a name she deserves because any person in their right mind knows there is no substance there. Kamala has no soul. Also the “PoHo” suits her as well. She does not deserve to be addressed as Vice President. She did not work her way to be Vice President she slept her way there!!! So any derogatory name she is given she deserves it. Conservatives need to start saying what is true about these politicians that are incompetent. Being “nice” and verbally kind has gotten America in the mess “America” is in today!!

Lee S McQuillen
4 months ago
Reply to  Valerie

You are so right about being nice getting our country into this mess. You can’t be a “gentleman” and fight a bruiser. Won’t work! It’s been going on for way too many years.

J. Shenk
4 months ago
Reply to  Ken

I agree. Referring to our Vice President as “Cackling” Kamala is unacceptable. Something more appropriate is required for an individual of her great accomplishments. How about “Commie Love” Harris? It does have a certain distinguished ring to it.

Lee S McQuillen
4 months ago
Reply to  J. Shenk

I tend to think of her as Comrade Harris. I believe that’s how she was raised…

J. Shenk
4 months ago

She certainly has Marxist inclinations. Her Senate voting record is to the left of self-identified Marxist Bernie Sanders.

4 months ago

What a JOKE she is!

4 months ago

What else would you expect when the VP was only chosen for her race and gender?? She is an embarrassment to the US

Robert Collins
4 months ago

How many vacations is Kmalea going to take on our dollar?

4 months ago

Ughhhhh, I can’t stand her!!! She is so freakin DUMB !!! Just like the Whole biden administration, all of them are complete Idiots, who are not American, They are the enemies of the country, who are supposedly running the country, but actually destroying it one day at a time. They are a disgrace to America and what we stand for, making us a laughing stock to other countries.
I believe this administration is still being run by Obama. He said himself in an interview years back that if it was his way he would be running things behind the scenes. This is the Most EVIL people in office !!! Destroying our freedom and our beliefs. They need to step down or be impeached!!!

4 months ago
Reply to  Wayne

My sentiments exactly.

4 months ago
Reply to  Wayne

Court martial Biden and his communist regime!!!

R.J. from Arizona
4 months ago

The last sentence of your article. Hell, we knew that the day after the elections

4 months ago

If I were Xi Jinping? I would invade Taiwan and Afghanistan immediately; clobber the hell out of anyone who opposes CCP presence in the South China Sea and then just deal with whatever comes. This feckless administration is no threat to the weakest of our enemies much less CCP. Hell, what used to be The People House is littered with illiterate, political sychophants and CCP sympathizers. An American election has been stolen. Fraud is at every turn. There is currently no meaningful rule of law ANYWHERE in America. This is perfect timing for Xi Jinping, North Korea and Iran.

4 months ago
Reply to  Luke

Please don’t encourage them! Shhhh!

4 months ago

The Biden administration is either very incompetent, or whoever’s calling the shots is right on target with ruining America as we know it, only to to “build back better” to a socialist / communist society. We need to stop the destruction, and ensure our traditional voting laws that have worked for a lifetime continue without new rules opening up fraud. It would also be great for the illegal immigrants that are being directed to swing areas, to vote against the dems..

4 months ago
Reply to  RobertK

I totally agree with your take on Biden and gang. However, thought of illegals voting at all is ominous.

4 months ago

Did I pay for this trip for Camela? What the heck is she doing there? She is incapable of doing anything except laughing, and it’s very annoying! Gotta get rid of this administration. There is not one person there capable of anything. Pray, Pray, Pray!

4 months ago

This dismal administration needs to be kicked out of office. Neither Biden nor Harris are fit for office.

JaneLee Keller
4 months ago
Reply to  Phyl

Look Beyond them to see the True Problem.
METHOD – Currently His Non Compos Mentis Puppet, His Anti America MOB, SOROS, and the obvious support of The CCP.

At This time, HUSSEIN’S Lifelong Goals are becoming Our Reality.

Have any ‘Americans’ Ever Thought Otherwise ?

HUSSEIN was The Original ILLEGITIMATELY Elected President.
He’s well into his Third Illegitimate Term NOW.

Suggestion – Take the Damn Anti America Thing Down ASAP.

JaneLee ????????

Donald J Trump – A Natural Born ‘Pro ????????’
LEADER ✌????

4 months ago

Sounds as if she is a psychopath.

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