California: How Far Left Can It Go?

California flag liberal state democrat free speech leftA new generation of ultra-left ideologues backed by billionaire tech moguls is challenging the “old guard” Democrats in order to push an even more-extreme Marxist agenda.

California’s Democratic Party is undergoing a generational change that could push it even further to the left than it already is. How is that possible, you ask, without stepping off the Left Coast pier into the ocean? Well, a key sign that they are in the process of doing just that, metaphorically speaking, came this past February when the California Democratic Party’s annual convention refused to endorse veteran Senator Dianne Feinstein for reelection to a fifth term this November. The 85-year-old Feinstein, who has held her Senate seat since 1992, was challenged in the state’s June 5 primary by 51-year-old State Senator Kevin de León, a popular Democratic Party firebrand and Latino activist. (He was the author of the “sanctuary state” measure signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.) The vote at the convention, 54 percent for de León over 37 percent for Feinstein, was a sharp rebuke of the state’s senior Democrat, even though de León fell short of the 60-percent threshold needed to receive the party’s endorsement. However, her name recognition and $10 million campaign chest proved too much for de León in the June 5 primary, and Feinstein won easily, taking 44.4 percent of the vote, to de León’s 11.8 percent.

But de León will be back for a matchup in November, thanks to California’s open “jungle” primary, which sends the top two vote-getters on to the general election, even if they are from the same party. The Feinstein-de León rematch will be California’s second U.S. Senate race between two “progressive” Democrats. In 2016, then-State Attorney General Kamala Harris defeated U.S. Representative Loretta Sanchez to become the state’s junior senator. De León has the backing of Tom Steyer, the hedge fund billionaire-turned-environmental activist, as well as a rising Latino population that has become increasingly active politically. So even though Feinstein is likely to win in November, she has already moved further to the left to placate the de Leon-Steyer wing of the party.

In the governor’s race to replace term-limited Jerry Brown, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom came out on top in a crowded primary jungle of 27 candidates. Newsom, who gained national name recognition as the ultra-liberal mayor of San Francisco, will be facing Republican John Cox, a San Diego businessman, in November. Cox, virtually unknown a few months ago, was boosted into second place thanks to anger over the state’s new fuel tax hike, an endorsement from Donald Trump, and a crowded Democratic field. Newsom took 33.9 percent of the primary votes, to Cox’s 25.7 percent. With most of the rest of the vote split among Democrat candidates, it will take a miracle for Cox to win in November.

In addition to holding the governorship, the Democrats control all statewide elective offices (lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, treasurer, controller, and insurance commissioner), as well as both houses of the legislature. They lost a two-thirds supermajority in each house in late 2017 due to recall efforts and resignations over sexual scandals, but they still enjoy an advantage of 26 seats to 13 over Republicans in the State Senate and 53 seats to 25 in the State Assembly. As in the past couple recent elections, the Republican Party is not even fielding candidates for many of the state and congressional offices, essentially conceding them to be permanent Democrat property.

At the federal level, both U.S. Senate seats are held by Democrats: Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris. California’s delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives, the largest of all 50 states, has 53 members, with 39 Democrats (including minority leader Nancy Pelosi) and 14 Republicans (including majority leader Kevin McCarthy). But in their “Blue Wave” effort to retake the House of Representatives, the Democratic National Committee and the state party are targeting eight of those 14 GOP-held seats. Among the targeted congressional districts are four in Orange County, once a solid Republican stronghold. The 48th district is held now by Representative Dana Rohrabacher, who has earned a 78-percent rating on The New American’s Freedom Index. Another targeted district is the 45th, held by Representative Mimi Walters (Freedom Index rating 55 percent). The other two, the 39th and the 49th, are held, respectively, by Representatives Edward Royce (Freedom Index 71 percent) and Darrell Issa (Freedom Index 54 percent), both of whom are retiring.

The other California congressional seats the Democrats hope to flip are the 4th District, occupied by Tom McClintock (Freedom Index 85 percent); the 25th District, held by Steve Knight (Freedom Index 63 percent); the 10th District, held by Jeff Denham (Freedom Index 55 percent); and the 21st District, held by David Valadao (Freedom Index 46 percent).

The Trump presidency has energized a sustained “Blue resistance,” with hardcore demonstrators who relentlessly hound Republican congressmen every single day — at their homes, offices, public appearances, and on social media. A plethora of Democratic candidates, many of them newcomers, have jumped into the congressional races. This enthusiasm, which the Democrats are counting on to bring their voters to the polls, also has a downside for them. In these crowded races with multiple candidates, the Democrats risk knocking each other out. This may turn out to have been the case regarding former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who many expected to take second place behind Newsom in the governor’s race, but who was beaten by Republican upstart John Cox.

Reprinted with permission from - The New American - by William F. Jasper

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3 years ago

So when Gov. Moonbeam and the Dimwhit Party have totally destroyed CA who picks up the pieces? WE DO! CA belong to the USA and not to CA politicians and/or illegals. If the DNC’ommunists there, including foreigners, want to leave we can put them all in a really big leaking boat and push it off the coast. Wave goodby with a grin, folks!

3 years ago

Our parents moved us from NJ to CA when we were children in the 50s. It’s not the same. Weather is great and it is a beautiful state. When our 94 year old Mom passes, I’m out of Californication. One less taxpayer!!

Mary Lou Ryder
3 years ago

California needs all the help it can get. Republicans better get together and vote. My home state is a total embarrassment ! Sad to say I’m glad I don’t live there. The majority has gone off the deep end.

Richard Greg Slate
3 years ago

California is a lost cause. we should just let them succeed from the Union along with the other left coast states

Joyce E.
3 years ago

I grew up in Baltimore or Balmar to those of us who lived there. I moved out fifteen years ago because I could see what was coming. It breaks my heart to see and hear about the demise of this once great town. I Loved growing up there and have so many fond memories of the old Memorial Stadium, the Inner Harbor, Fort McHenry, Lexington Market, the Chesapeake Bay, Ocean City, so many wonderful memories. Now the Democrats with their Progressive agenda, progressing into Communism, have taken down all the major cities in this country. I will never go back to Maryland even to visit friends, I’m concerned about my safety. I love my Orioles and worry that they too will be effected by the decline of the city and state. I’m done with the Ravens, could care less about them anymore, now that they too are part of the problem. They may have taken my city and state but they can never take away my memories. I lived there for fifty five years before leaving. I pray for my country and that God have Mercy on us when His final judgment comes and it is coming. Most of all I pray that the American people wake up and take back what God Blessed us with, this great country, The United States of America, the greatest success story ever. God Bless

Joseph Kiesznoski
3 years ago

I’m so glad I Don’t ;ive therte. What a mess.

3 years ago

I lived in the People’s Republic of California from 1961 to 1977, when The Boeing Company made me an offer that couldn’t refuse. The moved me to Washington state, which not quite as far left an California, it’t getting there. Republicans have a hard time winning any election, but we keep hoping that some of President Trump’s plain common sense will take hold. But we’ll see.

June J
3 years ago
Reply to  Don

I live in North Central Washington which is very republican. The saying here is where California goes, Seattle will soon follow. So hard to get the democrats out of politics when the State of Seattle votes them in, and they have most of the votes.

3 years ago

We left California 6 yrs ago and thank God because we saw all the evil was going on there. People with no brains looks like they drink stupid juice every morning so they loose their mind and can’t see the truth. Its like communism the one we left behind 40 years ago and almost cached up with us but we ran away. I am so sorry for the young people who can not discern because of lac of experience and they just go with the flow. I hope they wake up and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I pray to God for this Country because is the only place we still have freedom and will have if we stick together and Pray hard to God to Bless us and open the people’s eyes to the truth Amen.

3 years ago

I had noticed that California had become much worse since Governor Jerry Brown took over. Before, it was never like it before. I hope that someday, they will vote for the right leader to take over, but I think it will take a long time before this will happens. California is too far gone.

Thomas Haj
3 years ago

How far left California? How about: adult/child marriage, legalization of pedophilia, public execution of Christians, human/animal marriage, legalization of child porn, the confiscation of patriots’ finances to continue the nanny state… to name a few. Think it can’t happen?

3 years ago

Nothing going on in California, in terms of the Democrat Party going towards full-blown support and advocacy for socialism / communism, than any other Democrat controlled state. In New York a so-called “Democrat Socialist” (no such thing actually as they are all simply Socialists pretending to be “Democrat”) won a primary against a long-term Democrat in line to potentially take over Pelosi”s position once she finally passes away in office.

Do not think any of this rise of open socialism being preached by candidates of the Democrat Party is an anomaly. This is simply the Democrat Party finally being comfortable enough to drop the pretense of being anything but the party of socialism / communism they have always been. While the old line Democrats (Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Warren, etc.) may still call themselves “Progressives”, make no mistake. What is being pushed are pure socialist policies.

The younger members of the Democrat Party simply no longer see any value in hiding what they really are from the public. Socialism has been indoctrinated to our youth for decades now and most of the Millennial generation crave it. So sure an open Socialist can get more support than an old Democrat hiding behind the “Progressive” moniker in California. The same thing is playing out all across the country in Democrat controlled states. It is a distinction without a difference.

Rev. R.S. Helms
3 years ago

I once liked California, then it became a fair place to visit, but now … would not waste the time to even visit. and for anyone that is still living there, moderate liberals, and for sure any conservatives need to cash in and let your feet to your talking… There are some great Mexican people who add tremendously to our American culture, but like with any A-N-Y ethnicity we find the sub culture, and even the sub-sub culture that is making it bad, and creating hatred among our citizens. But California is just simply socialist across the board. Even running off some of the liberal Democrats. wow…

3 years ago

Don’t these billionaires who support the Left realize if America truly becomes communist (God forbid), they will LOSE their fortunes. In communist countries, there are no billionaires. Once I read of a Russian billionaire and I wondered how that occurred.

3 years ago
Reply to  Angela

I wonder the same thing, Angela.

michael failla
3 years ago

California. the land of fruits nuts flakes and quakes.

3 years ago

I too would contend that Texas is a better deal than California in that I think it’s more congenial w/ no state income tax at that. Plus there are surrounding states w/ more congeniality than the golden bear state like Louisiana & Arkansas.

Donald Tucker
3 years ago
Reply to  michael

California’s problems are soon to become Texas’ problems if any more Californians keep moving there.

Bob Ireland
3 years ago

I join John L and General Patton. Any way we can expedite these ideas? I’m in.

3 years ago

Years ago when my sister moved to California (late 50’s). being a native Washingtonian (DC), she said she wished the state would break off at San Andreas fault and disappear into the ocean. She hated it so much she left CA and moved to England in the late 80’s. She kept her home and her daughter lives in it now, Orange Cty. I do not go to CA and never will, there is enough illegal aliens here in MD to sink this state, we already have many progressive/Marxist/communist legislators in spite of a Republican Governor; Larry Hogan does nothing about sanctuary imposed by certain counties (MoCo, PG) because the legislature is majority Democrat; he is much liked but he must compromise to get things done and stay in office. He does not support Trump, therefore he succeeds in MD and is a favorite Governor. I fully support Trump and make no bones about it! Hogan will be facing a black Marxist radical in the Governors race this fall. If Hogan loses, I leave Maryland, I will not live under the rule of a Marxist, although this country did for 8 years under Obama and we saw the results. Many local cities County Councils have approved sanctuary, without benefit of citizen vote; the illegals also vote and are told how to do so and that is how MD became partisan; WaPo even printed an article instructing illegals how to get away with voting illegally! My ancestors came in 1600’s, settled MD, DC (was part of MD then), VA; lived here all my live, it has become saturated with illegals and elites, opposites. MS-13 and illegal alien criminality has been bad, MS-13 is violent and barbaric, it is kept under wraps and “we” the people who live here do not hear about it unless it leaks to the local news or national news. The lefty police are good at keeping quiet and allowing lawbreaking; there are many policies and laws which have glitches so people utilize the glitches and get away with lots of lawbreaking; no desire to fix glitches! The left stays in office because they started catering to illegals in early 2000’s and Casa de MD (financed by Soros Open Society and provided grants with my tax money imposed by Cty Council, not by voter approval). The frenzied Marxist DNC Chm, Tom Perez was a volunteer lawyer with Casa de MD protecting illegals and showing them how to get everything they can from govt. The sleazy left has been working behind the curtain for decades finding a substitute for African Americans after they got smart and no longer allows Democrats to use them for votes. The lllegals are uneducated, the Democrats take advantage; the illegals bring their societal “degeneracy” from Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, hence the crime which is part of their world. It is not part of mine!

Thomas Haj
3 years ago
Reply to  ScarletDove

ScarletDove, As a fellow Marylander, I know that everything you wrote is true. Jealous won the primary because he appealed to what our democrats have become (that, and the fact that the radicals got out the vote and the moderates stayed home). Owe Malley’s giving our illegals drivers licenses enabled them to vote – the DMV at Middle River had a booth with a sign saying “To vote Democratic, enroll here”, and the workers were prohibited from asking those who registered (another Owe Malley edict) their legality. Another tidbit: I was the recipient of the Knockout Game three times in a four year period and the police not only didn’t file a report, but blamed me for being “Not aware of my surroundings” (two of the attacks occurred in broad daylight with several witnesses).

3 years ago
Reply to  Thomas Haj

How awful that is. This is scary.

3 years ago
Reply to  ScarletDove

Hard to realize this has happened in Maryland and looks as though it will spread. Patriots must stop this or America is doomed. Please Pray.

Paul W
3 years ago

Fence it off, seize the ports and call it a day. They threaten secession…please, PLEASE DO!!!

General Patton
3 years ago

Sell Californa a back to Mexico

3 years ago

As far as I am concerned, the left and ultra-left can keep on going left into the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Don’t think they will be missed.

William Cunningham
3 years ago

I’m so glad I left California after grad school, and returned to Texas. It’s getting less and less hospitable to people who can think straight.

3 years ago

I currently live in CaliMexico where 60% of our population is Hispanic thanks to the 12-14 million illegals welcomed by our Communist Governor and his Sanctuary Cities policies. I now hear more Spanish being spoken than English and where citizens are denied jobs because they don’t speak Spanish! ICE could spend 10 years full time on rounding up all the illegals and deporting them. We now have the highest gasoline prices in the country, weekly sleazy motel rates are $350, rents are unaffordable and we have probably a couple hundred thousand homeless where 80% are white people. But our weather is fabulous!!! … So welcome to paradise America!

Joe McHugh
3 years ago
Reply to  Rik

Rik, I commiserate with you. I live in the People’s Republic of New York State, and I understand the situation of Democrat dominance.

New York City is our problem. There are millions of taxsuckers in, and around that Hellhole. Obviously, they vote for the candidates who promise ever more government “assistance”.

Never the less, I reside in Syracuse, a city that receives more snow than any moderate to large city in the lower 48 states. We also have very high state taxes on everything. need more? Syracuse has more overcast days that anywhere except Seattle. That’s my situation.

Here’s the bad part that won’t make you feel better. I would rather live in New York than relocate to California, even with your ideal weather. Our Democrats and RINOs in our Capital at Albany are not flat out Marxist, ………yet.
Lately I have been thinking about becoming a hermit and hiding out in the Andirondack national park. There are places in that wilderness that no human being has visited in decades, …….not even a tax collector.

3 years ago
Reply to  Joe McHugh

Joe, I lived in Long Island and things aren’t better here either. Don’t forget we are part of New York State and we are under the Democrats rule, too. I had been to Syracuse years ago and wouldn’t want to lived there as the winter is too long. Yes, I agree
with you that I would rather lived in New York than being in California. I was also in California back into the 90’s and at that time, I really visiting there. Now I would never wanted to go back. I feel very sorry for Rik that he is still living there.

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