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Canadian Health Care: A Warning, Not a Beacon

Canada flag freedom health care canadianSen. Bernie Sanders recently lauded Canada’s socialist health care system as an affordable example of what America could be with Medicare for All. That claim buckles pretty quickly under the weight of the facts, according to Peter St. Onge, Ph.D., a senior economist at the Montreal Economic Institute. “No more out-of-pocket expenses? In reality, Canadians’ out-of-pocket health costs are nearly identical to what Americans pay—a difference of roughly $15 per month. In return, Canadians pay up to 50% more in taxes than Americans, with government health costs alone accounting for $9,000 in additional taxes per year,” St. Onge writes.

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Reprinted with permission from - The Heritage Foundation - by Peter St. Onge, PhD

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Dr. Cicero
1 year ago

Bernie Sanders, a shining example of a fool!

1 year ago

I have a buddy of mine I served with in the Army that has duel citizenship; his mother Canadian and his father American. He lives in Canada and recently needed his appendix taken out. He was put on a waiting list and told it shouldn’t be more than five, maybe six week before he could have it removed. He told me since he has duel citizenship he simply crossed the border into the US, went to the nearest hospital and had it removed three days later.

My friend told me there’s a lot of things he loved about Canada, but their socialized health care is not one of them.

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