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AMAC Action maintains a full-time presence in Washington, DC calling on members of Congress and the Administration to discuss issues and oppose legislative actions on behalf of the membership.


AMAC Signs Coalition Letter Warning Policymakers of Egregious Provisions in Latest Covid-19 Legislation

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AMAC Opposes The Deceptive For the People Act of 2021

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AMAC Signs Coalition Letter to Oppose H.R. 1 and S. 1, For the People Act


AMAC Signs Coalition Letter to Oppose Regulations that Hurt Small Businesses

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AMAC Part of Coalition That Rejects Healthcare Price-Setting to Resolve Surprise Medical Billing


AMAC Joins Coalition to Oppose CMS Regulation That Could Raise Drug Prices for Payers


AMAC Signs Coalition Letter to Oppose Price Controls for the Healthcare System

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AMAC Opposes Passage of the Irresponsible HR 6800 Pelosi Omnibus Monstrous Spending Spree and Big Government Control Legislation


AMAC Joins Coalition to Urge Congress to Keep Unnecessary Spending Out of Phase 4 Pandemic Package


AMAC Action Joins 31 Organizations in Urging Congress to Reject Bill That Would Open the Door to Medicare for All