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AMAC Action, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit conservative advocacy organization, was created to support AMAC by advancing initiatives on Capitol Hill, in the state legislatures and at the local level through grassroots advocacy. Participation is a benefit of AMAC membership.

Andy Mangione on Mike Gallagher (October 20th, 2021)


AMAC Action Statement on the Senate’s Failure to Advance the “Freedom to Vote Act”

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A Raise That Isn’t and a “New Normal” Few Like

Andy Mangione on Newsmax’s “Aging in America”

Critical-Race Theory 12

The Critical Race Theory Would Undermine Americans of All Ages, Whoever They Are, in Addition to Brainwashing Our Schoolchildren

Andy Mangione on Mike Gallagher (October 13th, 2021)


Free2Care Urges Senator Casey to Examine PBM Business Practices

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AMAC Supports No Hearing, No Vote Act

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The Empire Strikes Back: DOJ Death Star Aims at Parents


ATR Leads Coalition Letter Opposing IRS Financial Reporting Requirement