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AMAC Action is regularly called upon by the Administration to provide feedback on key legislative initiatives. AMAC Action also appears on radio shows to discuss many of today's topics that are important to our members.

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Fighting for Transparency in Health Care


Trump Wants Transparency in Hospital Pricing


AMAC Spokesperson on Gunther Rewind

Robert Charles on Chicago’s Morning Answer

Trump 1

Trump’s Doctrine – Robert Charles on The Alan Nathan Show

medicare-for-all 2

The Nonsensical Nature of “Medicare-for-All”

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Medicare-for-All: Another way for the left to control your life

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AMAC Signs Coalition Letter Opposing Pelosi’s Drug Pricing Plan

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Bernie vs. Corey and the Socialist Nightmare of ‘Medicare for All’

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Mature American’s, Nepotism, and Impeachment – Robert Charles on The Mitch Henck Show