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AMAC Action maintains a full-time presence in Washington, DC calling on members of Congress and the Administration to discuss issues and support or oppose legislative actions on behalf of the membership. AMAC Action also participates in DC conservative forums and other coalition activity to further our mission and grow our national influence.


AMAC Supports Bill to Increase Hospital Capacity to Fight the Coronavirus, H.R. 6336


AMAC Supports H.R. 6286, the Health Savings Act of 2020

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AMAC Supports Bill to Expand Technologies for US Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


President Signs AMAC-Supported Payment Protection Plan Into Law


It’s Time to Re-open American Communities


AMAC Joins Conservatives to Oppose a National Public Health Surveillance System

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AMAC Members Favor Reducing Dependence on Drugs from China

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AMAC Action Joins Healthcare Coalition to Urge Congress to Reject Price Controls


AMAC Endorses HSA/DPC Program for Veterans

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AMAC Supports Bill to Reduce Out-of-Pocket Expenses for Medicare Beneficiaries