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Biden 54

Biden and Harris Blame Anyone but Themselves for Missed Vaccine Targets

wealth tax 30

At 6 Months, Biden Fails His Economic Report Card

Cubans 62

Push Back on Cuban Communism – Now!

Virginia church catholic 3

Will Virginia’s Two Catholic Bishops Speak Up on Candidate McAuliffe?

court 27

Important Supreme Court Win for 1st Amendment Over Cancel Culture

Experts 5

CBO Shows Bidenflation Surges Over Forecasts as Experts Sound Alarms

Afghanistan 97

Biden Turns Afghanistan Into a Nightmarish Echo of U.S. Exit from South Vietnam

biden 32

The Biden Effect: A Higher Cost of Living

Texas 5

Texas Democrats Flee State To Block Election Integrity Bill, Will Face Arrest Upon Return

Democrats 7

McConnell: Big Lies and Fake Hysteria Will Never Justify Democrats’ Partisan Power Grab