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police 13

Waterloo for “Defund the Police” Left

America 59

Majority Of American’s Are Proud Of Our Country; The Socialist Left Seeks To Undermine Their Resolve By Bad-Mouthing Our History

education 37

Biden Administration Uses False Information to Crack Down on CRT Opponents While the State of Education in the U.S. Deteriorates

biden 65

Biden Democrats Lose Big — And on Cultural Issues

Powell 19

Looking Back – Why Didn’t Powell Resign?

republican 8

Republican City Attorney Candidate on the Verge of Defeating Police Abolitionist Dem in Liberal Seattle

constitution 8

Truck Driver Defeats NJ Senate President After Spending Less Than $10,000 on Campaign

Taiwan 35

China Rattles Its Sabers; We Respond With Rhetoric And The Citizens of Taiwan ‘Yawn’

Cubans 18

Cuban Freedom Lovers Hope for Solidarity from Vatican and Washington When They March on November 15th

Economic 42

A Tale of Two Economies: Leading Economist Contrasts the Trump and Biden Economic Strategies