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Jan 6th - Ben Weingarten 2

Weingarten Report Ep 14: The Jan 6 Committee Witch Hunt Exposed

transgender 5

The Transgender’ Epidemic’ May Not Really Be An Epidemic, But It Has Nonetheless Uncovered Some Dirty, Little Secrets

biden 55

Incommunicado: The Biden Administration Speaks Neither to Allies nor Americans (But Gives Lists to the Taliban)

American 45

The Hollywood Classic That Shows What a Real American President Would Do to Stop the Horror in Afghanistan

organ 49

Millions In Federal Funding Granted For Organ Harvesting Of Aborted Babies

Virginia 19

COMMENTARY: You Are Not In Touch If You Are Not ‘Woke,’ So Say the Radical Elite

trip 1

September is Prime Time for Senior Vacations, and Here are Things You May Wish to Consider if You are Planning a Trip

Afghanistan 1

Weingarten Report Ep 13: Biden and the Ruling Class’s Impeachable Afghanistan Disaster

black 91

US Black Hawk Helicopters Captured by Taliban as ‘Horrified’ Senators Demand DOD Audit

never 3

Never Give Up to Despair – Be the Inspiration