Biden 54

Biden and Harris Blame Anyone but Themselves for Missed Vaccine Targets

wealth tax 30

At 6 Months, Biden Fails His Economic Report Card

Democrats 61

Five Massive Progressive Flip-Flops by Democrats This Year

Cubans 62

Push Back on Cuban Communism – Now!

Around the World 9

Freedom on the March? Encouraging News for America from Around the World

election 121

Election Integrity Is Winning

Havana Weapon 11

New Outbreaks of Havana Syndrome Among U.S. Embassy Workers in Vienna Cause Concern. Were they Shot with ‘Ray Guns?’

fraud 77

Fraud by Design – How Democrats Hope to Make Everyone Reliant on Welfare

state 10

Washington Democrats Descend on ATL for Partisan Roadshow as Bipartisan Majority of Georgians Favor Voter I.D. Protections

Biden 163

Biden Begs the UN to Lecture Americans on Racism and Human Rights