Why It’s Worth Challenging Obamacare’s HHS Mandate

Wayne Hepler, owner of Seneca Hardwood Lumber, and his daughter explain why they are challenging Obamacare’s coercive mandate in court.

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Peggy Surles
8 years ago

I feel the American people are having their rights taken from them. Many are not strong enough to stand up for their believes. We appreciate your organization. The help you are giving and encouragement to all.

You know…. I’m sure they haven’t thought of all the future votes they are destroying. That wasn’t very nice was it!.
I do not believe anyone should have to pay for something they do not believe in.

DS Snyder
8 years ago

It is a matter of conscience. Will people of who happen to own a business be forced by our government to participate monetarily or any other way in the killing of babies. The government does not own my conscience and I am not speaking from a religious perspective. Our government should consider adding a House of Ethics.

gerald banks
8 years ago

Obama & reed are wantably diatators

Lorraine Walsh
8 years ago

It’s a great video-well done. How can the average citizen who also believes the Obamacare law is taking away religious freedom help with this fight?

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