Chelsea Manning: The Voice of Treason

republicans-can-block-subsidies manningChelsea Manning had a chance to serve his country — and betrayed it. Now he wants to serve in the U.S. Senate. The former Army private-turned-transgender-activist stunned everyone this week by announcing a run for elected office, one year after he was pardoned for treason. Welcome to the new Democratic Party.

For most people, the idea would be outrageous even if Manning weren’t sure which gender to identify with. This is, after all, a man who was convicted of war crimes against the very country he’s running to represent. “All Manning would have to do,” a Fox News commentator pointed out, “is swear another meaningless oath and promise to obey it this time to once again gain access to our national security secrets, which [he] could leak again if [he] wished. That should fill you with confidence.”

Of course, the odds of Manning winning Senator Ben Cardin’s (D-Md.) seat are long, even in Maryland, where support for gender confusion is alive and well. The Washington Examiner’s Nicole Russell doesn’t think that excuses him. “That Manning believes himself to be qualified at all for the position, aside from what he would do once he got there, is as appalling as it is absurd and shows how entitled this generation of transgender advocates have become.” Reminding everyone of the suspicious timelines of his new identity. It was only after sentencing, she points out, that he claimed he felt female, wanted to be known as Chelsea, and demanded hormone therapy. “Strange timing, no?”

“From that point on, instead of letting him rot in a prison because of his treasonous behavior, he was given special attention and treatment related to his transition.” Now, she thinks, he’s using the same opportunism to win a place at the congressional table. “Manning’s political aspirations demonstrate with spot-on clarity how the transgender movement is not about equality, but entitlement. He truly believes he deserves a chance to run for office, not because he served in the military honorably, or because he is qualified in policy, but because he has conquered the greatest social justice crisis of our time — transitioning from one gender to another.”

To the men and women who served their country honorably, or gave their lives for it because Manning didn’t, the news is a sick joke. After all, this a proven felon who leaked more than 750,000 top secret documents—a crime that put countless Americans in harm’s way. As far as FRC’s Lt. General Jerry Boykin is concerned, there’s no one less qualified for office than a man who betrayed his country. “Manning has done tremendous damage to America and should be serving the remainder of his prison sentence rather than planning for a run for the U.S. Senate in Maryland.”

Although mainstream Democrats have been relatively mum on Manning’s announcement, you don’t have to look hard to see the uproar in the bases on both sides. The last thing liberals need after a radical social platform that cost them the White House is the poster boy/girl for transgenderism and anti-Americanism running for U.S. Senate. No wonder the Heartland’s Democrats are telling their Washington leaders: “You’re killing us.” According to Politico, the same strategies that failed liberals in 2016 — a hard-Left on issues just like this one – is threatening the party’s chances in 2020.

“The number of Democrats holding office across the nation is at its lowest point since the 1920s,” and political stunts like Chelsea Manning are a big reason why. Interviewing the people in rural America who cost Hillary Clinton the White House, Politico talked to Democrats who “fired guns and read the Bible.” “Tell me how in the world Nancy Pelosi, or some of those folks in Congress [would] even be able to sit there and talk with [socially conservative Democrats like] Delmis Burns? Do they even know that a guy like Delmis Burns exists? That’s why I say that the East Coast elitists have forgotten America. They’ve not been to America, they forgot America, they forgot about certain parts of America. Maybe they’ve done that intentionally. I hope they haven’t.”

“The Democratic brand,” said Illinois state Rep. Jerry Costello Jr. warned, “is hugely damaged, and it’s going to take a while to bring it back. Democrats in southern Illinois have been more identified by bathrooms than by putting people back to work.” Republicans can only hope that the Democrats continue blaze a politically destructive trail with candidates like Manning.

From - Family Research Council - by Tony Perkins

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4 years ago

I wonder if he/she/it runs as 3 different candidates on the dimocratic ticket, can he/she/it total the votes to emerge as the winner of the primary? That would surely cost the national dimocratic ticket a few elections! Even if he/she/it won, that should wake up any conservative dimocrat that might be left out there to vote Republican!

Kathy M.
4 years ago

Interesting that he picked Maryland to make his senate run. Many Maryland politicians are known to be corrupt Democrats that impose their will on people. Maryland is a one party state that gerrymandered voting districts so the president of the senate could buy a new house and stay in his district (also because they wanted to get one of the few Republicans out of office). If Ben Cardin wasn’t so entrenched, Manning could win here. There is no explanation why Democrats always vote for the Democrats that hurt us the most (which today is all of them). What his run really says to me is that he needs to be the center of attention and will do anything to be there. No one in the Democrat party would dare run against King Ben in Maryland – unless your a treasonous entity that doesn’t know what they are – a male narcissistic treasonous joke. Everyone is correct – he should have been hung for treason. Maybe the Dems will have him run for president in 2020. I’m scared to death about the outcome of the mid-term elections. Voter turn out is usually so low then the Democrats win. This is the party that’s willing to shut down the government rather than do what’s right for the people. Great article as always.

4 years ago

This traitorous piece of garbage would be slapping every American in the face if he were to run for an elected office. If he/she/it is too stupid to know which gender “it” is a part of, then “it” is too stupid to trust in office. And our military is better off without “it” being a member.

4 years ago

Let “it” run Independent so the Dem votes will be split. Maybe a Rep will end up winning the seat?

Paul W
4 years ago

Glad to see that the author didn’t genuflect to political correctness and call Manning she, although [he] was used. There is no reason for confusion on this matter. Test the traitor’s DNA. Male…guaranteed. I liked that the author pointed out Manning’s adherence to oaths. Lack thereof that is. Very good article.

4 years ago

Laughable. Maryland and Chelsea deserve each other.

4 years ago

What the hell is wrong in this Country, First of all NO ONE can hold a Federal JOB least of all a Senator or Congressman that has a criminal record, least of all a FELONY, it is fully against the United States Federal LAWS! Why does no one pay attention to our LAWS or has America become the LAND LAWLESSNESS? But again the DEMOCRATS are the NEW FASCISTS that created the NAZI Movement in 1934, they following the example that the Democrats produced through their RACISM, Anti Black, Slavery Black and Brownshirt tactics that The Democrats and Soros are using today

Bill in TX
4 years ago

When I was growing up my family were Democratic supporters since the party represented (at that time) working class citizens whose focus was to make a better life for the family and wanted little government interference. Since that time the Democratic party has moved so far into socialism that I would be hard pressed to support any Democrat even if they claimed to be conservative. The DNC has systematically worked to twist words and redefine values they cannot be trusted. Their “new-speak” has fooled many people over the last 20 years. But now that is changing. People who once claimed to be Democrats are Leary of the party. People such as “it” Manning call the Democratic party home base for their values. That is fine but the Democratic party does not represent the values, hopes, and beliefs of the US Citizen majority. It is the US Citizen majority’s duty push the Democratic misfits out of all government offices and the bureaucratic positions (deep state). What actions are you taking?

4 years ago

He/she/it will probably get all of the Democrat vote as they are all three in the same boat!

Dorothy Ayer
4 years ago

This is just sick. I was hoping the sick jokes would go away with Obama, but evidently not. I’m not even going to show this to my husband, a Marine to the end, and very patriotic! Manning deserves to be hanged for his crimes against our country.

Burton Pauly
4 years ago

In our opinion this excuse for a real person deserves to be shipped out to exile to a non – inhabital islet in the Pacific. He/She is a traitor to the USA, and a real SOB. And Obama is also a traitor for letting him/her out of prison.

4 years ago

Please do not use feminine pronouns in connection with this mentally confused man. No matter how is body may be mutilated, no matter what hormones he may take, his body is still basically male. Only if all his chromosomes were changed from xy to xx could he become female.

Dolores Aams
4 years ago

Chelsea or Bradly Manning should not be allowed to serve in any compacity in any government.

4 years ago

Dear Friends: I agree with all of you. I remember in history: Twentyone year old, Nathan Hale, just before being hanged by the British, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” After that, can any president pardon a traitor? Jail him/her, obama and hillarious. And, don’t forget, obama (lower case deliberate) will be the receiver of all retiring presidents benefits. While my Soc. Sec. was the same for years and this year a whopping 5 buck increase and 20 buck Medicare increase. Dog food, here I come. Yuck!

4 years ago

S/he should NEVER have been pardoned in the first place and should have been executed for treason. Since the moronic Obama administration did make the unforgiveable mistake of pardoning him he should, at least, be permanently barred from voting, much less running for elected office – EVEN dog catcher!

4 years ago

You can blame Obama for Mr. now Miss Manning’s run for the Senate. If he hadn’t pardoned him or her, the time would be spent in
prison as is so deserved. This Democratic Party of today is a disgrace to our Country. They will stop at nothing to achieve power again,
even supporting someone like Manning!!!!

William oakes
4 years ago

DNC only cares about VOTES! We should know by now It’s The Votes Stupid for power, wealth, and Greed!
We must finish the Job in2018!!!!!!!
It can be done!

4 years ago
Reply to  William oakes

The sad thing is the RNC will not put a a real fight. All they do is rollover and pee on themselves. Time for a real leadership change starting with Mcconnell and Ryan.

4 years ago

Why not elect the treasonous Manning. I see no difference between Manning and Hillary Clinton. Obama let Manning off the hook and the FBI and DOJ let Hillary skate. Both have committed treason against America, If she /he gets elected it will one moor nail in Americas coffin.

4 years ago

Just par for the course in today’s so-called Democratic Party. … Someone who is confused with his/her sexual gender to a Democratic Party that is confused about whether it should come out of the closet as a Party with a confirmed Communist Party agenda! … Of course, to us Republican citizens, we’ve known for a long time who they really are. It’s just that many Republican Party members don’t seem to recognize the Commies in Republican clothing within our own ranks. President Trump is trying to make America Great Again, but he needs our help to rid OUR party of these Commie traitors.

William oakes
4 years ago
Reply to  Rik

Hard to believe we have so many either Stupid Republicans or traitors in our party!
DRAIN The SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vote them OUT!

4 years ago
Reply to  Rik

Years ago our society had “involuntary civil commitment” . This meant that the person in question was committed to a mental institution without their consent. We need to bring this back. This person should be committed, On every level,
Chelsea needs treatment, and supervision.

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