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China is First to Establish Diplomatic Relations with the Terrorist Regime in Afghanistan


The aim is to outdo the U.S. geopolitically and snag some of the ‘Mullah’s Moola.’

WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 1 — You’ve got to figure that when something goes wrong in the world, China will go to great lengths to find a way to benefit. When our military-strategist-in-chief, Joe Biden, made his hasty retreat from Afghanistan, the CCP, or communist Chinese mobsters, were ready, willing, and able to make their move to get their share of the profit.

They wasted no time to take advantage of Mr. Biden’s disastrous evacuation and quickly embraced the Taliban, becoming the first and only nation on the planet, so far, to give them legitimacy by establishing diplomatic relations with the terrorists.

Some might take umbrage at the conclusion that the new rulers of Afghanistan are terrorists, given they’ve been in power for a matter of weeks. But it would appear that terrorism is in their blood. After all, suicide bombers from an offshoot organization of ISIS targeted American soldiers and Afghan refugees seeking to leave the country during the Biden withdrawal while the Taliban did nothing to protect them. And the National Counterterrorism Center [NCTC] reminds us that: “In the years leading up to the 11 September 2001 attacks in the United States, the Taliban provided a safe haven for al-Qa’ida. This gave al-Qa’ida a base in which it could freely recruit, train, and deploy terrorists to other countries. The Taliban held sway in Afghanistan until October 2001, when they were routed from power by the US-led campaign against al-Qa’ida.”

By recognizing terrorists as a lawful government of what is now the “outlaw state” of Afghanistan, China also hopes to gain access to minerals and big bucks. For sure, other countries will follow China’s lead given time to see how events unfold in the coming weeks and months.

Oddly enough, Afghanistan has long been a thorn in China’s side. Millions of Muslims, including 12 million Uyghurs, live in China, where they have suffered greatly, so much so that over the years, many of them would cross China’s western border seeking refuge in Afghanistan. Indeed, Afghanistan was somewhat of a safe harbor for them.

Things are changing rapidly with the Taliban takeover, however.

The BBC reports that though “the Taliban has some historic connections with Uyghur militants, the very forces China says pose a threat to its security,” it may not be safe for Muslims going forward. The “Taliban also has a history of cooperation with China, which shares a short land border with Afghanistan, and analysts say the superpower’s ability to provide technology and infrastructure – and lend legitimacy – to a new Taliban regime would likely trump any kind of solidarity with Uyghurs.”

The BBC says that the refugees are scared. Some say that they no longer feel safe, that they are in hiding and living in fear. It’s the prudent thing to do if Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has anything to say about it.

A week or so before President Biden’s ill-advised, chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, Wang met with Taliban strong-man Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and apparently gave him a heads up that China would back him, according to the Brookings Institution.

He told Baradar that “Beijing will recognize the Taliban and seek ways to encourage the Taliban to be attentive to China’s security concerns.” He went on to say that “Beijing will urge the Taliban to deny safe haven to Uyghur fighters and other groups that could destabilize Central Asia or harm Chinese interests in the region or at home.”

But there’s more to it than that; China’s greedy side sees an opportunity to cash in on its “friendly relations” with the new rulers in Kabul to the tune of some “$1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits … including “Industrial and building minerals: Iron, Lead, Tantalum, Tungsten, Copper, Lithium [and] Mercury [and] gemstones: Amethyst, Beryl, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Ruby [and] Tourmaline” says Bloomberg.

But, aside from having access to the Mullah’s moolah, the Chinese diplomatic relationship with Afghanistan may have a long-sought political benefit — namely, Taiwan. One of Beijing’s goals continues to be to undermine confidence in the U.S. among the leaders of the free, Chinese island nation of Taiwan, say the analysts at Brookings. China seeks to use Afghanistan as an example of U.S. disloyalty, portraying America as a weak sister when it comes to its reliability as an ally.

“Given Beijing’s current hard-edged disposition toward Taiwan, fresh memories of events in Hong Kong, and the Democratic Progressive Party’s control of the presidency and legislature, there is a low likelihood of Beijing’s psychological pressure resulting in near-term policy shifts in Taipei. If questions of American reliability grow as a topic of political debate in Taiwan, though, they could become a factor in upcoming elections and the policies that flow from them.”

The Foreign Policy newsletter is in synch with the Brookings Institution’s analysis. FP says that China is the “new great power” on the world stage in direct opposition to America, and that “Perhaps most importantly, recognizing Taliban-run Afghanistan would contribute to the perception that it is Beijing—and no longer Washington—that is now setting the agenda and shaping the future regional order.”

And, according to FP, while other nations harbor concerns that the Taliban cares not about human rights, China could care less about how they treat Afghani citizens, namely women. They see that cozying up with the new rulers of Afghanistan is a geopolitical win at the expense of the U.S., And they perceive it as a potential cash cow, to boot.

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Bill on the Hill
11 months ago

Looking at the whole picture where Afghanistan is concerned, China clearly is the winner on this chessboard of players…China doesn’t give a whip about human rights abuses, hell they wrote the book on it! The Uyghur’s of China will be sacrificed as far as the Taliban are concerned…The Islamic Law of Sharia was in full effect the moment the Taliban raised their flag in Kabul…
None of this matters to the CCP of China, they have money & technology, probably stolen from us to help the new terrorist gov’t of Afghanistan. China gets what they wanted from the very beginning, worldwide prestige after the ( 20 ) year occupation of America through the CIA & the US military cut & run strategy & disrespecting the deaths of our men & women that fought & died for us in a foreign land, not forgetting our wounded soldiers, many missing limbs, sadly enough. They are the real heroes in all of this…The draped coffins returned to the states & a potus pre-occupied with his watch, more disrespect, to the very end… I feel for the families of those fallen soldiers…
It is paramount that this socialist insurgency that has captured our government with the full participation of both domestic players & foreign entities, be removed asap, if this does not happen soon, we may never get our nation back again. Our beloved US Constitution has been utterly & completely trampled on by this Democrat Party of Marxist zealots… Creating a Republic & holding onto it was a prophetic message left to us by our Founding Fathers it would seem…
God bless America,
Bill on the Hill… :~)

11 months ago

Thanks Bill, you’re on target.

Janice Kilbourn
11 months ago

Biden and etc are just puppets to China and just a step away from taking over the govt of USA. Old people and others can’t see this because being bought out with lobbyists.

11 months ago

Holy “obvious” batman……only a blind idiot would not have seen this coming! Of all the opponents to America, China has the will, means and gall to jump……and they will take advantage in every way possible…economics, strategic advantage, political power….after all they have a “plan”, unlike our present administration whose future view is only days into tomorrow. Wait a while and you will see Taiwan slip into oblivion. And the dominoes will fall, one by one, as we watch…..impotent to act.
Which may be the “plan” after all.

11 months ago

Really now – is anyone surprised?

11 months ago

I would say, the US is the first to court the terrorist regime via Biden

Tim Toroian
11 months ago

That’s China telling us to sit on a sharp stick.

John Esch
11 months ago

Of course China is dealing with the Taliban , they want the lithium from Afghanistan and might as get some of our abandon technology while their at it.

11 months ago

Senator Joe Biden pushed for Most Favored Nation status for Communist China in the 1990s even though it was a major human rights violator. Joe Biden is now the President of the United States. While I respect his office, I believe that it would be appropriate for others in our government, and in the media, to investigate President Biden’s, and his son Hunter’s, dealings with Communist China in the past. There seems to be little or no effort to conduct any serious investigation. Hunter Biden, and other Biden relatives, should be called to testify under oath. The fact that Communist China will be the recipient of some of what was left behind and will in all probability reverse engineer what they receive is frightening, but not surprising. The national media is not protecting our country’s freedoms. When members of the media protect the reputations of corrupt politicians and silence the free speech of people who speak out against those corrupt politicians they (the media) are destroying freedom of speech for many people in the United States. The authors of the Constitution are turning in their graves. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin truly believed that the media would protect us from corrupt politicians and eventual dictatorship. However, they are doing the exact opposite of what Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin intended. Communist Chinese troops will eventually invade the United States. I believe in prayer. The media lack moral courage. I pray that the media will start reporting truthfully and stop silencing the free speech of people with whom they disagree. God bless America. God bless us all.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
11 months ago

Maby China will Mynase them to death. Read yesterday China bought mout Hellmans Mayonaise out.mKyle L. Pass the Musterd.

J. Farley
11 months ago

All I can say is, didn’t that work out swell for Lying Biden, now his China Friends can get the terrorist to do their dirty work while they prop Biden up, as their Manchurian Candidate.
Waiting for the Boom !!

Old Silk
11 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

The Taliban might merely be a conduit.

John Bonds
11 months ago

As I am writing this China is arranging to ship to China one of every weapon and vehicle we left behind. They are experts in reverse engineering, you can’t buy a cheap lawn mower without a Honda clone Chinese motor. Within a year they will be producing copies of all our weapons.

Thomas Cooper
11 months ago

china has had a working relationship with the taliban all along
they have been harvesting the natural resources of afghanistan since the start
china has been an enemy nation supporting enemy nations against us for many decades
and they own your president and his whole family

Stephen Russell
11 months ago

China wants OUR mil tech
Rare ores
Ex bases

Bill on the Hill
11 months ago

Once again, China in the forefront of international news…What better way to stick it in the eye of America than to move right into Afghanistan & grab all those minerals in the process…Taiwan will be their next prize, because they now know the faux Biden administration has little to no appetite to confront them, besides, Sleepy Joe the gangster owes them bigtime…
China is deeply dependent on Australian iron ore too & I see the day Australia cuts them off because they are sick & tired of getting bullied by Beijing…China hit their wine industry with whopping tariffs, no problem, they found new buyers, problem solved…
China is looking to their immediate west now, i.e. Afghanistan, human rights, in particular women’s rights, matters not to the CCP of China, they will will coddle the Taliban out of their minerals, that takes care of the Australian situation where China is concerned, methinks…
China has a major foothold in Canada as well, according to the” experts, ” much more so than here in the states…Y’all think we got it bad, look north to Canada, i.e. owned & operated by the CCP…

Once again more distractions folks: Bring on the AZ audits, the False Flags are popping up all over the place now & it is all by design, not by JRB, he is close to stepping down at this point, all that is happening is by design by his handlers otherwise known as the ” Puppet Masters “… Think Susan Rice, Klain, Blinken & numerous others pushing forth their evil agendas…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

11 months ago

Somewhat reminds you of the Soviet Union just after WW II where they installed regimes in countries to create a buffer zone between the Motherland and her enemies.

11 months ago

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Betcha no one saw this coming!

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