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China Will Test Biden – Unless He Tests First

BidenFirst country to call President Trump was Taiwan. That was unprecedented. First likely to call Biden, if finally elected, is Beijing – saying good luck, check in mail, and give up Taiwan. China will test Biden, and whether they bought him through Hunter’s money.  If smart, Biden counterpunches early.

The big question is what Biden intends.  His team must be clear. They must say straight away, we aim to sell arms to Taiwan, as every president since Carter.  We will defend that free nation from any Communist takeover.  China, stand down. 

Arguments for defending Taiwan are countless, but one leads.  If Taiwan falls, so does much of Asia.  Germany’s 1938 annexation of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland, the Soviet takeover of Eastern Europe after WWII, and Russia’s unanswered 2014 attack on Crimea – tell volumes.  Appeasement leads nowhere good – ever.

When you appease, expect to bow, courtesy, excuse, and face more violence, widening chances for armed conflict – to include a World War, Cold War, and enduring threats.  Violent annexation – especially by China – can never get the nod.  If Biden allows movement this way, Taiwan is toast – and so is he.  Freedom will be at risk across Asia.

The right answer is to see ahead, issue a resolute answer before the question is asked.  With China threatening Taiwan, tailing US warships in the Strait, sabre rattling on arms sales, putting a red beam on Biden, he needs to move first – or his Secretaries do – to defend Taiwan. 

How?  First, use clear, responsible, strong words – no reservations.  Let the world know while Biden differs with Trump on many issues, defending Taiwan is not one.  They are an ally – and have one in us. We are staunchly at their side, have been since Reagan.  No light between us.

Second, add some hardware, anything, to the pending sales package.  Show we mean what we say, are not backing down, but stepping up for freedom.  Third, having sent 11 destroyers through the Taiwan Strait on Freedom of Navigation missions lately, showing waterways will not be usurped, send another in the first month – a clear sign: We are going nowhere.

Fourth, in a step closer for regional freedom, speak forcefully about Hong Kong’s freedom, against suppression of human rights.  Demand leading journalists, political activists, and peaceful leaders into custody by Communist China – get released.  Use their names.  Begin immediately. China will not forget.

Finally, while China wants relief from trade pressures imposed by Trump, be slow to let up on the pedal – or keep it down.  Bargain for rights of American workers, businesses, protection of intellectual property, human rights – all systematically trampled by Communist China.

In short, China will test Biden.  This is Biden’s chance – unlikely as finding courage may be – to prove his critics wrong, forcefully stand up to China, show he is not a bought man, and test China.  Appeasers look for weakness, then exploit it.  Biden cannot be weak, or he is finished.

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Peter K
8 months ago

This article is almost laughable. Biden stand up for America? You have got to be delusional or a committed Democrat zealot to believe that. Besides, aa Paul E mentions in his post, Biden will NOT be in charge of anything. Puppets rarely are. Get used to Obama, the weak and incompetent term #3.

Fred Noel
8 months ago

Mark Kelly has open financial ties to China and has a gun control advocacy group. How’d he get elected to the U.S. senate in Arizona? Fraud and more fraud and corruption in Arizona’s mail in balloting. They also stole the other senatorial seat in 2016 with fraud. China has been grooming Kelly ever since he was an astronaut with NASA!

8 months ago

Biden is a Hypocrite. He and his family are on the China payroll. The Biden’s have sold out America. He is not physically or mentally fit to be an American President as well. He will do whatever someone tells him to do. How he lasted 47 years in office without doing anything is beyond us. He has sold out America. Those involved with this phoney election must be prosecuted. We can’t stand by and let a traitor run our country.

Fred Noel
8 months ago

Who ever said Joe Biden was smart? Being corrupt doesn’t mean you are smart!

8 months ago

“If smart, Biden counterpunches early.” biden is NOT smart. He’s a stuttering moron. His communist handlers will be directing him at every turn.

8 months ago

I don’t think Biden has the backbone to stand up to China.

8 months ago

If any of you think Comrade Joe has a backbone or even a brain, think again. He’s already in China’s back pocket and if he’s allowed to take control of this country, we are all doomed!

8 months ago

Glad that you started a rather somber article with a bit of humor, “If smart, Biden counterpunches early.” Because we all know the answer to that and how easily the Biden family can be bought (rented?) the rest of the article, to me, was much like Charlie Brown’s teacher…

8 months ago

Joe Biden will not realy be doing anything. This actually is Obamas 3rd term, Obama and Soros are the ones pulling all the strings on the puppets.

David Lunt
8 months ago

Read UK’s failure to act, caused by pacifist elements in their government, as stated by Winston S. Churchill himself in “The Gathering Storm”.
p.36 the middle class had already been ruined;
p.71 the corrupt opinions of the press;
p.89 “Delight in smooth-sounding platitudes, refusal to face unpleasant facts, desire for popularity and electoral success…”, “…strong and violent pacifism which at this time dominated the labor Socialist Party, the utter devotion of the Liberals to sentiment apart from reality.”;
p.103 “… and that there is no public opinion except what is manufactured by those new and terrible engines broadcasting and controlled press.” Writing about Germany’s fate while surrounded by propaganda… USA ‘press’ 2020!;
p.111 “The pacifism of the labor and liberal parties was not affected even by the grave event of the German withdrawal from the League of Nations.”;
The writing is on the wall. History is about to repeat the takeover of Germany, by evil conspiring men, here in America.

Steven King
8 months ago

I see a “Beijing Biden” shirt coming in the mail soon.

Bob L.
8 months ago

Biden test Red China?
They have him by the crotch and if he were to even hint at a test, which he has no intention of doing, they would squeeze him hard.

8 months ago

Face the facts. Biden has no …spine. Almost put down something else. He is a wimp. He will do nothing to upset his little wagon. Don’t expect Biden to rush to aid Taiwan in any form. He will duck and cover and let the Chinese take Taiwan as well as rule the South China sea. Expect the US and China to come to blows soon.

8 months ago

Biden will continue to treat China like he has his whole life. Especially like his 8 years with Obama.

8 months ago

Biden doesn’t know where he is ½ the time… He’ll call them pony horse dogs or some nonsense

Rick J.
8 months ago

Biden sold his soul years ago. His election is a sham, Trump is the legit President.
Biden or civil war? I’d rather fight than let him assume the presidency. If Biden is allowed
to steal the presidency we won’t have a fair election again and all we hold dear will be lost!!!

8 months ago

I’m sorry, actually I’m not sorry accept for AMAC seemingly joining fake news in acknowledging Joe Biden even if it’s just settling in talking about HIS administration. I’m not going to legitimize Biden ever, even if he steals the White House. So I won’t be reading any articles about a ‘Biden Presidency.’

Linda King
8 months ago

biden will never be my president

Bill Prater
8 months ago

China owns Joebama, nothing he can do.

Brenda Blunt
8 months ago

Biden better come in throwing punches and not to succumb to China or any other country! He had better protect legal Americans first and foremost!!!!!!!!

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