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Chinese Communism’s Threat to Freedom


Communism – defined as centralized suppression of individual liberty, Marxist justification, class warfare, public ownership of property, compliance with a coercive the state – is a real threat. Americans think we are immune to radical turns. Anniversaries remind us, we are not.

History progresses slowly, sometimes backwards – moving sand of society, like a capricious wind or lazy tide, imperceptibly redistributing rights, sometimes emasculating them. Some shapes are agreeable, others ominous.  Communism’s creep on America – is ominous.

Fifty-one years after Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto was published in English (1848), the Socialist – eventually Communist – Party of the United States was founded (1901). Socialists gained until WWI (1914), when we rescued Europe (1917), rejecting the anti-freedom party.

But Communists, far-left Bolsheviks, swept to power in Russia in 1917, overthrowing the post-Czarist, democratic government. Russia would wait 70 years for freedom to return.

American President Ronald Reagan helped restore freedom. Having watched the Soviet Union rise, he facilitated its fall. All told, more than 20 million Russians died during Stalin’s regime.

Communism – alternately Socialism, Democratic-Socialism, Social Democratic Labor, Far Left, and Marxism – promises ease. It delivers hell. Anyone who lived under Soviet rule can tell.

Fast forward to 1949, when Communist China – through intimidation, power consolidation, violence, propaganda, and promises – captured the mainland, forcing the non-communist nationalists to Taiwan. Still, until 1971, Taiwan held China’s UN Security Council seat.

That year, the West indulged Communism as innocuous, unsustainable by repugnance to our values. Communist China pushed the West bent. Exactly 50 years ago, Communist China took Taiwan’s seat on the UN Security Council. The world yawned.

Instead of withholding American money – key to the UN, or creating a freedom-preserving alliance, we shrugged. The five-member Security Council got two Communist nations.

Wind the clock ahead. While Ronald Reagan and freedom-loving Russians ended the Soviet Union, Communist China advanced, bleeding America of technology, manipulating trade, modernizing their military, perfecting cyberwarfare, intimidating small nations, using their UN Security Council veto – to push for Chinese dominance.

Today, we face a new threat. Communist China – long determined to divide America, constantly using democratic openness to split their rival from within – is upping the ante.

Communist China seems to think they are at a tipping point. Using information warfare, high tech, social media, election-related misinformation, penetration of American universities, and influence inside the Democratic Party, they believe they are on the cusp of a major turn.

Let us hope not. But are US allies nervous? Yes, thus a public effort to get the United States to stand up to China. Australia sought to compel the US reaffirmation of security commitments, while Taiwan trumpets weekly increases in China’s aggression, subjugation of Hong Kong, minorities, and dissidents. Japan, meantime, is increasingly fearful, and smaller nations more so.

In the US, we see evidence that China is not just stealing, influencing younger Americans, seeking illegitimate advantage, but threatening elections with disaffection, dividing us.

Putting aside the Chinese-origin COVID virus – which may be akin to putting aside nuclear technology in WWII – one is struck by how quickly US political dialogue is shifting left.

The nub:  Communism, driven by Chinese information operations, Socialist political pressure, ignorance, naivete, and misplaced idealism, is patently dangerous. 

History is clear about the reality behind Communism, whether pushed by well-meaning, angry, resentful, or diabolical forces.  The road ends in a precipice, no exceptions.

For those who want to call China an exception, do not think of it. Ask tens of millions killed by this regime, hundreds of millions under suppression, no rights to tout, lights out. Only you cannot do that – as the first group is dead, second under constant surveillance.

Communism – centralized suppression, Marxist justification, class warfare, public ownership of property, loss of liberty – is a dead end. Anniversaries – like Taiwan’s loss of their UN Security Council seat – remind us. Sands of time shift. We must ensure they shift in the right direction.

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8 months ago

We have been fighting communism for many, many years. Hey, Reps, ya better get off your big butts and start fighting back now. Play the Dems game and just do it better.

Charles Nolan
8 months ago

There will be a nuclear war with China. The winner will shoot first. Our military must be ready to fire on threat.

8 months ago

I cannot believe how many “Americans” are either naive or just plain don’t care about the growing threat of China. And yet we continue to buy, buy, buy all things Chinese, afraid that we might have to forfeit that next electronic wonder that most don’t need anyway. I wonder if China attacked us directly would some people continue to support them? Americans are losing this great country and some are totally unaware. Just like the proverbial frog in the pot of water. So sad. America is still worth fighting for regardless in what form that might be. If anyone reading this thinks it’s all over, what’s the use in even voting anymore, then you deserve what will be coming down the road. Only God can save us but we can help by voicing our opinion whenever we see the evil raise it’s ugly head.

8 months ago

For those who coordinated the greatest crime in America last November 3rd, it’s hard evidence that they worked with the Communist government in China and possibly elsewhere. This was provided by the Complaint that Mike Lindell and team members developed in concert with various State Attorney Generals. This complaint will be filed in the SCOTUS very soon. If you are interested in reading this information for yourself, has it posted for download. I think it’s just over 80 pages, plus the various links for evidences.
To get prepared to give everyone the opportunity to examine the TRUTH AND EVIDENCE, please send the link to others who may be interested to learn and share.
We need God’s help and Revival in His Church, as this is now coming out for us to see.
Enough of the lies from media and political hacks that deny what they did. My opinion, it was treason against our country and should be treated as such.

John D
8 months ago

It never ceases to amaze me that supposedly intelligent, educated people in this country can be so blind to this threat? We’ve had such a long, undeterred peaceful and prosperous existence that they have no clue how to see the wolf in sheep’s clothing coming at them . . .

8 months ago

Biden’s the top puppeteer of CCP!!! The CCP has Daddy and son pedophiles under lock and key!!!

8 months ago

I fear the Progressively Communist Democrats MORE than Communist China!

Charles Nolan
8 months ago
Reply to  Rik

Follow travelers

8 months ago

Stupidity got them into the white house,stupidity will get us under chinas rule..

8 months ago

Perestroika in the 1980’s was not eliminating Communism in the Soviet Union it reconstructed it to appear more amicable. Same policies, same leadership, same control over goods, services and production. Something only different!

Stephen Russell
8 months ago

Been threat since 1950 & Korean War day 1

8 months ago

Very true Stephen, Had to shot at a lot of Chinese in the Korean War.

8 months ago

Use of 36 Chinese Stratagems:

Number 5: LOOT A BURNING HOUSE – When your opponents country is in political or social or economic turmoil, or its populace is being ravaged by disease of famine, that is the time to attack.

Number 9: OBSERVE THE FIRE ON A FAR SHORE – When allies/enemies are struggling against each other at some distance away from your home, do not be prematurely drawn in. Instead wait and watch. If you act only when those already involved are exhausted, you will be able to obtain your objective while expending only minimal effort and resources. (Example – Afghanistan)

Number 12: SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY TO LEAD AWAY A SHEEP – Even the best plan cannot provide certainty. The possibility for random chance to intervene is ever resent. While carrying out your plan, remain flexible enough to take advantage of any unforeseen opportunity that comes along. (Example – Afghanistan)

Number 19: STEAL FIREWOOD FROM UNDER THE POT – When faced with an enemy too powerful to attack directly, weaken him by undermining his source of power. Power generally comes from either money, material resources or manpower. If it money, make him incur expenses. If it is materials resources, disrupt his line of supply. If it is manpower, sow discord within his forces. (Examples – Obama/Biden policies, energy dependence, export of manufacturing facilities, WOKE indoctrination in the military)

Number 33: SOW DISCORD IN YOUR ENEMY’S CAMP – Undermine your enemy’s power by secretly causing discord among him and his friends, allies, advisors, family, commanders, soldiers, and populace. While he is preoccupied settling internal disputes, his ability to attack or defend is compromised. (Example – USA)

All China has to do is to sit back and wait, then advance at a time of their choosing, to complete its agenda with no interference.

8 months ago
Reply to  Max

We don’t have that much longer to wait, since it is obvious all most people are willing to do is sit back and wait. Aside from Reagan and Trump, most of our political leadership in Washington has not only ignored the problem, but they actively facilitated the China problem to begin with.

Bruce D Wood
8 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

I am afraid by the citizenry decides to fight back it will be too late. The constitution gives us the right to bear arms and remove an unruly from power yet why are we the people not doing it.

8 months ago

The ChiComs are the ruling masters of deception. The ChiComs unrestrained by political cycles, have patiently designed and bought themselves a network of key supporters throughout the western nations. The ChiComs have exploited the political freedoms enjoyed in the West. They have learned to expertly buy influence in political campaigns and during the western political cycles.
Hunter Biden, Mich McConnell should also be included in the same league where, The Spy Who Shagged Me Swalwell plays. The ChiCom’s methods of indirect influence have proven to be as effective with Members of Congress as their methods of direct influence.
Chinese Communism’s Threat to Freedom has taken hold and is be applied

George Washington's Admirer
8 months ago

Communists want to destroy our belief in God, Our Flag, Our Founding Fathers, Our Constitution, & Our Bill of Rights! We are seeing the dismantling of our values; and the very fabric of our society. It is NOT about advancing any group or sector. It is about the absolute destruction of everything we stand for! May we take the time to appreciate the sacrifice that President George Washington and President Thomas Jefferson made on our behalf! Our First President Washington and the Framer of Our Constitution ~ President Jefferson. We CANNOT let the Communists take away the memory of these GREAT MEN!

Tim Toroian
8 months ago

Just ahead of having Omarova as Comptroller! I’m also with PaulE

8 months ago


The best sentence in your article was “Communist China pushed the West bent.” That in a nutshell sums up so much of why we find ourselves in the current situation. The west has been bending over, for no good reason, under the ludicrous idea that if only we accommodated the CCP long enough and permitted them free and unfettered access to the world’s global markets, they would abandon communism and embrace western style governing principles. Decades of western arrogance and appeasement, by many of the world’s leaders, has indeed facilitated China’s rise from a starving, technologically backward country unable to even properly feed and care for its own people, to currently the 2nd most economically prosperous and militarily powerful nation on the planet. Thanks largely to sweetheart deals that moved much of the world’s manufacturing base from western nations to mainland China over the last 30 years. Transferring literally tens of trillions of dollars over that time frame from the economies of the western world to the CCP, to prop up and then greatly enhance their power and reach.

The CCP also took advantage of the West’s stupidity over this time frame to setup and operate networks of spy rings and paid operatives to steal whatever IP they could not openly obtain from the thousands of western businesses that would were desperate to gain access to China’s 1.4 billion person marketplace. All this has allowed the CCP to transform China into the critical lynch pin that controls much of the world’s economy and now threatens to expand its military presence throughout the world. Look no farther than the countries that have been taken in by China’s Belt and Road Initiative for the blueprint of how China gains control of both vital global resources, but also physical control of the various countries that accepted those too good to be true infrastructure deals and dollars.

As for Taiwan, we will likely see China take control of them before the end of Biden’s first term. His administration is clearly not up to the task of standing up to virtually anyone either diplomatically or militarily. Hong Kong has already fallen to the CCP under Biden’s watch without anything more than a brief, half-hearted speech. I expect little more than that once the Chinese Navy and Air Force start their campaign against Taiwan. At that point, China will control 60 percent of the entire world’s manufacturing capability for semiconductors. That will put them in a position to choke off both our national economy and our military, as well as the rest of the world’s, by denying the supply of vital components critical to both.

Yes, the sands of time do indeed shift and with that shift comes real change. My concern is we have ignored the direction and speed of those sands for far too long. We are at a critical point in time and frankly those currently leading our government are NOT up to the task.

Jim Jolly
8 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

I still think that the CCP created this virus to gain economic gain all over the world. They were trailing economically and now they are leading. It seems everyone is giving in to them and especially our current government.

8 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Don’t forget… (if memory serves me) in the late 90’s Bill Clinton sold the Chicoms missile guidance systems for a big donation to Hillary’s senate campaign coffers. Before that the Chicoms couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with their missiles. And the Chinaman who facilitated all this has disappeared.

8 months ago
Reply to  PaulE


8 months ago
Reply to  BossHoss

PaulE, great response. You are so right. Also, don’t forget that China pretty much owns Iran and North Korea. If we or any nation should decide to take on China, it will not go well. China is gaining more and more power every year. Anyone that does not consider China a threat is naive at best.

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