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Comey – The Leaker!

AMAC head calls for end of hearings

In unprecedented testimony before the Senate panel looking into the so-called Russian connection, former FBI director James Comey admitted leaking information to a friend to give it to the Press.

In an apparent act of retaliation for being fired by President Trump, he said the reason he leaked the information was to stimulate the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Comey offered no proof of President Trump obstructing justice, instead he testified the President never asked him to end the Russian investigation.

Interestingly, noted attorney and Law Professor Alan Dershowitz points out in a recent column that even if Trump had asked him- that our President has the constitutional authority to do so. In fact Dershowitz writes “…many Presidents – from Adams to Lincoln, to Roosevelt, to Kennedy, to Bush 1 and to Obama- have directed the Justice department with regard to investigations.The history is clear, the precedents are clear, the Constitutional structure is clear, and common sense is clear.”

At the same time while he attempted to justify leaking information on Trump, Comey admitted the meeting on the tarmac at the airport between his boss, Attorney General Lynch and former President Bill Clinton during the investigation of the Hillary Clinton emails, gave him a “queasy feeling”. He testified that Attorney General Lynch directed him to refer to the Clinton probe as a “matter” and not to use the word  “investigation”.

Comey failed to say why he didn’t see this meeting as a possible obstruction of justice, nor did he say why he didn’t feel the need to call for a special prosecutor in that case.

Today’s hearings prompted Dan Weber, president and CEO of AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, to call for an end of these hearings. “The House and Senate have had their hearings, now they should avoid wasting time on this matter and get to the more important issues, Health Care and Tax Reform.” Weber said. “There are still 28 million Americans without any health insurance and we have an excellent plan to solve the problems, but right now everyone is distracted.”

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4 years ago

Just proves that our President Donald Trump is certainly one astute man, quite capable of making decisions and responding appropriately to actions taken by others. He is most definitely a man to whom the mantle of Commander In Chief rests well. Looks like America finally has a leader who is alert and responsive and honestly takes control. Hallelujah

Doris Gosney
4 years ago

Build a bridge and get over it, no one has talked to anyone. Democrats don’t like change, don’t like the cleaning of the swamp, don’t like it because of the dismissal of Hillary. Get over it this is all waist of money and time. That is what it is all about. Get on with real life………

4 years ago

Mccain always looks like hes got a bag of nuts in his mouth. Haven’t been able to figure out who’s they belong to. My guess, either his or hillarys.

Rich K
4 years ago

Comey should be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law, end of story.

Patricia Wilson
4 years ago

Mr. Weber, I believe it is entirely possible for Congress to walk and chew at the same time. I am kind of hoping that one of these committees will help dry up the damn leaks.

Gary Ross
4 years ago

“Comey failed to say why he didn’t see this meeting as a possible obstruction of justice…” The truth is plane and simple. Comey is working for the liberals. I hope this Russia matter (definitely not an investigation) is put to rest real soon. You liberals are wasting our hard earned tax dollars on nothing, which is one of the reasons I’ll never believe a word a liberal says, nor shall I ever vote for one. The people that should be investigated are running free right now, but hopefully, not for long.

This liberal tactic is old news already, and you still think that calling someone a racist will get them to change their mind? My father was a master at deflecting bad attention away from himself. From his mouth: “A good defense is a strong offence”.

4 years ago

If I would have been in charge, I would have fired Comey long before President Trump removed him. Investigation or not. The investigation would not stop just because of removing the head person of an entity. This man has been a traitor to the United State Of America for a long time. He claims not to be very strong and is weak but I don’t buy that comment. He knew exactly what he was and has been doing for many years. It was not his first year as the FBI director and if my recollection is correct, wasn’t he an attorney at one time? He knew what laws he was breaking. He should be prosecuted for his actions against the United State as well as against the President. I do believe that if you start with him you will soon see the other dominoes fall.
The people of the United States need to quit blaming each other just because you disagree with the other peoples party. There are people in each party that are not working for this great country. We all need to ask God to protect the President, Vice President and to take care of those who are against Him. May President Trump keep working under God’s guidance for the betterment of this great country.

Paul McKeen
4 years ago

Comey is a Liar and the entire Hearing process is a waste of time and money. Comey is just another elitist “sore loser” who will do anything they can to try and smear or degrade President Trump. As spolitical scene.oon as this is over, another such ploy will occur. It’s time the American people woke up and saw what is really happening on the

jerry korum
4 years ago

Yes, let President Trump, get back to running the Country and stop the nonsense! Trump has good ideas and if allowed, he can continue to “DRAIN THE SWAMP” and make a significant difference in the USA for the better. we have 8 years of Obama trying to destroy America now let Trump fix it! he is smart, knows what to do and has the right people in place to support him and us Americans!

Deef Smith
4 years ago
Reply to  jerry korum

Now they want to bring Jeff Sessions in for talking to the Russian ambassador. Isn’t that a high ranking Senators job to talk to foreign diplomats?? I have never seen anything go so far with nothing . An incredible waste of time and money. This whole investigation is a scandal in itself!

4 years ago

The democrats want to distract us from all of the terrorists that live among us getting special favors ahead of Americans. The terrorists and their organizations have told us exactly what their plans are in order to dominate our country and have sharia law over our constitutional American rights!! Living in Anaheim, CA we have experienced their efforts to indoctrinate more people with permission of establishments. This mosque is less than 3 miles from Disneyland. This is our #1 concern. We also have a mentally defected governor who coddles illegals and couldn’t care less about what we need. Americans first is puzzling to him.

Randy Fox
4 years ago

Don’t forget how everyone had such confidence when comey was first appointed. The word was he was a good guy, straight shooter, no political allegiances, etc.
They said the same thing about about the newly appointed special investigator into the “russia probe”. Riiiiiiiiight!
Note he and comey are very good friends.

steven jacobs
4 years ago

No-WIDEN the investigation to include Clinton, the Podestas, Rice and Schumer. Fight fire with fire

4 years ago

Speaking of term limits, how do we get the ball rolling on this ??

4 years ago

Comey has committed treason and should be charged as such.

4 years ago

The socialists are shot down once again,GO TRUMP! Now let’s get some REAL work done.

4 years ago

It is pretty clear that Comey couldn’t handle pressure. He was wrong when he gave information to his friend so it could possibly do harm to President Trump. It was also clear that Comey was pro-Democrat and did what he could do to shame the Republican Party. He needs to go home and disappear from the spotlight. He handled the Clinton Investigation pretty shoddy and I am wondering if he had something to do with spreading information about Russia and the Trump Administration. He was pretty self conscious about himself and seemed to shy away from figuring out how to handle situations. Don’t know how he stayed in the position as long as he did.

Robert Jordan
4 years ago

I agree with Dan Weber’s appraisal of Washington politicians ending this charade. Get the expensive ineffective low performance, socialist health stature, obamacare, off our countries law books. Get on with President Trump’s complete simple tax reform package before the end of August or suffer the wrath of a loss of the Republican- controlled Senate and House. At least 3 out of 10 voters will vote to “primary defeat” any incumbents in the next three national elections with the anger being created by this “swamp.” We will Act.

Donald W Gillfillan
4 years ago

Paul Revere’s comment was exactly the point I was trying to make. The people being exposed so far are liberal George Soros ’employees’. Truth and politics are not synonymous. At the same time the party of the greatest lies seem to being exposed the most. Comey’s admission of being a leaker would never have come out without the hearing (probably). Swamp draining is a dirty filthy activity. In one sense the Democrats, who are pushing the hearings, have lost most of the arguments. Even the fact that they have found so little after all these hours of wasted ‘big game’ hunting is a slap in their face. If the truth truely sets you free, it seems freedom may still be attainable. We must seek the truth not just what we want to perseve as the truth. If it takes swamp draining hearings to do this, this may be the best money we spend from governement overdraft checking and better time spent than most any other activity. After all, every time another campus rally takes place another building gets set on fire. Only a good dose of truth exposes the loonies. The public is so stubborn they need to hear it over an over.
Gilly (again)

4 years ago

yes; it IS time to stop the smoke screens while the shadow government continues to work to over throw us!!! It IS a smoke screen to keep us distracted. It IS a waste of time for the electeds. It IS a waste of tax payer money, and it IS time to get to real issues that matter!!! The ones Comey oversaw before WERE REAL and ignored in the end~~~ just flat out TIME to stop the foolishness on the Hill in D.C.!!!

Anna Hohl
4 years ago

How is our President to cope with all of the people who wish him gone and hate him? In my 92yrs I have not seen so much vitriol
directed at someone legally put in office to guide this nation. Only God can save us now . I pray that he finds some of us worthy.

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