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Congressional Dems’ Own Polls Show Them Tanking

AMAC Exclusive by: Shane Harris


It looks as if Democrats just now realized there’s an election next year. After months of repeated appeals from pollsters, consultants, and former officials, Congressional Democrats finally appear to be hearing the warnings that their party and their message is not resonating with voters. But with the party still firmly in the grip of radical progressive politicians and donors, Democrats may have already sealed their fate for 2022.

According to a new poll commissioned by the party’s own campaign arm, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, Democrats are trailing Republicans by 6 points on a generic ballot among likely voters in swing districts. Those results, particularly on the economy, which 55% of respondents said they did not trust Democrats to handle, have rightly alarmed Congressional Democrats. One Democratic member was quoted as saying that the numbers looked “pretty dismal,” while Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) said bluntly “we’re not breaking through.”

But for many Democrats who bill themselves as moderates, the results of the poll are hardly surprising. In fact, they confirm what a number of longtime Democratic commentators have been saying for months about the perils of the ever-increasing leftward tilt of the Democratic Party.

Liberal pollster Stan Greenberg, for example, warned in May that data showed “Democrats are at risk of repeating 2020 if they do not prioritize defusing and neutralizing” Republican messaging on issues like crime, immigration, and the culture war. Greenberg also noted that GOP voters remained largely unified behind President Trump and that “Republicans are following the political theater much more closely than are Democrats.”

Bill Maher, host of Real Time with Bill Maher and a frequent outspoken critic of Republicans and President Trump, didn’t mince words when characterizing Democrats’ image issues following the 2020 election: “Democrats are the party of every hypersensitive social justice warrior woke bullshit story in the news.” Maher also hit Democrats for being weak on crime, saying that people voted for Trump “because your side [Democrats] thinks silence is violence and looting is not.”

Even David Shor, a self-described socialist and whiz kid pollster on the left, recognized the unsustainability of Democrats’ progressive messaging, saying that their “current electoral coalition is not consistent with wielding legislative power.” As AMAC Newsline reported earlier this year, Shor also warned that if Democrats don’t radically transform democracy with anti-democratic initiatives like H.R. 1, they “will almost certainly lose control of the federal government and not be in a position to pass laws again potentially for a decade.”

A rare moment of self-reflection also took place within the Democratic House caucus last November, with Majority Whip Jim Clyburn warning that Democrats are “not going to win” if they run on socialist policies again. Freshman Democrat Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania further urged his party to moderate, saying that policies like defunding the police “aren’t just unpopular, they’re completely unrealistic.”

Even before their disastrous House campaign in 2020, some voices within the party expressed concern about growing Democrat radicalism in a number of policy areas. During the 2020 Democratic primary, liberal journalist Albert Hunt advised Democrat primary voters to “KO Sanders” in order to “avoid November catastrophe.” Among other issues, Hunt cited Sanders’ proposals to “end private health insurance, impose big taxes, [and] ban all fracking,” as well as “his empathy for some left-wing dictators [and] changing positions on gun control and immigration” as a sure bet to sink Democrats’ chances in the general election.

Democratic primary voters apparently agreed with Hunt’s analysis, handing the nomination to Joe Biden instead. But, incredibly, soon after defeating Sanders precisely because he was a progressive, Biden released a “Biden-Sanders Progressive Unity Platform,” a clear sign of just how radical his administration would, and has, become – and how far supposedly “moderate” candidates like Biden feel they need to go to appease progressives.

Many Democrats have also privately expressed fears that the party indeed appears to be held hostage by a radical group of ultra-left members of Congress and their allies in the media who increasingly drive public policy. Evidence of this alliance was on full display just this past week, when Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-MO), a member of the so-called “Squad,” slept on the steps of the Capitol for three nights to “protest” the end of the eviction moratorium, which her party had wisely planned on allowing to expire. Instead, the media rallied around Bush, lionizing her cause and, amid outcry from a small but vocal minority, Biden defied the Supreme Court and extended the moratorium. So much for moderation.

Ultimately, anything can happen on Election Day next year. While paths for Democrats to keep their majorities may be slim, they are not nonexistent. If Republicans do retake Congress, it will likely be through continuing to highlight the radical direction of the Democratic Party and by targeting Democrats’ actual governing record, forcing them to defend their policies that have thus far been anything but moderate and have failed the country and its people.

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10 months ago

There are no moderate Democrats.

10 months ago

All that does not change the fact they are expert cheaters. They stuff ballot boxes, flood absentee ballots and change the results of electronic voting machines. They will stop at nothing in their cheating, they are the biggest defranchiers of all time. They did it once and will do it again.

Clark Kent
10 months ago
Reply to  Ralph

BINGO! WE HAVE A WINNAH! Somebody who ‘gets it’! Anyone in 2021 who believes the USA will be saved by voting is delusional! WAKE UP! Prepare NOW for the second American Revolution, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

10 months ago
Reply to  Clark Kent

I’m behind enemy lines in southern nj. But I completely agree. Unfortunately I fear second revolution is here and these anarchist/communist idiots are already winning territory.

Anyone feel like I frog in boiling water

10 months ago

Keep up the good work commie Dems, I keep praying that you go down!!!!

10 months ago

Ron White would say – “Can’t fix stupid”!!! The only thing that saves these idiot dems\libs is the fact that their are so many just as stupid as they are!!!

Mario Capparuccini
10 months ago

I never, ever vote for Democrats!!! However, I fear two things. 1. The Republicans will try to steer to the left (beware the RINOs) and 2. that the Democrats will steal the 2022 election. If we cannot have fair and free elections, then the republic is finished.

Clark Kent
10 months ago

We won’t have free and fair elections ever again. Thus the present republic is finished. Second American Revolution just around the bend…

Tulare Vava
10 months ago

The best thing that came out of Trump’s presidency is that the RINOs finally felt brave enough to show us their true faces. You would not believe the texts I get multiple times a day from the RNC. Insulting, condescending appeals for more dollars. I made a decision shortly after the election that: a. I would never vote for an establishment republican; b. I would never give one dime again to the RNC, when Trump finally came out with the two places to send my money..that’s where it went and c. Never take crap from my dim friends and family, they will get as good as they gave from me. Normal politeness does not work on them, hammer them with facts. Then when they get stupid, laugh in their faces. Whew my life feels better all ready.

10 months ago

A vote for a Democrat is a vote against America!

10 months ago

I am a dyed in the wool republican, and I would LOVE to take back the House and Senate in “22, but it is way too early to start counting our seats. There is a lot of hard work and campaigning to do. Don’t be fooled by democrat media, and almost all of it is.

Clark Kent
10 months ago
Reply to  wally

Not going to happen. Three words: UNCHECKED VOTER FRAUD.

Miranda DeGroot
10 months ago

But before they sink; it is sad to see that some republicans in the Senate are helping the Dems to get some cash $1.2T, The end result will be “cash for trash” because the Dems do not know how to use money wisely.

10 months ago

Another 2020 for Democrats? You mean 2010. 2 years back in power with gross overreach = 63 lost House seats.

10 months ago
Reply to  HueyLives

A party whose main supporters consist of ignorant grievance and entitlement mongering Negroes, anti American leftist Jews who control many of the venues that transmit culture in this country, gays, feminists, union thugs, people who oppose voter ID, immigration laws, gun ownership, fracking, religious freedom, defunding the police and more is not worthy of governing this country. The Democrats are vile, evil and morally bankrupt.

10 months ago
Reply to  fredwriter1961

Simply put the Democrat Party promotes “moral decay” in society!
A party of destruction!

10 months ago

While I don’t much trust polls of any kind, perhaps this will be one that really serves as a predictor of future outcomes. Pollsters are often party line pundits with an agenda….with skewed numbers and commentary that is designed to influence, not simply share numerical fact. Most polls are as useless at “you-know-whats” on a boar. But maybe this poll will cause for pause, but I doubt it. If you must, Trafalgar Group has a good record of polling……and they don’t much care who the poll slams or champions….they just tell it…..come what may. And their pretty accurate.

10 months ago

They’ll just start lying like the Devil (more than usual) to try and fool everyone into voting for them. Just like Pelosi the other day talking to the press and saying “I’m not so much into making college free. What about the families that don’t have a child in college or they don’t want to go to college?”. She’s said for years she wants to pay for it/cancel student debt but is now lying and saying she’s not for it.

10 months ago

If they “tank” and I hope they do, couldn’t happen to a better group of people.

10 months ago

Cash out the IRA before the tax rates triple. Spend the dough while it still buys something.

Clark Kent
10 months ago
Reply to  Marvin SAMMONS

Buy pew-pews and pew-pew food. Get on it.

Greg Daniels
10 months ago

Democrats may find out that, no matter how much free stuff they promise some people will still vote against them I’m a senior on Medicare and I’m just fine with paying for dental and eyecare myself.

10 months ago
Reply to  Greg Daniels

Not all of us are ready to exchange “the guns” and our cars with big engines for dentures and eyeglasses even if we’re toothless and blinding.

10 months ago

No way will the Dems lose. They have bought every vote in every interest group by giving them FREE STUFF and with no need to work! We are doomed!

10 months ago
Reply to  Rap

Not only that, the demon-communist-cRATS have perfected voter fraud.

10 months ago
Reply to  Centurion

Not quite so fast. Many people of all races are starting to wake up. The freedom wave is coming.

Clark Kent
10 months ago
Reply to  Rich

No; it is not. The Dumbocrats just stole a NATIONAL election with ZERO consequences. But thanks for playing.

Kathy Berg
10 months ago

You can’t vote in Republicans when the voting system itself is corrupt.

Capt B
10 months ago
Reply to  Kathy Berg

Please watch Frankspeech.com, mike Lindell is holding a cypher symposium Aug 10-12, putting $5 million of his own money up to anyone who can prove him wrong that China intentionally manipulated votes early morning 3 Nov for their paid and brought commie, corrupt Joe and family. Mole has the proof from Dominion voting machines. Mile has invited every senator, congressman and AG. Please push your representatives to attend this historic corrupt election proof.

Johnathan Galt
10 months ago

Any political party which considers the idea of balancing the budget “radical” is in fact dangerously radical.

10 months ago

American people need to wake up and realize if they don’t take back the Senate and Congress in the house our country is in trouble look at all the flare in the world China and Russia and all them charming up cuz I know we have a weak president and a weak government

10 months ago

Wickedness knows no bounds. Let’s stand up against them, but also pray for them. Such were some of us, before God changed us!!!

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