Contrary to What the Media Reports, Middle Class Americans are Surging

middle class surging money poverty policy migrants extortionBy nearly every measure today, we are living in a magnificent time for the American economy. There is a booming stock market fueling trillions of dollars of wealth gains, record low unemployment, 3 percent to 5 percent wage gains, and seven million unfilled jobs. So the recent headline for a CBS report seemed to strain all credulity when it declared, “Two years after Trump tax cuts, middle class Americans are falling behind.” Huh?

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Reprinted with permission from - The Hill - by Stephen Moore

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2 years ago

Surging? … Not if you live in the Socialist/Communist utopia of CaliMexico!!! This is the WORST STATE in America!!! Highest taxes, highest gas prices, highest housing rates, highest influx of Hispanic ILLEGALS, highest crimes by guns though we have the strictest gun control. Theses Hispanics are NOT Mexican Americans but American Mexicans here for ALL the FREEBIES, NOT SPEAKING ENGLISH UNLESS THEY HAVE TO!!! And let’s not forget that almost half the Homeless in America reside here and here in Orange County where I reside, 90% of the Homeless ARE CAUCASIANS!!! Nationally, these Progressively Communist Democrats believe you confront Evil with appeasement. Common Sense tells you that you ONLY EMBOLDEN EVIL THROUGH APPEASEMENT!! There’s a reason they have a Jackass for their Party’s mascot!

2 years ago
Reply to  Rik

Oh, and more of the Middle Class are leaving CaliMexico as more of the Homeless arrive! In Socialism, there are ONLY 2 CLASSES OF PEOPLE: Rich AND poor, and 95% of people ARE POOR! … Check the Socialist Utopia of Venezuela and oh, one more thing: there ARE NO PROFESSIONAL SPORTS IN SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST COUNTRIES!!! … I guess Lebron James could be a 6’9″ janitor in Venezuela!!! … especially since he ONLY has a high school diploma!

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