Real-Time Coronavirus Interactive Map

Recovered statistic is set to 0 by default as there is not yet a reputable source for this statistic. This will be updated once reliable data is obtained.

Updates on the number of Covid-19 cases, both in the United States and World Wide.

*Map and real-time data provided by Johns Hopkins University. Data sources include the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China, local media reports, local health departments, and the DXY, one of the world’s largest online communities for physicians, health care professionals, pharmacies and facilities..

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2 months ago

I find it interesting that Canada reports recoveries but I couldn’t find a place in the USA that reported any recoveries.

Hello There
4 months ago

Hello there

5 months ago

The Florida status says zero recovered. that is completely incorrect. we can assume that the number of case – deaths = how many have recovered. My mom, neighbors and many others have recovered just fine. my mom age 74 who is very healthy had only mild symptoms. with a rate of 99.9% or 99.8% recovery rate depending on where you live isn’t being shown on the status of Florida. to say 0 have recovered is error.

Mark Sobotka
5 months ago

Now that vaccines have started to be deployed can AMAC gives us data about the vaccine distribution? At a high level the # of doses released by the approved manufacturers to the US Government. Next level, the # of doses received by the US Government, the # of doses released to the states, and the # of doses held in reserve by purpose (2nd dose, spoilage, etc). 3rd level by state, the number of doses received from the US Government broken down by manufacturer, the # of doses administered broken down by manufacturer, # of doses held in reserve by purpose, % of population that has received 1st dose, 2nd dose, reach peak immunity, 4th level by county, # of doses received by manufacturer, # of doses administered by manufacturer and dosage stage (1st, 2nd), % of population that has received 1st dose, 2nd dose, reached peak immunity. Breakdown by priority groups showing # of doses and % of priority group by stage administered, # of doses spoiled, # of doses held in reserve.

I’m tired of the MSM cherry-picking their own headlines related to vaccine distribution. I feel the biggest issue at the moment is lack of vaccine in the pipeline, but there is some mismanagement of the allocations received that we the people can detect from this type of reporting that will let us apply fact based pressure to the right officials.

Mike Coons
6 months ago

Where is Alaska on this map?

Richard Benson Raborn
8 months ago

Follow YouTube on three podcasts TWiV, MedCram and Ivor Cummins for COVID information

2 months ago

I watched a long MedCram video today discussing two corona virus and correlation to vitamin D deficiency. The doctor interviewed was very informative.

Rexford Ames
9 months ago

I am very disappointed with the Medical / Political Bullies. They have had the medicine / pills readily available way back in March 2020 and still want to have Americans Suffer any and all indignation until their BUDDIES the Pharmaceutical Company(s) both big and small can gain a big profit for its shareholders. Hydroxychloroquine, has been touted as a aid in controlling this Pandemic and many of the Countries that really care for their people are using it and I might add, Successfully. So why all the Di what I tell you not what I do Crap. It’s simple.
CONTROL and seemingly a way to control the Voting which will come on November 3rd, 2020. Low and behold. We have a cure right after you vote the way we want, not what you want! SAcary isn’t it. Mail in your vote and trust the Secretary of State and his or her appointed director on the states voting process will be Neutral?
After all the crap. I am sure we, the Citizens of America trust our respective State Government Government to maintain their Integrity for the Voting Public.
Trust but verify? If you can? The issue: Is there a realiable system that you trust that confirm that your vote actually was marked as you wanted it?

Paula Murakami
11 days ago
Reply to  Rexford Ames

A well known doctor told my son to get this item on amazon .com he said it has Hydroxychloroquinemin it but does not state it. Sandhus makes it the bottle says ZINC Quercetin on it. It is the only natural product that has the hydroxychloroquine in it. it is kind of undercover my family takes it for last four months and none of us has gotten sick. The zinc also helps kill it. We are medically and herbalist trained.

Martin Bail
9 months ago

I live in Idaho where the “official” number of cases or probable cases accounts for less than 1.8% of our population and the “death rate” accounts for .019% of our population. Considering these numbers are being fudged like they are all over, the actual numbers are likely much less than that. Also consider that the CDC guidelines state that if someone has a cough, they are probable Covid-19 cases. Now also consider that Idaho was one of the least strict states when it comes to forcing people to stay home. I was at a large mall in Meridian, Idaho last weekend and it was crowded and a very relaxed atmosphere. Yes there were some people wearing masks and most people wore masks in doors (because required), but no one was freaking because someone else wasn’t wearing a mask and the police weren’t arresting people for it. So with the casual attitude here, our number of cases is turning out to be more like a light flu season. So be careful out there; if you have seasonal allergies you just might be intubated.

9 months ago

on the travel deals pages and resort pages there does not seem to be a word about covid travel concerns anywhere. Does the fact that the location even appears in their menu mean its been … vetted, checked, cleared… or is AMAC just offering what it offers and we have to do the legwork?

10 months ago

There are better resources for this data than the WHO.It’s disturbing to see the default for recovery set at 0.This is a misleading and useless map.

11 months ago

This country was founded on individual’s rights. The citizens of the United States have the right to decide for themselves. If you feel that you want to stay home because of the Wuhan virus, then stay home. If not, go out. The rest of the country can’t survive without an economy, elections, schools, retail stores etc. The unfortunate fact is that this virus is going to run it’s course regardless.
We have been allowing government to tell us what to do and demonstrated quite clearly that they are incompetent as with most things they get involved with. This country’s survival depends on our way of life being available to us all. You have the right to stay home.

11 months ago

After watching how numbers are coocked i don’t trust Any of these Organizations starting with WHO to local CDC and local public Health departments. All fake News
Newly WHO banned USA Citizen to Travel In the world I know for sure that this apply to all European countries This is but a retaliation to USA withdrawing It’s monetary contribution to WHO.

Last edited 11 months ago by Greta
Bryan Caspersen
1 year ago

Where is Illinois?

1 year ago

We need to move forward. Stay home if you like and shelter in forever. But for many …enough is enough…freedoms are little by little being taken away..power hungry politicians are having a field day picking at random.. rights to take away…it is government gone wild….police are in some places enforcing ridiculous and draconian executive orders infringing on civil and constitutional rights. Focus on those most vulnerable…provide care and protections where needed, enforce, and educate. But for a vast majority asymptomatic or negative..continue to educate, institute protections if and where needed and open up America….we are not meant to live in a bubble…alone..singular…without contact..without touch…with our faces covered…standing 6 feet away…going in one direction….not celebrating happy events as a group, children,adolescents,young adults not doing things together, afraid to go out, fearful………this lifestyle alone will harm and /or kill far more with depression,suicide,addiction,abuse,anxiety,and a multitude of other physical,socioeconomic,psychological and spiritual effects. It is a personal choice…to stay sheltered away indefinitely or ..get up, get going, get moving ,live free as it should be and take the risk. Of course being conscientious and respectful of others who do not feel this way and prefer to stay sheltered, masked ,untouchable and 6 feet away. Common sense and proper hygiene can go a long way. Think of the flu …do we respond to the flu the way we have done here…the flu has killed thousands of every age.

Artie Skeeter
1 year ago
Reply to  Lorie

I understand your point of view, but I don’t agree. This virus is a terribly contagious disease and has the potential to infect most of the citizens in the US in a very short time. These unusual measures are the only way to fight the virus since we don’t have any way to test who has it. People can be carriers and not even know it, and be infecting their work friends, family and people who come into contact with them. What we really need is a test that comes to everyone’s mailbox and then we would have the knowledge of who is a carrier. Then they could be the ones to stay home and the rest of us could carry on with our jobs and life in general. I think that we will soon see a bad consequence to opening up to soon. Hope not . . . . . Artie

3 months ago
Reply to  Artie Skeeter

I agree… it’s contagious. It’s also easily survivable. Herd immunity comes from people being exposed to the virus, getting sick, recovering and having lifetime immunity. Being isolated stops this natural process. The weather is warming up. Get outside in the middle of the day with as little clothing as you can. Let the sunshine hit your skin. The older we are, the less we convert subcutaneous cholesterol into Vitamin D, so supplement also. Studies around the world have shown a direct correlation between Vitamin D levels and survivability/mortality. Eat low carb to lower inflammation in your body. Take vitamin C. If you can’t get hydroxychloroquine, use zinc with Quercetin and/or green tea extract (EGCG). They both act as ionophores, which transport zinc across the cell membrane, into the cell where it can stop the replication of the virus. That is what hydroxychloroquine does. (,

Rexford Ames
9 months ago
Reply to  Lorie

Totally Agree. Has is ever occurred to anyone why the Medical Government of Arizona , has stored away hugh amount of Hydroxychloroquine and no one including it’s citizens cannot gain access to it. It hasn’t been outlawyed as it is an excellent drug for many other diseases and illness. mmmm

5 months ago
Reply to  Lorie

Well said !

1 year ago

Where is South Carolina?

Randy Matheny
1 year ago

Why are there zero recovered?

Martin Bail
9 months ago
Reply to  Randy Matheny

Why does the CDC consider a cough to be “probable” Covid-19? They came up with this during allergy season.

1 year ago

Why are we relying on numbers from The Who and the People’s Republic of China? I don’t trust either with giving us any reliably or true numbers.

Earl Hufnagel
1 year ago

I don’t see an orange dot anywhere in New York State.

monica griffin
1 year ago

We have no reputable source for recovered people? However, we trust a source for the “Active” cases? I doubt that is true.

Allan Brem
1 year ago

Not a convincing argument for a nationwide stay at home demand.

1 year ago
Reply to  Allan Brem

Not a convincing argument???? What exactly are the number of infected people and (deaths) would convince you? Over a million people in this country infected and over 70,000 deaths. Please enlighten everyone as to your numbers.

5 months ago
Reply to  Rich

it depends on where we all live. In my area we have only about 50 cases and 0 deaths. the nearest town/city has about 11,000 cases and about 80 deaths. most of the deaths were the elderly or those with pre-existing health issues and complications, most of them died with Covid not from Covid. only about 5% of the deaths were died from covid.
to shut down a whole nation is crazy. China didn’t shut down the whole country. They only shut down Wuhan and no one from other parts of China could enter or leave Wuhan. however China did allow those that didn’t look sick to travel out of Wuhan to other parts of the World and these asymptotic spreaders are the ones who have created a world wide pandemic.

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