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Creating a DIY Reading Nook

readingInterior designers work with architects and builders to create floor plans and oversee project specifications within a home. Hired for their talent and great taste, they help clients choose design elements from architectural elements to wall colors. But did you know that they are also experts at space planning? They are full of creative ways to give purpose to unused areas of the home, such as an empty bedroom, a small corner alcove, a neglected space under a window, or the area beneath a stairway while staying within their client’s budget. Recently, reading nooks have grown in popularity. The good news is that anyone can create a special designated area of the home to curl up and read a good book, and it may be easier than one imagines.

    • Tips to creating a DIY reading nook:

      • Find an off the beaten path place of the house that is underused. In a small home, a closet can be converted into a reading nook by removing the doors.
      • Consider painting the walls or wallpapering the area of your nook. Not only will this help to refresh the walls, but it will also define your space by incorporating your personality into the design.
      • If your nook is below a window, a window treatment may be desired to block out unpleasant views, such as a neighbor’s trash can or parked cars. Window treatments can also help control light coming in and reduce drafts. If required, select window dressings that complement your décor, such as wooden shutters, bamboo or fabric blinds, or floor-length curtains.
      • If built-in seating is not available, measure your space and add an appropriate size bench, oversized bean bag chair, a comfy chaise, or a simple armchair to serve as your seating area. A footstool may also be desired for leg comfort.
      • Good lighting is essential to reading areas. Consider installing custom lights. If that is not an option, a plug-in floor lamp, reading lamp, or a small portable reading light can work well.
      • Consider using a group of nesting tables for your reading lamp, eyeglasses, favorite teacup, or glass of wine, etc.
      • Stain wooden crates a complementary color and stack them to hold your collection of books.
      • Add accessories to personalize your space, such as artwork, throw rugs, soft pillows, blankets, plants or cut flowers, family photos, etc.
      • If you feel your reading space is too exposed, consider buying a canopy to drape from the ceiling. In addition to being easy to hang, they not only offer privacy, but they can also add charm and drama to your nook.
      • If your space is drafty, consider bringing in a small portable electric fireplace for warmth. If it is too warm, consider adding a fan or air conditioning unit to your space.

The main aim is to create a comfortable place to recline, read, and escape the world’s demands. It is not necessary to break the bank for this project, so be resourceful and repurpose items you already own. Or shop thrift stores and check out neighborhood websites where buyers swap items, sell them at discounted prices or offer them for free. When creating your reading space, remember that there is no limit to your imagination.

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