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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Cruise Local

By: Alexa Paolella


The joy of exploring your own backyard has taken on new meaning over the past year. Domestic travel here in the USA is more appealing than ever, and overnight cruising along US riverboats and cruise ships is growing tremendously each year, and the small ships available today are modern, elegant, and spacious offering 100 percent private balcony accommodations and more than three times the square footage per passenger on board as large cruise ships.

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1 month ago

Just got off of an Alaskan Cruise on RC… My advice… wait til the ‘Wuhan/Mask/Distancing’ Weirdness ends… They tried they’re best to make it ‘normal’, but elevator limits, buffet regulations, waits for seating (unless you were NOT Vaxed BTW), portions of the ship off limits to some, make this traveler want to just say ‘I’ll wait til REAL normal returns… and if It does not…. I’ll save lots of money “

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