Dan Weber Delivers Speech at Values Voter Summit 2017

Washington, DC– At the 2017 Values Voter Summit, AMAC’s founder and president Dan Weber delivered an address emphasizing the importance of conservative voices. A strong proponent of traditional values and conservative philosophy, Weber spoke about fighting runaway taxes, holding elected officials accountable, scaling back the excessive government involvement in the everyday lives of Americans, and our nation’s critical need for accountability at all levels of government.

Concerned for America’s future, Weber also spoke about the significance of religious liberty in our nation today. When he created AMAC, Weber founded his organization on Christian values, as these values had played a major role not only in his own upbringing, but in the formation of the United States as well. Weber proposes that Christian values and biblical principles must take their rightful place at the forefront of American society, rather than relegated to the cultural periphery. The public square has submitted to the forces of secularism, rather than embracing the Christian principles this nation was built upon. Weber believes that we can change this by continuing the fight for religious liberty in America—after all, the two most valuable documents in our country’s foundation are the US Constitution and the Bible.

Weber has always focused on advancing solutions rather than rhetoric, believing that conservative principles and traditional values should remain at the core of American society and are the key to rebuilding this great nation. As AMAC’s conservative philosophy and member-driven initiatives continue to gain traction in Washington, Dan Weber’s message rings loud and clear: we must continue to make conservative voices heard in America. Together, we can make a difference and redirect our nation’s future.

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5 years ago

If AMAC would put into action what his speech proposes then that would be a good thing. However, if you look at AMAC’s suggested solutions on this website, especially on healthcare insurance, you can see that is just the opposite. AMAC’s solution for healthcare reform is just tweaking Obamacare but not really getting rid of it which is the same as the liberal Republicans have proposed. Obamacare needs to be repealed in its entirety and not replaced with something just like it.

There was nothing wrong with healthcare insurance PRIOR to Obamacare. It needed a little tweaking to address the uninsured & pre-existing illnesses but other than that we HAD the best healthcare insurance coverage in the world in my opinion. People were able to go to get the healthcare they needed without having to meet outlandish deductibles if what they needed was beyond their primary care physician to handle. The roll of the federal government in our healthcare insurance should be to set “guidelines” and then oversee they are not abused. It is not to “control” our healthcare.

If emergency room service is being abused by using it as primary care during hours when another medical care facilities are available (this was one of the arguments being used as to why healthcare system needed to be overhauled then address those who do so but don’t punish everyone because of those who do.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) are good for those who want them & can afford them (voluntary). The federal government funding them is just a replacement for the subsidies under Obamacare and adds to the deficit.

Maybe AMAC should pay attention to suggestions of their members & present some of them to their congressional contacts.

That’s my opinion & I’m sticking with it until I see AMAC is not doing the same things as AARP. I originally joined AMAC because I thought they would be different. Granted Mr Weber is more conservative but his organization is not really any different than AARP in that it echoes the establishment Republicans the same way AARP echoed the socialists/Democrats.

5 years ago

Mam, you sure see a different dan weber than I do.

5 years ago

Congratulations to you, Mr. Dan Weber, AMAC founder and CEO. I watched your address online. More than awesome! Mr. Weber, you not only addressed the problems, but you had solutions, sometimes more than one option. No one came close to your comprehensive address. Scope and sequence were easy to follow. ( I quit AARP over ten years ago and when I heard about AMAC, I joined immediately and never have had cause to regret).Thanks, Mr. Weber for your massive assistance to MAGA.

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