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AMAC Delegate Conference – A Huge Success

By – Caroline Rayburn

On January 18, 19 and 20, AMAC hosted its inaugural Delegate Conference in The Villages, Florida. The Delegate Program – AMAC’s flagship grassroots organization – is the driving force behind AMAC’s advocacy efforts throughout the country. Delegates are charged with representing AMAC at the congressional district level, and they are asked to meet regularly with elected government leaders and other politically active groups. Since its founding just two years ago, the program has expanded rapidly and has recently risen to a new level of personal dedication and political involvement.



Several AMAC Delegates taking a carriage ride following lunch at the Grand Oaks Museum

AMAC was thrilled that more than 50 Delegates chose to travel to the Sunshine State to participate in a number of instructional seminars facilitated by AMAC leaders. With many spouses also making the trip, AMAC welcomed nearly 100 of its most enthusiastic members for a special educational training event.

Kicking off the MLK weekend with a cocktail reception on Sunday evening, AMAC Delegates representing 25 different states had an opportunity to meet one another and share their various experiences as Delegates in their respective districts. Throughout the evening, a common bond began to form as Delegates sensed the strong commitment to conservative principles and American values that resonated within the group.


Dan presenting the Social Security Guarantee

AMAC President Dan Weber likened the purpose of the Delegate Conference to that of the Founding Fathers who convened in Philadelphia in 1775 for the Second Continental Congress. The Founding Fathers were paving a path for American independence, and AMAC Delegates were gathering to preserve that freedom and to get the country back on the right track.


Lunch at the Grand Oaks Museum – Gerry Hafer presented about the AMAC Foundation

Over the course of the conference, Delegates were exposed to a number of seminars aimed to better equip them for carrying out their duties in their congressional districts. AMAC Delegates received a legislative update from Washington, D.C., learned the ins-and-outs of AMAC’s Social Security Guarantee proposal, considered the most effective strategies for influencing elected leaders, garnered more information about AMAC’s robust member benefits and discounts, and even managed to have a little fun on the side.

The highlight of the conference came near the end of a lively sit-down dinner on Monday evening, when Anthony R. Dolan was invited to deliver the keynote address. Mr. Dolan is a distinguished writer, having won a Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism, and is most notably known as President Ronald Reagan’s chief speech- writer. Mr. Dolan’s address gave AMAC Delegates a special up close and personal glimpse into the Reagan White House and Reagan’s unique ability to bring people together to benefit the greater good.

The AMAC Delegate Conference served as a starting point from which AMAC hopes to launch an even stronger and more effective grassroots advocacy presence. AMAC is blessed to have so many knowledgeable, liberty-minded individuals representing the organization throughout the country. AMAC looks forward to building this program in the coming months and years and to expanding upon the great work the Delegates are doing in their districts!


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