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DeMint: We Saw Obamacare’s Effects Coming

Obamacare isn’t working very well so far—and Heritage President Jim DeMint says it’s no surprise.

On “Your World with Neil Cavuto” this past week, DeMint recalled actually reading the law before it was passed:

All of us who read the bill—what parts of it we could get when they were trying to pass it—knew this was going to happen. We knew it would cost hundreds of billions of dollars more for the government; it would cost individuals and families more; it would replace private-sector insurance—like you said, creating a government monopoly that will eventually push private insurers out. We’ll all end up on Medicaid.

And how will we pay for all that new spending? Obama is talking about cuts to Social Security and Medicare to pay for Obamacare, DeMint says.

Watch the clip to hear more about Obamacare adding to the deficit, patients having difficulty finding doctors, and the drive to repeal the health care law.

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8 years ago

Well, people are consistently blind to the truth. They can’t recognize it when it is right in front of them. I know people voting strictly party and not looking into the issue or who is representing them (party wise) Worse yet, they vote on commercial bites , or they rely on kids listening to liberal MTV etc. , or attending fanatical liberal schools. Very sad indeed. Where are the people that have integrity, wisdom, morals, honesty and pride? Who cares about Americans more than they do personal gain ? Greed is ugly. Lots of ugly people out there anymore.Thank you for posting the article and for the comments on here. God bless America.

8 years ago
Reply to  Cindy

I do not support Obama or any of this administrations dictations.I did not specify, Thanks

Verle Williams
8 years ago

I think we have to be missing something if we think this guy is out to HELP anyone except himself. It really puzzles me how so many smart people are so easily blinded by “free” things. I pray we wake up while we still have a country in which we can live reasonably free from such power hungry people at the top. Help us all by stepping up to the plate and admitting that there is “no free lunch” except for the one doing all the talking. He’s getting lots of things free, including more vacations than anyone has ever seen in their life-time, let alone a year! Obamacare is a sick joke.

Carol Dixon Klein
8 years ago

There are no other fields available on this screen. You just don’t want the comment about God, right?

Carol Dixon Klein
8 years ago

Dear Friends, We knew this from the start…all we hear from the News is what we already kinew…except maybe worse. The most important part that is left out is GOD. We ALL have to begin waking up to the fact that the human being is a bit limited to say the least. He was created by the Creator, and he should learn to act in His Will. There will be no permanemt peace, no permanent solutions to our problems without Him; the sooner we realize it and do something about it the better. We have tried everything else. Why not give it a try?

8 years ago

Those who believe that Obamacare can be fixed with some tweaking are delusional. The ONLY purpose of Obamacare is to totally eliminate the private market from the provision of health-care in this country. Obamacare is massive and virtually incomprehensible because the government needs chaos (and ever increasing costs) in the health-care system in order to take total control. Mr. DeMInt is correct, the plan needs to be totally elininated. The free market is the only salvation for the heath-care system in this country. The free-market is the only salvation for this country PERIOD.

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