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Democrats Channel King George III with Election “Reform” Schemes

AMAC Exclusive Aaron Kliegman


Conservatives have rightly criticized Democrat attempts to federalize elections as nothing more than a thinly veiled effort to secure liberal majorities in all future elections. But more than just undermining election integrity, the left’s “voting reforms” would fundamentally corrupt the American constitutional order, harkening back to an era of corruption in the British government that helped spark the movement for independence in this country.

The fight against HR 1, the Democrats’ flagship election reform bill, as well as various other leftist attempts to usurp the power of states to conduct their own elections, is a constitutional matter that strikes at the heart of our system. The Framers of the Constitution wisely feared that Congress would scheme to control presidential elections, which is why, according to South Carolina’s Charles Pinckney, a delegate who signed the Constitution, “great care was used to provide for the election of the president of the United States independently of Congress; to take the business as far as possible out of their hands.” Congress, he added, “had no right to meddle with it at all.”                                  

Hence the Constitution gives state legislatures the power to determine how the President is chosen and how to conduct their own elections. In other words, Nancy Pelosi and her allies in Congress have no right to determine election procedures in every precinct across America.

Indeed, the Founders had a term for what the Democrats are currently trying to do to our elections: corruption. By “corruption” they meant something much deeper than the dictionary definition of simple dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically to enrich themselves — although that applies here as well.

As scholar Gordon Wood explains in the Creation of the American Republic, when the Founders spoke of corruption in England before the revolution, they meant “a pervasive corruption, not only dissolving the original political principles by which the constitution was balanced, but, more alarming, sapping the very spirit of the people by which the constitution was ultimately sustained.”

In centuries past, to quote Founding Father John Dickinson, no people had ever been “so constantly watchful of their liberty, and so successful in their struggles for it, as the English.” Or, as Thomas Jefferson explained, the English fought to restore “that ancient constitution, of which our ancestors had been defrauded” of freedom and representative institutions. Like today’s Republican Party, the British initially instituted safeguards against corruption.

By the 1770s, however, to quote Gordon Wood, “the metaphors describing England’s course were all despairing … Internal decay was the most common image. A poison had entered the nation and was turning the people and the government into ‘one mass of corruption.’” On the eve of the Revolution, the colonists believed England was “sunk in corruption.”

What changed? The Founders despaired as King George III tore up the British constitution — not by circumventing the law, but through the force of law (as Democrats are doing now with election reforms), unbalancing England’s separation of powers and checks and balances. As the Americans concluded, “The ancient form is preserved, but the spirit of the constitution is evaporated.”

We risk a similar development in America today if the Democrats can corrupt our constitutional system as the British Crown did to the English system.

One of the chief threats to our constitutional order is HR 1, alternatively known in the Senate as S1, the Democrats’ wish list of election reforms. Deceptively titled the “For the People Act,” this bill would undermine the constitutionally granted power of the states to conduct their own elections by compelling state and local election boards to abide by rules set by the federal government. These rules would not only destroy the integrity of elections but also eviscerate the balance of power between states and the national government outlined in the Constitution — leading to the type of corruption that Wood describes.

The bill, which passed the House in March, would end state voter ID requirements and mandate same-day voter registration. This means the federal government would force states to allow anyone who shows up on Election Day, registered or not, to vote as long as they sign a form saying they are who they say they are.

HR 1 would also compel states to legalize ballot harvesting, which allows third parties (read: partisan political operatives) to collect voters’ absentee ballots and bring them to polling stations, require states to allow online voter registration, and prevent states from cleaning up and maintaining the accuracy of their voter rolls, which are often full of ineligible voters.

Not to mention Democrats want to force states to allow felons to vote after they’re released from jail, despite the 14th Amendment giving this power to states, and to hand over the redrawing of congressional districts to unaccountable government commissions — also another power granted to the states under the Constitution.

One could go on, but the point is clear: States, and therefore voters, would have no power to ensure the integrity of their own elections, or even to control how they are conducted. Under HR 1, they would be forced to submit to new federal rules that invite electoral cheating and irregularities.

All this clearly goes against the spirit — and in some cases the letter — of the Constitution, corrupting a system that grants the states most tasks of government to prevent too much power from being centralized in Washington, DC. The left’s election reforms would also give Congress unprecedented power over the electoral process, subjecting our sacred separation of powers and checks and balances to the whims of whichever political party happens to hold a majority.

In short, criticisms of the Democrats’ election reform agenda are hardly partisan and are, as the historical record shows, thoroughly American. In fact, Republican opposition to what the Democrats are now up to has a rich pedigree rooted in the foundational American understanding of the dangers of concentrated power and institutional corruption.

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1 year ago

So the immoral, corrupt, dishonest democrats screwed Citizens again, with ONLY useless democrats supporting it,taxpayers $$$ will now once again be used to kill babies.
Dont the minorities who vote for these lying losers realize that they are the highest percentage of this genocide??
The party of racism,hate,divisiveness ,corruption and greed……..you guessed it
the democrat party!!!!

Steve Ott
1 year ago

Just for arguments sake, let’s say the Democrats are going too far. But, let’s look at what some of the state legislatures are passing. Some have passed laws giving the legislature the power to overturn the peoples will and give the election to whomever they wish.
Are you fine with that type of law?
If so, you are more in line with Putin.

1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Ott

That’s not true. Georgia originally had that in the legislation and they removed it. Name what other states have this. Stop lying.

1 year ago

“Democrats Channel King George…”I clicked on this thinking it was going to be about Fentanyl Floyd

1 year ago

We should not be surprised. Not because it is Democrats pursuing this dangerous course but because the founders also understood that human nature would lead to just this sort of thing, which is why they feared and opposed “factions,” or today’s political parties, though that was naive, as Madison understood and so crafted the Constitution as he did. Shakspeare showed best how mankind lusts after power and the corruption it leads to and we are witnessing a grand drama revolving around the pursuit of it. Unfortunately Democrats are likely to win this battle because they are commited to the cause and to the method of both gaining singular power and retaining it. Such focus and commitment has shown in other places, though places usually with far greater inequality and a small middle classs with a history of corruption, that it will result in victory, allowing whoever becomes the standard bearer for the party seeking it (although it is usually the standard bearer who creates the party or forcefully takes control of it) to use the train of democracy to get off at a stop where it no longer continues to exist in any real way. Whether it’s 2022 or 2024 or some future date we can be all but certain that given the first opportunity Democrats will eliminate the filibuster, take over election and labor laws from the states (remember they also want to eliminate all right to work laws), pack the courts, declare DC as a state and move without hesitation toward a one-party state. When Pelosi lost the House in 2010 over Obamacare she said when asked that is was “worth it.” Democrats are playing a long game. They have a socialist vision that has gone beyond Bernie and AOC. There are just two sort of moderates left among them and everyone else is on board, with others identified as moderates suggesting they are for bipartisanship and not fully supportive of the agenda but willing to go along to get along anyway. We’re in for a long battle, but the victor in the war, with the backing of the federal bureaucracy, the media, academia and corporate America, looks likely to be Democrats. The losers will be the American people.

1 year ago

What do you expect from people who are so drunk with power and determined to rewrite actual historic facts into their version? They’re so full of their version of “reality” that they can’t see anything else. Notice that all the liberal Supreme Court Judges and any other liberal judges seem to think that they can’t leave their post and have to die to leave rather than develop a younger replacement because they can’t trust anyone. They may think that they are safe behind their walled enclaves, but reality beats out their “truth” any day. Karma will take very good care of them, plus the internet never erases itself, in case they have memory lapses.

1 year ago

Anti-White liberals and respectable conservatives that support massive third-world immigration and FORCED assimilation for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries say that they are anti-racist, but their policies will lead to a world with no White people i.e White Genocide.
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

1 year ago

The Democrat Liberal, socialist, communist Party are much like a pack of wild dogs at a blood feast, willing to destroy the whole world for POWER and Control so they can kill as many people as possible who do not accept their ways. If the HR1 ever comes to be there will be a war in American like that has ever been seen before. Millions of Americans still have weapons to fight with and the sissies wanting the power are scared to death they will be killed in the first battles for the Republic. I hope this does not happen but the Liberals of the left keep pushing they shall get it. Many Americans are tired of all the BS coming from the politicians in DC.

John von Lange
1 year ago

Excellent article! It explains with great clarity that which the left, with the help of a corrupt media are trying to do to the USA!

Todd Wagner
1 year ago

The corrupt DC politicians stole the 2020 elections, so the question remains do they really control three houses of our government? The Supreme Court along with many other federal and state courts have failed we the people. We need to ratchet up the pressure on all elected officials. The Republican representation we do have needs to grow some, there are women in office that have more than our weak kneed men.

Gail Tubbs
1 year ago
Reply to  Todd Wagner

You are right, Todd. So we need to get rid of the RINOs.

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