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Democrats’ Crisis: White, Woke Elites Have Alienated Everyone

AMAC Exclusive- By Daniel Roman


Now falls the winter of Democrats’ discontent. Supply chains are broken. If the empty shelves as Christmas approaches don’t ruin the holidays, fear over the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 might do the trick – at least in Democratic states where the usual suspects are already calling for renewed restrictions. At least another COVID-induced economic slowdown might halt the inexorable rise of gas prices. For Democrats who believed that losing Virginia and almost losing New Jersey on November 3 was rock bottom, the last four weeks must have raised the question, “How much worse can it get?” The answer is worse. Much worse.

The Democrats and the American Left are fighting something more powerful than merely issues, events, or a resurgent Republican Party. The trouble is something more general; two things, in fact.

First, Democrats are fighting a widespread feeling of exhaustion among Americans. Not merely with COVID, but with the political and cultural warfare of the past decade. Those conflicts predated Donald Trump. From the left, there has been a concerted effort to make everything political, from media and education to workplaces, sports, and even language.

Backlash against this effort helped elect Donald Trump in 2016, just as desire for a break from this conflict hurt Donald Trump in 2020. Some voters thought if they just took away the target of the left’s aggression, the fighting would end. But the culture wars didn’t end. They got worse.

And here lies the true “feeling” Democrats are fighting against—the second big problem for the Democrats. Americans of all stripes increasingly blame a specific demographic for the divisions in American society: college-educated, liberal “woke” whites. This is the cultural clique of elite liberal arts college graduates that takes pride in showing how little they care about the practical challenges facing everyday Americans. And unfortunately for Democrats, Americans correctly associate this group with the Democratic Party.        

The Democrat association with college-educated white voters has been a long time coming. Some Democrats celebrated the trend of these voters moving toward Democrats as early as Obama’s first run in 2008. Democrats trumpeted their gains with white college grads among Romney-Clinton-Biden voters in 2018 and 2020. The 2020 results, however, also showed exactly how bad the “trade” was for Democrats when they abandoned working-class and rural voters in the electoral college in exchange for college educated whites. But ultimately the real problem for Democrats is that, in allowing college educated whites to dominate the party, they have created an intellectual climate that is out of touch with everyone else—way out of touch.

The unifying cultural feature of the American elite since the 1980s has been a pride in seeing themselves as able to look beyond such petty concerns as employment, roads, and public safety in favor of “big picture issues.” The very concept of Liberal Arts education, where you study a bit of everything rather than specializing in any one field, is to create the impression (and given the state of today’s higher education, it is only an impression) that one has well-informed views on everything. Universities are money-making entities and one way they have justified their increasingly absurd fees is by embracing this idea. Hence, universities want students to care about climate change, Palestine, colonialism, racial inequality, and the very concept of gender itself, because caring about those issues demonstrates that they can afford to not care about housing, or food, or work, or crime. (If you doubt this, ask any student at an elite university what kind of career counseling they are getting. The answer is none.) Caring about these “meta-causes” instead of practical concerns became a class signifier core to the identity of a generation. And that carried over into politics.

During the 1990s and 2000s, this manifested in different ways in both parties. The Democratic elite would obsess over climate change, or global inequality, or same-sex marriage. These issues might not have broad appeal, but they were opposed by a Republican elite which concluded that it was their divine duty to act as the world’s policeman. The Neoconservatism of the Bush/McCain GOP saw concerns about which politicians governed Iraq or Afghanistan or Lebanon, and tiny border disputes in the Caucuses, as more important than the loss of U.S. jobs to China or mass illegal immigration. This elite culture was nearly as toxic as the left’s. Neither party’s establishment figures spoke to what voters were concerned with. That is why Donald Trump won in 2016.

Donald Trump’s victory largely unified both sides of the American elite—Republican and Democrat—in opposition to him. While Democrats reveled in their newfound support among wealthy suburbanites and former Republican elites like Jennifer Rubin and the Lincoln Project founders, the actual impact on the intellectual health of the Democrat Party and elite culture was poisonous. The unification of the American college-educated elite under the auspices of the Democrat Party was conducted in a manner which merged the obsession of both neoconservatives and woke liberals into a set of conspiracy theories. Russiagate allowed neoconservatives to continue their obsession with foreign enemies everywhere and their belief that ending any wars could only be motivated by treason. For liberals, the obsession with January 6th allowed them to believe their domestic culture war against those who weren’t like them was a struggle to defend democracy itself, and more important than concerns about jobs, the economy, or bread-and-butter issues. The commonality between both camps of elites was that, just as they learned in college, both took pride in caring about their “big issues” and not about the lesser bread-and-butter concerns of the average American voter.

On COVID restrictions, they fell easily into this trap. Wearing masks was an easy sacrifice for them, as was remote education. Just as being able to care about climate change at college rather than paychecks was a point of class pride, so too was being able to show that they could afford to care more about “science” than livelihoods.

For everyone else, however, such elitism reinforces an impression that the dominant group within the Democratic Party is one that does not care about real issues, and perhaps even reality itself. They do not care about whether schools are open, whether kids get a good education, or whether crime rates skyrocket. All that matters is their progressive social agenda. The virtue signaling is nothing but class status-signaling. Their niche political opinions are like luxury personal accessories. They can have them because they can afford to have them.

When it comes to culture, white, woke, college educated elites are the ones pushing left-wing social policy. One of the major controversies in the entertainment industry recently was the effort to cancel Dave Chappelle, a black comic, after he suggested that trans women were in many cases former white men who managed to leapfrog over black men (and women) because of a hierarchy of oppression defined by white liberal elites. This was not a new charge. It had been made by British feminists for years who argued that efforts to put transgender individuals into sports and women’s spaces were actually power-plays by predominantly male, predominantly white elites. The backlash to Chappelle’s comedy routine seemed to prove him right. The elite networks in the media mobilized to condemn him, corporate HR and tech “diversity networks” moved to try and organize boycotts, and demands were made for apologies. In almost all these cases, those attacking Chappelle were white, college-educated, and from what the left – if it was true to its own critical theory – would have called “privileged backgrounds.” That the African American community, and a large portion of the public rallied to defend Chappelle demonstrated how isolated the white woke left is.

Americans of all backgrounds do not believe the Democratic Party does or can care about their issues because they do not believe the demographic that dominates it cares. And unless and until the party stands up to the woke left-wing elite and puts them in their place, that lack of trust will drive virtually everyone else away.

In 1992, Bill Clinton, then running for President, condemned Sister Soujah, a black rapper, in an effort to show he would stand up to what was seen as his party’s extreme left wing. It was an effort to prove Clinton could be trusted by wealthy, college-educated, white suburbanites. In 2024, or likely later, the next Democrat to win will need to do the same in reverse. They will need to confront the representatives of their college-educated “elitist” woke base – on crime, on COVID restrictions, on CRT, on gender, and most importantly, tell them to shut up about their conspiracy theories about the end of democracy and the world. Only by doing so can they hope to appeal to anyone else.

That may be a long time in the future. Biden can whine about forces beyond his control. Buttigieg and Harris can fight for the right to lose in 2024. But Democrats have once again become associated with an out of touch elite class that disdains, and is disdained by, ordinary Americans. And until they address that problem, it will continue to cost them at the ballot box.

Daniel Roman is the pen name of a frequent commentator and lecturer on foreign policy and political affairs, both nationally and internationally. He holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from the London School of Economics.

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23 days ago

Yes, I am one of those white, college educated guys. The difference is that I graduated in 1974 after fulfilling military service. And I know piss from rain. Never been a democrat and have no plans to be. Biden needs to sent to the old folks home and this country should return to energy independence, secure borders and stop importing goods from China. People need to return to meaningful work and stop depending on the federal government for a paycheck. We must turn the senate and house in 2022 if our country is to survive. Get rid of these “woke” clowns and return to sane business practices. We better do this soon or it will be too late.

Ralph S
30 days ago

How can the “WOKE” Czar Biden issue any PERSONdates? He cannot even personipulate or personage .giving orders to czarina Harris. He is firmly delusional believing it is his personifest destiny to become the first pharaoh of the Un-united Communistic States of America.
C’mon PERSON!!!

1 month ago

I used to be a Democrat. Can’t unsee what I’ve seen. If I had to pick one thing that sums it all up, it would be the hypocrisy.
It’s a place of hypocrisy. When you bring it to the surface, it’s totally ignored. At work, when a liberal joins in on a conversation in a random way, everyone rolls their eyes when that person walks away.
Nothing is said it’s more a shrug and roll of the eyes.
Could it happen when I walk away? Perhaps… Do I think it’s just them? Yeah because it could be another random group and the exact same scenario occurs.
They have become ostracized. With their finger pointing, and lecturing.
They have all these animals at home because no human wants to be there to greet them. They are mentally and spiritually exhausting human beings. Shrug I personally avoid them at all costs. They are adults not children. Get therapy…

1 month ago

And to top this problem off is an ineffectual, Uni-party “Party” in the GOP, who are nothing more than a mere speedbump for Democrats to run over at will and at any speed necessary. They will do nothing under its current makeup and mindset of go along to get along.

1 month ago

It does not matter what the Democrats do or say. The. coalition of our educators, LGBT, BLM, the pro abortionist are backed by the billionaires who control the thoughts of the majority and now have control of the legal and voting processes. It is amusing to watch traditional Americans pour billions of dollars into the pockets of Microsoft, twitter. Facebook and the like and then complain about losing the country. Who do they think funded these socialist! Nothing will ever be corrected until the so called ‘right’ stops supporting the very entries out to destroy our American

1 month ago

I believe in OUR Constitution, every word of it. Those who ignore the Constitution should pay the consequences, including the “elites” the “educated whites” or the “woke whites”. The Last election fraud should never be allowed to ever happen again. Those who want to defund police should not be protected by police – and see how they like it. Those who believe in “National Socialism”, should read about Nazi Germany and see how that worked out. I have no sympathy for the BLM, the “antifa”, or anyone who believes in New York type abortions. These abortionists should experience the abortion process themselves at whatever age they presently are, a needle into THEIR heads when they least expect it, then a horrible death.
Those who promote anarchy should be stripped of their citizenship, and deported like the rest of the “wretched refuse”, never to see the inside of America again.
Those in Congress and the White House who disobey their oaths of office should be removed immediately, and shoved into solitary confinement for the rest of their natural lives without any visitation rights at all.
I am tired of “revenge politics” that liberals and the “far left” want and do their best to bring about. I think that these “woke” Whites and Blacks ought to be ‘re-educated’ painfully to believe in our Country – right or wrong. I also believe that Communist China and North Korea should be divested of its military forcefully by negotiation or by selected nuclear attack, forever ending competition in the Yellow Sea and Western Pacific areas. This shit must end, and end now.
Whatever “Executive Orders” are invalid because we are not in a declared “state of war” with anyone. Therefore, this “President” has no powers to restrict anyone, or anything – especially signing treaties without Congressional approval. “Climate Change” is only an excuse to rob citizens of America of their guaranteed rights under OUR Constitution. It is not the Constitution that needs changing, it is the Government that needs regulating very badly. The only responsibility the Federal Government has is to regulate disputes between States, and maintain a standing Army against foreign threats. They have No other purposes! The 16th Amendment is a farce, and should never have been allowed to happen. We once fought against “taxation without representation”, and now we have to go and do this once again.
Paul Harvey was an excellent forecaster of what this Nation would have to face, look up his recorded comments on YouTube and see how very right he was back in the 60’s.

1 month ago

The toxic left. The left destroys everything it touches. Oh, the woke white folks, what are they to do? Democrats need to become informed, but not CNN, MSNBC bulls–t informed. Really know the issues. But can they????? Will they????

1 month ago

People need to wake up and realize that the so-called “democrat” party has been “dissolved”, and taken over by the communist party. This country has ALWAYS been run by the rich “elites” , and their “secret societies” . soros , The bilderbergs, the rothchilds , the rockefellers, the schwabs, the “central bank”, the illuminai, the ‘free masons”. the “skull and bones”, and many other “splinter groups”. NOTHING happens in this country (and most of the world) without THEIR “say-so”. POWER and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ controls everything, As well as ALL “politicians”, “judges”, “mayors” and “governors.
Wake up. Our lives have been a LIE. We wqill not be “free” until we take back our country from these “elites”.

1 month ago

Still waiting for a coup.

Jim Jolly
1 month ago

So tired of the elites working to tell me what I need and what to do! It’s time for them to live in the real world and stop the schnanigans. This Democratic divide is destroying America and they seem not to give a damn

1 month ago

The Blue Collar workers are the backbone of our country. The problem of education in the U.S. is that if you go to college, you get a degree in a field of study that really does not produce a tangible reward. All of us need a plumber, electrician, a carpenter or other tradesmen in our lives. Many “educated” people lack the knowledge or skill to make rudimentary repairs around the house because they were never taught to use their hands to make or repair something. All of us need a skill besides a college degree.

Lee S McQuillen
1 month ago
Reply to  Drue

I know several college educated idiots! The ability to reason, think, etc., isn’t taught in college I guess. You are so right in what you say about blue collar workers – and most of them actually have commonsense and can reason things out.

1 month ago

Democrats need to become an extinct species in politics. Biden and the Democrats cheated their way into power in 2020 and the American people know this as more an more audits of votes shows that Trump was actually the winner. If anyone should be taken out of office it is Biden….the man needs to be in a nursing home, not the White House. Obama is having his third term in office through China Cheating Joe.

1 month ago

The ones dividing and destroying the US are the blacks.

1 month ago
Reply to  Jessie

Actually they are being used and paid by George Soros. Most black people do not agree with the BLM and Antifa and they want the same things everyone else wants…to live in a peaceful neighborhood, to be safe, to have a job and a good school for their kids.

Bill on the Hill
1 month ago
Reply to  Wanda

Wanda, that was a honest & correct response to the irresponsible comment by Jessie…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 month ago

I’m going to add an asterisk below in parentheses for every tear I’m going to shed regarding potential tough times for the Democraps: ()

Susan Vaillanat
1 month ago

On average, about 30% Americans are college students who actually graduate with a degree, as is also the case in most western countries.
That leaves (by any 3rd grade calculation) 70% of the population who are not part of any woke, elitist brain washing in college. Then let’s guesstimate that another 10% (or better) of the graduates don’t buy into the woke wash, so we’re at about 73-75% of the adults in America who missed out on the indoctrination. 73-75% of voting Americans are not in this group. Yet the pollsters and political parties discuss them as if they are the only voting people in the USA. As usual, wrong again. And why ? Because, as in all things woke the ability to see outside of one’s own perspective is non-existent, as in zippo…

Just to be clear, they, the plumbers, teachers aides, bus drivers, retail folks,small business owners and their employees, the dry cleaner, restaurant warehouse workers, IT repair folks, ad infinitum, are the very vast majority in this country, yet the talking heads and loony left media would have the world believe that the elites are the majority.. They dismiss them as unimportant, second class citizens, until they need them for service or repairs… Why is a roofer more important than Bruce Springsteen, cause there are millions more of them, and they vote.

They (we) are not forgotten, they (we) are ignored. For they(we) are not one of “them”.
What is so obvious, and so overlooked is the sheer and timeless simplicity of how we vote; which is to say everyone, that is everyone, gets just one vote. It’s comical actually how stupid the elite are….

The big mouths with megaphones from Behar to Streep, the heads of Silicon valley, producing all of the woke media (exhausting), only get one single vote. All of the money, all of the resources, only one vote gets each big mouth. They then divide up the rest of country into never ending ladders and groups, ages, sex, color/race, ethnicity, religion, education, aided and encouraged by the majority of left leaning pollsters and media. And ironically, they still can’t convince the majority of the population,to vote with them.. though they are unquestionably majority left … and they don’t see it or learn. Witness Virginia, New Jersey and the majority of the country outside of a handful of major cities (all of which are riddled with crime, horrific education statistics, murder, drugs, and all Democrat run cities) Even Pelosi doesn’t want to be there, bought a 23 million dollar house in Florida, not California… speaks volumes.

Had a lovely shipper from Wisconsin pick up items from our warehouse 2 days ago, 20 min talk on the state of the country. He is a former marine (now in his 40’s) 15 tours in Afghanistan and other distant dangerous countries…. synopsis, he assured me that 95% of the military want nothing to do with this woke nonsense. That they are horrified by the woke administration, and more, the woke generals and brass who no longer represent their own forces. A moderate father of 3 10-15 year old kids, believes we will all live to see some version of civil war in the relatively near future. Couldn’t say I disagreed.

1 month ago

It will start when states begin to secede from the union. It will be a revolution like 1776, not a civil war….nothing will be civil about it when the conservatives get enough and decide to do something about it. And, the people who will get it first will be the elites and people like Pelosi, Schumer, etc.

1 month ago

Dumbocruds are just like spoiled, 5-year-old brats. They are snuggly and happy when they get everything they want. But deny just ONE item on their list, and they start having conniptions and temper tantrums. The American People can see right through their sippy cup of water! — As for the “woke elite,” the more college courses they take, the less they learn. It is no wonder, then, they can’t think outside of their own boxes; ergo, they can’t even tell you the definition of a box! — For the rest of us “non-woke,” blue-collar, hard-working Americans, many of us learned our honest trades from either a trade school or an apprenticeship program (a REAL education, in my book). (I attended trade school three times, myself: once each for electronics, avionics, and aircraft maintenance.) We may not know how to run a billion-dollar corporation, but we know how to turn a wrench and a screwdriver, which comes in handy when repairing Grandma’s oven, dishwasher or refrigerator. Let’s see even ONE of those “woke” elites do that. I’m willing to bet George Soros can’t tell you which end of a screwdriver is the business end!!

S. Abendschoen
1 month ago

I quite agree with the former Marine – sign up for Martin Armstrong’s daily blogs and you will get a real insight as to what is happening around the world – there will be a true panic in 2022–around the world–created by the failing economies in Western societies – Europe’s EU power potentates spent money they didn’t have and those countries have operated on a “minus” budget for over a decade. They are killing off their populace because they can no longer to afford paying pensions to the elderly. One reason you will notice the elderly are those hit the hardest by this bioweapon titled “COVID-19”. It was released by accident but engineered with help from the NIH and CDC by the CCG in the Wuhan lab. Here’s a link to Marty Armstrong’s website–sign up for his blog, friend!

I enjoyed your thoughts on these comments Susan from a number of levels. I whole heartily agree on how the average man or woman in the military really feels in today’s military with all the wokeness being hoisted upon them from officers higher in rank…
In closing, I would not be the least bit surprised to see the 23 million dollar mansion in FL inexplicably blow up or burn to the ground with a lawn sign stuck in the ground that reads ” You Are NOT Wanted Here. ”
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Keiffer Brenda
1 month ago

Great news

Daryl Weaver
1 month ago

Brilliant article! I’m a white, master’s-educated male, but I don’t fit in with the woke/elitist crowd for a couple of reasons: 1) I’m only 1 generation removed from blue-collar steelworkers and other tradesmen and only 2 generations from poor, rural Alabama farmers and coal miners. My family was proud of my education and accomplishments but never afraid to remind me of whence I come. 2) my undergraduate education was gained at a conservative Christian school, where I learned that there is a God and the wisdom of “walking humbly before him.” The wisest among us are mere fools before God’s wisdom. It’s the story of the “Tower of Babel” relived over and over. Humans elevate other humans who convince the gullible to follow them in creating a society where we can create a collective humanist “god” in our own image, but it never works. It just multiplies the sin producing poison fruit from corrupt seeds.

1 month ago
Reply to  Daryl Weaver

To deny you are not “in” with the woke elitist crowd is deny you are not a fool nor an idiot!

1 month ago

As a non-college educated, non-liberal white millennial male who rails about woke, college-indoctrinated white liberals being wolves in sheep’s clothing, it has been really refreshing to see my formerly-liberal black girlfriend wake up to what a bunch of hypocrites they are, namely through Defund the Police and the Dave Chapelle crusade. These people really are alienating themselves.

As for importing Democrat voters from Central America, that’s going to bite the left in the a** when second and third generation Latinos move right as they appear to be doing.

I was at one point of the belief that we would morph into the north-most banana republic, but I’ve come to realize that if Republicans ditch the mojito’ sippin’, Izod-shirt wearing country club white boys like Mitch, Mitt and Paul (who most middle and working class white guys loathe anyway) and build on the broad multiracial coalition that Trump started for them – the Hispanic descendants of illegal immigrants ironically enough might be what save us from the Bolshevik autocracy that rich white college grads seek to turn us into.

If 38% of Latinos went for Trump – a nearly 30% gain in spite of negative media coverage and his diuretic mouth – and that included California Hispanics, who are the most liberal of their demographic in the USA, that likely means that close to or over 50% voted red in the other 49 states.

1 month ago

All this article proves is that anti-intellectualism is still alive and well in America. The anti-intellectuals have proved their lack of knowledge on many fronts recently: COVID vaccines, de-wormer medications, total ignorance of the electoral process in America, bizarre misconceptions about what is in the U. S. Constitution, belief in enormous fraud in the 2020 election without the need for a single fact, slavish adherence to Q-Anon nonsense (no, JFK, Jr. is NOT going to return from the dead to reinstate Trump as president), to name a few areas. And yet, the anti-intellectuals in America somehow have convinced themselves that they are smarter than those who have actually applied themselves to learning.

The reason that anti-intellectuals mistrust intellectuals is that they actually have no way of measuring what others know against what they do not know.

Bessie Mento
1 month ago
Reply to  FAMiniter

You are soooo ignorant!! no hope for you, another lemming straight off the cliff.

1 month ago
Reply to  FAMiniter

Your comment validates the premise of the article.

Mike Palmer
1 month ago
Reply to  FAMiniter

Most of my Trump-supporter friends have advanced degrees. I have a law degree and am licensed to practice law in 2 states and I supported Trump, although I would pick DeSantis over Trump in a 2024 primary. Your categorization of Trump supporters shows a an ignorance as profound as those few fringe right wing nuts you disingenuously claim are largely representative of the Republican Party, when in fact they represent only a very small fraction. It’s ironic you defend Leftist intellectuals when your post makes it obvious you’re not capable of thinking in any clear or cogent way, and are limited to trite generalizations and cliches. You’re as intellectually limited as the QANON crazies you so despise. It’s amazing how the radical right and radical left have so much in common and don’t even realize it.

1 month ago
Reply to  Mike Palmer

Actually the extreme right and extreme left have no so much in common.

The extreme right is acknowledged by all (left, right and center) as extreme, so nobody cares for them. The radical left however, does have a lot of power and influence in EVERYTHING. From defund the police, to gender issues, to CRT implementation in all aspects of life (media, academia, entertainment, sports, private sector and most recently in elementary school, arts and medicine).

Victor Hanson just wrote an article exactly about this issue. About how the radical left has permeated every aspect of American life regardless who is in power, without the consent of 330 million people. It has been imposed, jammed though our collective throats, and those who opposed cancelled, ridiculed and ostracized.

For example, a small tiny people decides to cancel Thomas Jefferson. They simply go ahead a remove statutes, change school names, etc. OR, they decide that the words written by a guy named Ibram Kendi will suddenly and out of nowhere become the “law of the land” and that some other book called “White Fragility” will be imposed in every single company staff.

So no, the two radical wings of our political spectrum are not remotely comparable.

1 month ago
Reply to  FAMiniter


Larry W.
1 month ago
Reply to  FAMiniter

You just gave an excellent description of the attitude that only people who spend multiple years in school must be smarter than everyone else. Reading about things from books is not the same as real life experience or applying common sense (wisdom) to decision making.

1 month ago
Reply to  FAMiniter

OK, let me guess. You are an INTELLECTUAL. Your are a fool……………………lol

1 month ago

Democrats have been out of touch with middle America since the 1960’s. Those “woke people” are really brain dead, ignorant of the past, hostile to the present and despairing of the future. Having a degree means nothing unless it is accompanied by common sense and real world experience. Todays white millenials know little about anything outside of the mush they get form their leftist professors and the ignorant rantings of the twitter crowd. As for blacks the other large Democratic constituency they cannot obey the law; the suffer from historical illiteracy, parental incompetence and a cultural milieu that reinforces dysfunctional behavior and a politics of grievance and entitlement.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x