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Democrats Off Course – with Minorities


Political parties can – rather accidentally – paint themselves into a corner. The Whig Party did that in the 1850s. Sometimes the corner is escapable, sometimes not.

Sometimes it is just one room, one issue – sometimes many. When the corner closes, the party is in trouble. The Democrat party is in trouble.

Here is a shrinking corner into which Democrat leaders are painting themselves. Escape is possible only by a big leap – one that will leave more party members disgusted than convinced. Democrat leaders continue to push “defund the police.” Big mistake.

The problem is simple: “Defund” pushers are mostly rich, white, leftist, urban, and suburban protagonists.

They are a shrinking lot, not followed by minority Democrats they represent.

Increasingly, Democrat leaders are offkey, out of step with constituents. They do not see their failure. They keep painting, bold colors, boisterous, belligerent, indifferent to minorities.

While it breaks the brushstroke, here is the spoiler alert: Minorities are not interested in less secure streets, more crime, lost businesses, sacrificed jobs, racial riots, tomfoolery, hooliganism, fear in the hearts of neighborhoods, concern for their children – and less police.

If you doubt me, think all is well, minorities are all-in for rabble-rousing, riots, and “defund the police,” think again. That is not what polling says. Remember polls must overcome a natural fear that respondents’ privacy will not be honored or respected. Polls these days tell us a lot.

Consider three sources, including the seldom contrite New York Times. Turns out, “minority communities don’t support progressives’ radical views on criminal justice.” The paper is eating crow, which also shows you profits beat ideology. Put differently, capitalism works.

The leading Democrat for mayor of New York is a black former police officer. He is not in favor of defunding. Eric Adams is not only ahead – but well ahead.

He thinks “progressive slogans and polices” threaten minorities, are pushed by “young, white, affluent people.”

Whoa! That is an in-your-face allegation, push-back for the gum-flapping progressives. As a source for what is versus what elites want, he is a good standard-bearer. See, e.g., White Progressives Shocked To Learn Black And Latino Voters Don’t Share Their Radical ‘Defund The Police’ Views.

Next, consider a USA Today poll, which found “fewer than one in five” Americans now support “defund the police.” Only 18 percent support it, only 28 percent of Black Americans and 34 percent of Democrats. This is a sea change, signaling how off-the-mark, tone-deaf Democrat leaders are. See, Fewer than 1 in 5 support ‘defund the police’ movement, USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll finds.

A third source adds credibility. In heavily Democrat districts and states, people are saying “enough.” They favor equal opportunity, rooting out pockets of racism, not defunding police.

Perspective is returning to Americans, but not Democrat leadership.

Thus, while Michigan voters want equality under the law, “three out of four oppose efforts to ‘defund’ police, including more than half of Black voters and strong Democratic voters.” Michigan voters back Black Lives Matter, oppose ‘defunding’ police.

This is not the only corner into which Democrats are painting themselves. While most abortions are administered (four in five) to Black women, many minorities oppose abortion. In some polls, a third of Blacks oppose abortion and two-fifths of Hispanics, but in other polls, large majorities of Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians oppose abortion. To assume that Black and Hispanic churches fold to progressive views is wrong. As the Catholic Church begins to speak up – including references to Biden and Pelosi – watch out. Numbers may swing. See, e.g., Abortion and Women of Color: The Bigger Picture; Latino Millennials: Conservative On Abortion, Wide Support For Contraception; After Debate On Biden’s Abortion Views, Bishops Vote to Rethink Communion Rules; Republicans Think They Can Court Hispanic Votes With Their Position on Abortion, but Data Tells a Different Story.

Likewise, assuming minorities support a larger federal government, more dependence, less interest in opportunities to work, advance, climb the pay ladder, get into management, and prosper – may be wildly out of line with reality, in effect racism by down-looking.

Notably, Trump gained among Black men and women, Hispanic men and women, and Asians.

Why? A lot was the economy. See, e.g., US election 2020: Why Trump gained support among minorities. In addition, many in the Black community appear – by inference – to support Trump’s legal – but not illegal – immigration policies, disfavoring open borders policies pushed by Biden and Democrats. See, e.g., African-Americans Polls.

Main point:

Democratic leaders listen to themselves, to their white, affluent, liberal – increasingly leftist – supporters, elites that give them lots of money for reelections, share their gated communities, sequestered vacation venues, private schools, and elite, guilt-ridden values.

That is not minority – or majority – America, hard-working America, faith-based America, family-centered America, security-minded America, military, veteran, historically guided, unapologetically patriotic America. And that is why – in 2022 and 2024 – a great wave of comeuppance is building.

It will break across the Democrat Party like a rogue wave.

The second-order question is interesting: What does this misjudgment on everything from defunding police and moral compass to immigration and patriotism mean for the party?

One view would say, just a cyclic disturbance, like 2010 results which changed Congress by Tea Party action, or 2016 putting Trump in office, just a periodic shift.

Smarter money is lining up on another view: Democrats have lost their way, grossly lost bearing, possibly without room for recovery. A ship off course, recovers if the wheelhouse realizes the big mistake. It runs aground if those in charge pay no mind.

Put differently, a good painter watches where he or she is going, pays attention, does not end up in a corner. When the Whig Party ended in the 1850s, the corner was about arrogance – Northern Whigs gave up on the party, joined the anti-slavery Republican Party. History never repeats exactly, but one is put in mind of the past when looking at the present. You never know.

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2 months ago

Nothing new under the Sun!

2 months ago

Hopefully the Democrat ignorance will destroy them. It will be interesting to see when the many illegals gain entry into our voting system, what will be their desire for this country. You can only fool so many people so long and things will change. Why go back to the very issues that many left their countries for. Many of these people may be a lot smarter than many American citizens.

DeEnna Matthews
2 months ago

Eric /Adams may be ahead, but that’s only because the only thing the media is putting out about him is that he’s a former police officer and he says now that defund the police is a mistake. Look back at his statements over the last few years, before he started his run for mayor. The only one running, who can fix NY is the Republican Curtis Sliwa. Too bad the media won’t let that happen.

2 months ago

You’ll notice that even most so-called conservative or moderate talk show hosts on the local radio stations in NYC don’t even mention Curtis Sliwa. As if there is no Republican candidate even in the race. That should tell you how totally screwed up NYC is at this point. Sure Eric Adams may be talking law and order and support for the police now, but watch what happens after he is elected. He will quickly pivot right back to the same anti-cop, “lets side with the criminals” stance he was spewing before he announced his run for Mayor.

2 months ago

Joey, you are going DOWN!!!!!

Ed J
2 months ago

Let’s hope the radical leftist liberal socialist libtard Demsheviks continue their wanton and misguided ways. It will be refreshing, and to the greater good of all America, to watch the Demsheviks implode and self-destruct like a supernova due to their continued misguided and dystopian efforts.

We are beginning to see the pendulum start to swing back from the Demsheviks’ extreme fantasy positions to something that is more rational. Our Ship of State will right itself and restore some semblance of moral, economic and political order. Hopefully, unity will be restored and all these irrational attacks on our system will abate, wither away and become mere insignificant footnotes in history.

American is the greatest nation that ever existed on the face of the earth and we true, patriotic Americans want to keep it that way.

2 months ago
Reply to  Ed J

We must never forget that GOD blessed this country with our founding fathers wisdom and His blessings. If we fail to put our trust in Him and get back to the common sense as stated in the Bible, we cannot save this republic. Man can only do so much on his own. We are seeing the results of man’s misguided ways now across our country.

David Spade
2 months ago

Anyone with common sense does not support the liberal and Socialist ideas of the O’Biden administration. What the Marxists are doing is opposed by those groups who are characterized as part of the Democrat party loyalists. The O’Biden faithful are quickly becoming less and less supportive of that line of thinking, and it will show in the upcoming elections. The conservatives must deal with those misgivings quickly to secure the votes needed to turn the liberals out in 2022. I say that we should let the Socialists keep doing what they are doing for a few more months to ensure that they are a distant second when it comes to the next mid-term election.

2 months ago

They will simply blame republicans for it. The media will push it and by 2022 a democrats will believe it.

Democrats, liberals and progressives et.al. are stupid and should not be allowed to be in charge of anything important.

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

On way to lose votes for 2022

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