Democrats Plan to Bully Out Administration

senate confirm Trump Manafort progressive congressional Marxist democrats bully administrationDepartment of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is the next on a long list of Trump Administration officials who have been pushed out of his confirmed position because of constant bullying from the left. It is clear their goal is to obstruct any progress the Trump Administration makes by launching investigation after investigation into every Trump appointee. The relentless left has made it impossible to be a Trump Administration official unless one has millions of dollars to combat legal investigations.

Zinke explained in his resignation statement, “I love working for the President and am incredibly proud of all the good work we’ve accomplished together. However, after 30 years of public service, I cannot justify spending thousands of dollars defending myself and my family against false allegations. It is better for the President and Interior to focus on accomplishments rather than fictitious allegations.”

Zinke was recently subject to a Department of Justice probe examining a land deal made with an oil services giant in his hometown which some viewed as a conflict of interest. Zinke has also been accused of misusing taxpayer funds for travel expenditures.

Zinke has called these attacks “vicious and politically motivated” and vehemently denied them throughout the last year.

Unfortunately, these attacks are not surprising.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has pushed out of his position in Sept. 2017. Price chose to resign after investigations mounted over his use of public funds to fly across the country on business in a private plane. Price offered to pay for the seats he used, but ultimately resigned as allegations of misused funds continued to pile up and “distract” from his agencies business.

In March 2018, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin experienced the same badgering by the left as he was accused of, once again, misuse of taxpayer funds.

Oddly enough, Shulkin served for two years under president Obama with no allegations of misconduct, but within a year of serving at the Trump Administration, Shulkin has accused of using taxpayer funds for personal benefit, such as to purchase his wife’s air travel on a flight the two of them were on.

Shulkin claimed during a congressional hearing that these political allegations made it nearly impossible for him to do his job. Eventually, this conflict put him at odds with his own administration and the White House pressured him to resign to prevent further distraction from implementing Trump’s VA reform agenda.

Perhaps most egregiously, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt was forced into resignation after nonstop attacks from the left which put both his and his family’s life in danger.

Pruitt was attacked for spending taxpayer funds on travel and security details. But as the EPA’s assistant inspector general for investigations, Patrick Sullivan, told CNN on Nov. 2017, “We have at least four times — four to five times the number of threats against Mr. Pruitt than we had against [Obama’s EPA Chief] Ms. McCarthy… They run the variety of direct death threats — ‘I’m going to put a bullet in your brain’ — to implied threats — ‘if you don’t classify this particular chemical in this particular way, I’m going to hurt you.’”

Before resigning from his office, Pruitt has at least 70 open probes into threats against him and his family. Still, the left chastised him for needing security details and private travel arrangements.

Pruitt was seen as one of the most effective members of Trump’s cabinet when it came to reining in the out of control bureaucracy and dismissing needless environmental regulations. It is clear their attacks against him were the consequence of his success.

The left has taken to bullying anyone they do not like out of office in order to obstruct the Trump agenda. After 30 years of public service, individuals like Ryan Zinke are being forced to defend every action they take to the tune of thousands of dollars. Democrats are successfully making it nearly impossible to work for the Trump Administration and even harder to get anything done. It seems they will not stop until there is no one left to make America great again.

Reprinted with permission from - Daily Torch - by Natalia Castro

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Kathleen L Thompson
2 years ago

To Dennis and Jerry—– I totally agree with what you both have said. I wish I knew how to change the tide that is destroying the country and everything in it. To even think that these people espouse socialism and communism shows their ignorance and their brainwashing. Just look at these dems like that ocasio-cortez. What an *******! She has a college degree and doesn’t even know how the government works. She was talking about the “three” chambers of Congress!!!! This is the brainwashing you get in college today. And you pay through the nose for it. It’s frightening. We need more schools like Hillsdale College.

Kathleen L Thompson
2 years ago

If anyone ever wondered why those of us with common sense and a sense of decency would never vote for a democrat again, one only has to read the above article about Pres. Trump’s various Cabinet members being “bullied” out of office. The depths to which the democrats have gone to harass, lie, intimidate and threaten those working for the President and those in the Republican party is remarkable and extremely troubling. The fact that they are getting away with it and no action has been taken is disgusting. The democrats say they want “transparency” but passed obamacare behind closed doors with no input from the Republican side of the aisle. They want the American people to feel safer but refuse to put up the wall which the majority of Americans want and need. They want to save the middle class from the likes of Trump but want to raise taxes which would hurt all of us. They clearly care more about their selfish, self-serving agenda than they do the American people because they want to do everything for illegal aliens [their potential voters] and want us to pay for it. Show me one poor or moderate income politician. You can’t. Bernie Sanders wants socialism. He keeps his millions and the rest of us pay for everything. Yah, that’s fair! You don’t see Pelosi or Shumer living on a shoestring like so many of us and they want to take what we have and give it to people who don’t even belong here. Wake up, people. You can’t believe anything the dems say. It’s all about the power. Remember, Trump isn’t even taking a paycheck. Have you ever seen a democrat do that?

2 years ago

Maybe it’s time to start investigating those on the left? Just think of the crimes they will find! Why is it only one way?

Patricia Blevins
2 years ago

I’m so disgusted with all the obstacles that the liberals are making on what President Trump and his cabinet has accomplished. I know that God is in control and that is what gives me hope. I don’t know what is going to happen in this country but I’m leaving it in God’s hands. I fully believe that God placed President Trump in this position for such a time as this. I’m praying for our country and our leaders.

Chester Denton
2 years ago

I think that the left is misguided. The influence they are carrying is not of this land. It is of another. Subversion is subversion, no matter what form it is in. And subversion my friend is the acts being performed by today’s elected servants that call themselves democrats. Civil war they cry through a group called Anti-fa, kinda stupid. Most of them do not have guns. It will be a sight.

2 years ago

And they are allowed to continue with this witch hunt, wasting billions of taxpayer money? WTF? I think it’s time for the Convention of States. This leftist crap is out of control.

2 years ago

Do the democrats in DC practice their Faith? Do they know that it is against God’s law to accuse their fellow men falsely? Just wonder.

this is
2 years ago

Instead of allowing the Dems to obstruct and put everyone of Pres. Trump’s appointees in the hot seat just so they think they can eventually oust him out of office, I think it’s time to turn the tables around and put the Dems in the hot seat themselves and get investigated, and see what they come up with them…..I’d bet there are many skeletons in their closets they wish no one would ever see!!! This is getting so ridiculous, it’s almost criminal!!! They are so demonic that something has got to be done to stop them in their tracks, and get the Far Left puppeteers stopped in their tracks too!!!! If I were Pres. Trump, I would order any and all Dems who are planning on doing this stupid thing, to be investigated to see what their real intentions are, and if they cry foul, too bad. The Dems in Washington think they are “holier than thou” when in fact they are the worst criminals under the guise of authority in their positions. If I were President, I would even sign and Executive Order to get all of them investigated for anything and everything, and I’ll bet we’d come up with a lot of dirt on them……….I mean real dirty stuff worth getting arrested over. I’d put this whole charade to a stop at the click of a pen……..an E/O!!! President Trump’s shoulders must be hurting from all the stress he is carrying, and I don’t know how he manages to go about his days looking so fresh altho he doesn’t get much sleep. I’m sure his family must be worried about his health by now. But he does it because of his love for his country and the people and wants us to be happy and successful and for this country to be great again, after so many of our own traitors tried to destroy America! He is serving us through sheer will power and will do so until he gets what he promised us from the start, a great America again, done. So, if I were in his shoes, I’d teach the Dems a lesson by getting all investigated and knit-pick if I have to, like they are doing to Trump’s appointees. Shame on them all!!!! I hope their names are on the sealed indictments as that will save a lot of wasted time.

G. Giant
2 years ago

They did the same thing to Sarah Paliin. So when with the RINOs take action. O)r why won’t judges require those filing frivolous suits to pay the cost of defending against them. CORRUPT JUDGES.
Is it time for REVOLUTOIN YET.

Joe Pascucci
2 years ago

Taxpayers should have to pay for the defense against these Democrat bullying lawsuits, and if taxpayers don’t like it, they can fire the Democrats causing the disruptions.

2 years ago

Why hasn’t a law been made to prevent this type of bullying?

Sam Samules
2 years ago

How about pelosi using military aircraft flying from WDC to her home on SF?

2 years ago

This is the “Times of the Signs” or “Signs of the Time” that the Bible is talking about. Of the end time before the Rapture of the Church happens, and All Hell covers this whole world during the tribulation!!! Think of it people! Look at the crazy weather! Earthquakes, Etc…Cal. burning, riots, revolts going on everywhere. I believe in Revelation that Jesus Christ is coming very soon to bring the peace back to this world!! The Democrat party is bringing it on here in America. Codling illegals, terrorist, killers, rapist, etc.! It’s not safe to walk anywhere for fear of what might happen. Look what happened in 1960 when they took God out of our schools and government. No Ten Commandments! No Golden Rules!! Satan rules! We’ve killed generations of babies who would have been new generation’s of tax payers !! WAKE UP AMERICA, GOD IS NOT HAPPY, All I can say is “Come Quickly Lord Jesus, Amen!!! Heaven Help US A…..

Leo Oubre
2 years ago

Sounds like a communist plot to take over the USA, doesn’t it?

Peter Koteas
2 years ago

NEVER FORGET…we get what we vote for! The Democrat Party is by far the more corrupt of the two mainstream political parties, yet are rarely in the news. Any rational person could deduce something wrong with that by simply using common sense and the odds against every one of them being Lilly white public servants.

2 years ago

I hope all the Democrats in government have absolutely pure white backgrounds. They should all be investigated even if it has to be through private investigators. It’s time to turn the tables on them and give them back what they’re doling out. They wouldn’t survive such investigations. Republicans need to get a backbone and fight back in the same manner that the dems are doing so. Being a “gentleman” doesn’t work, obviously. And Democrat is the incorrect term. It should be Progressive/Socialists. The real Democrats are no more.

2 years ago

What happened to proof reading? Come on AMAC people! I am not pro-Democrat but I do think that government officials should not appropriate tax dollars for personal use.”Pay for your own non-government business/ personal business/ vacation travel”. But the Democrats should not be pointing their finger at anyone, as they are just as guilty. Remember, when you point your finger at someone there are three pointing right back at you.

Ellis C. Collom
2 years ago

These demos that took their oath of office lied and are nothing more than traitors.

2 years ago

I am so sick of the bullying & threats coming out of the evil left in this country. Hopefully, we find some way to stop them! It is getting to the point that nobody is going to want to work for the government, and one can understand that, because of the way conservatives and Republicans are treated in this country! Bah, Humbug!

Silas Longshot
2 years ago

Democrats need to learn this BS can go both ways. Time for the Trump team to pull the same BS on them, and if there’s any democrat WITHOUT some shat in the catbox of DC, then they have just been elected. Investigate every democrat obstructionist, every democrat loudmouth, every democrat against the security of America….basically every democrat

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