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Dems Admit Trump Won the Presidency Fair and Square, says AMAC

Trump President elect fairThe left’s efforts to refocus on the economy are too little, too late

WASHINGTON, DC – “Democrats have finally realized that the reason they lost the 2016 Presidential Election was that the American people want no part of their socialist agenda,” says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“Is it too much to hope that they will also recognize the fact that Donald Trump is the legitimate U.S. president?  Mr. Trump won the vote last November fair and square because the rest of us were fed up with the obscene power grab of the left over the last eight years to change who we are and what we stand for.  The left’s efforts to refocus on the economy are too little, too late.”

Last weekend Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “came clean” and admitted that the Democrats had no one to blame but themselves for losing the election last November, Weber notes.

“It took them nearly eight months to admit that Donald Trump had the right stuff to win the election and that Hillary Clinton did not.  And then on Monday Schumer declared that the new focus of Democrats would be on the economy going forward.  Yet Schumer still seeks to thwart efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare and to undermine Republican plans for tax reforms, two key factors for ensuring economic stability and growth.  It’s evident that the Democrats are still focused on the destruction of the Trump Administration and that their new focus on the economy is a grab for votes as we head toward the mid-term elections.”

However, Weber points out, despite the political course correction, the Democrats appear to still have a long way to go before they can achieve a come back.  The polls show that Mr. Trump’s approval rating when it comes to his handling of the economy is still favorable.  They show that voters still have an unfavorable view of the Democratic Party.

And, as CNN reported recently:  “it appears Trump supporters are just as on board as they were during the campaign.  His support among Republicans matches the third-highest approval among a president’s own party during a new president’s first six months in more than 60 years.”

Weber also points out that the Republican base is “distinctly more supportive of the GOP than is the Democratic base of their party.  Last month, for example, the Republican National Committee raised $13.5 million while the Democratic National Committee raised just $5.5 million.

“The RNC reports that it has no debt while the DNC is in hock for some $3.3 million so far this year.  In addition, the Republicans have been raising funds from small donors at twice the rate that Democrats have managed, which indicates that the GOP has the confidence of its voters compared with those voters who would cast ballots for Democratic candidates,” according to the AMAC chief.

“Despite President Trump’s trials and tribulations his unyielding dedication to working class Americans stands him in good stead.  His realistic approach to the needs of the American people carries more weight than the notions of his ideological opponents for how we should live our lives,” Weber concludes.


The Association of Mature American Citizens [http://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at http://amac.us/join-amac.

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4 years ago

“Unfavorable view of the democratic party”? That’s putting it lightly! I believe they are part of Satin’s Army out to destroy all goodness in this world, and I feel terrible that I used to be part of that. When are the ringleaders going to be held accountable for their crimes? A simple question that every true American should be asking over and over again.

4 years ago

If this country goes the way of Europe then it’s lost. I read about one reporters experience over there- the people are like zombies looking for leaders to show them the way while they get shorn like sheep. They are so use to socialism that they lack the will to think for themselves and fight back.

4 years ago

Absolutely love Donald J Trump. I’ve supported President Trump since before he even announced his run for office. He will continue to succeed at an even a faster pace. Keep the faith

4 years ago

Send a “Congratulations on your retirement ” note to Senators McCain, McConnell, Lindsay “Grahamnesty” and others.

Colleen Downing
4 years ago

The GOP carries water for conservatives, who, while flawed, have believed since childhood in the goodness and nobility of America; so do the many who come to America for a better life, a chance to make it. Go, Trump!!!

Martin Steed
4 years ago

Maybe one of the “Conservatives” could introduce an amendment to the next piece of legislation requiring all Federal Employees and all Elected and Appointed Officials to be covered under Obamacare. First it would expose the fact that they have their own system outside Obamacare, and Second, they would feel what everybody else in the nation feels and perhaps they would then see some urgency in changing or repealing Obamacare. As it stands right now, they don’t feel it, so they don’t see it, so they can wait and play political games with it.

Martin Korab
4 years ago

The Democratic Obstructionist Communist Party has destroyed itself from the top down and as far as the American people are concerned, it’s the best thing that ever happened to American politics. They were an evil stain on the whole nation. Good bye and good riddance. Sincerely, Martin Korab

Whitney P. lewis
4 years ago

We left the AARP folds as soon as I was aware of your new organization. I was disgusted with their liberal diatribe, but that was all there was for seniors, back in those days. As soon as I found out about you guys, I dumped AARP and joined immediately. I must say I have not been disappointed with your services, communications and benefits – Keep up the good work.
Whit Lewis LT, USNR retired

4 years ago

Action must be taken in the Republican primaries! A split in the Republican party will hand the country to democrats. Conservatives must work remove the senators from Maine, Alaska, Arizona and others like them in both houses of congress. If the primary winner loses in the general election nothing is lost because these people currently holding office are essentially democrats when it comes to individual freedom, smaller government, capitalism, etc. THE KEY IS THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARIES. VOTE THESE INCUMBENTS OUT!

Les P
4 years ago
Reply to  EAS

Hey everyone, money talks. I get request for republican money almost daily. I tell them, “When republicans start doing what they have been promising for 7 years, call me back. Until then do money.”

WII vet
4 years ago

Now get rid of Pelosi, Watters, Barbara Lee and Shumer

4 years ago

If they were looking for fraudulent elections, the citizens should question the 2x’s Barack Obama was elected. Dems were signing up illegals by the score to vote. BO even had a video /film clip with an interview of female illegal who asked if she could sign up without being arrested. BO stated that it was fine and she would not be arrested for being an illegal here. Why aren’t we investigating all the illegal activity with the Clintons under BO as president? Look into the RussianUranium deal Bill did with Russia when Hillary was Sec’y of State?

4 years ago

It has, over the last few weeks, become even more patently obvious that we are in dire need of term limits. There would be no entrenched losers protecting their next election. Maybe we could get the peoples work done (and get rid of most of the fawning lobbyists.

A. Daffron
4 years ago

I’m sick of the Republican infighting. It’s embarrassing and petty. Can you imagine if the Republicans could get behind our duly elected president? Can you imagine if the media would spend as much time promoting the positive things that have happened because of the president? It would be a very different country right now.

4 years ago

Now time for their 6 week vacation of all the hard work to keep of doing nothing the first 6 months, they really need the rest. I just hope that the public keeps them so busy with questions why they didn’t do this or that and they will be glad to hide in their offices come Sept Change both parties name to the do nothing bunch of idiots. The buildings now has ac no need to break for the hot month, just turn up the ac and let them stay in DC.

4 years ago

Republicans need to get on the conservative bandwagon and let loose the reins on the US economy. Why do we even have a minimum wage? Welfare baselines largely determine if one works or its more productive to stay home. I don’t think workers should work for peanuts – and I believe they won’t. But when did it become the government’s job to be part of that negotiation between employers and potential employees?
Government needs to get out of healthcare, education, and so many other parts of our lives!

Thomas N. DePoy
4 years ago

The Democratic Party has more problems than the Republican Party because they have no core principles to rely on.

Even President Clinton realized, “It’s the Economy people”.

If President Trump and The Republican Congress get on the same page,they can achieve a lot .
Let’s hope that happens soon.
Thomas N. DePoy

Jackie D
4 years ago

I’ve been reading all the comments & I can make only 2 suggestions to the frustrations most of us are experiencing at the Republicans in Congress. First, call your Congressmen/women & speak loud & long about what you expect them to do. Tell them that you will NOT be voting for them in the next election IF they don’t start representing their constituents best interest and then tell them exactly how you think they should be voting. Call EVERY DAY or every few days & get your friends, family, other like thinkers to do the same. It’s really easy to call the Capital phone # & when they ask your state they’ll connect you & call a 2nd time if you have more than one Rep/Sen. Send emails –they all have websites & on there is a contact by email so USE IT! Okay, Second, you have to put your money where your mouth is — donate to the CANDIDATE not the RNC. If you’re supporting a Tea Party or Conservative candidate against a RINO the RNC gives the RINO help (‘tho they swear they don’t, they really do in TV ads, etc. against the “newcomer”) Even if you can only give $5 or $10 every little bit helps that underdog against the big bucks the puppet masters give to the RINOs. Get off your duffs & go volunteer even if all you can do is sit in an office & stuff mailers, there’s really something almost everyone WHO CARES can do! Trump won on his own money & donations from the little people & with enough people pitching in little bits, some of these real conservative underdogs can win in the primaries too! People like McCain, Lindsey Graham, McConnell, Ryan, etc. need a lesson on “We the People” as much as the Dems do, but it’s up to “We the People” to teach them. If you really care, get up & get involved or stop grousing about the rotten system.

jay nestor
4 years ago

People deserve the government they elect. The battle is not among the political parties, for us it is about the message and benefits of capitalism. This is why there is a lot of talk about talk radio and the influence it is having on politics. Conservative talk radio articulates the conservative message much better than the Republican politicians seem to do. We need to articulate why when we wish to get spending under control. We need to address outcomes instead of intentions. Why reducing over all tax’s (and spending) benefits everyone in job expansion, hourly wages, job security, individual wealth creation and last but not least, the benefits of being a self reliant productive person that is in charge of their own outcomes. To be liberated!

4 years ago
Reply to  jay nestor

Most Republican politicians have never worked in the private sector or it’s been 10, 20 or even 30 years since they held an actual job. Look at how long most Republican Senators have held office. Someone with less than 10 years in the Senate is a rarity. Most Republicans in Congress can’t articulate the benefits of capitalism, because all they’ve been exposed to their entire political career is being part of big government. What the **ll do most of these folks know about capitalism given that basis? So sure any conservative talk radio host can articulate the benefits of capitalism far better than our Congressional representatives can. I worked in the federal government for a few years and I can assure you concepts like cost control, productivity, incentives the drive investment and savings are completely foreign concepts to government lifers. Totally alien concepts in that world.

Roger K
4 years ago

The republicans have too many rhinos ? in their midst. We have put the republicans in power but they are not accomplishing the mandate that we gave them, they have traitors in the party. Trump is not their favorite son.

4 years ago

Ivan Berry

You misunderstood my comment Condoleesa Rice. I suggested Pres. Trump have her be his personal advisor to help him think about how he presents himself onin some of his decisions. Not to change what he wants to do but, how he presents it. I also feel we should just repeal “Oboma Care” ……

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