Deported Immigrants Get Taxpayer-Funded Grants From Obama Administration

from – The Daily Signal – by Kenric Ward

The Obama administration is using a taxpayer-funded program to award business grants to Salvadoran migrants deported from the United States.

Run by the nonprofit Instituto Salvadorno Del Migrante and funded through a $50,000 grant from the taxpayer-backed Inter-American Foundation, the program “facilitates [deportees’] reintegration into their communities and supports their enterprises by offering financial education, technical advice, and assistance with business plans.”

“So, if you break the rules and get deported, we’ll help you start a business back in your home country. How absurd,” said Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

The program was included in a report on government waste by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Federal Spending Oversight and Emergency Management, chaired by Paul.

The Inter-American Foundation sought to clarify that the Salvadoran grants are not “intended” for criminal deportees, but the subcommittee had no confirmation that criminal deportees are prohibited from receiving funds. No specific award criteria were provided.

“What we do know is that about 30 percent of the returning deportees were deported due to violent or other crimes beyond undocumented presence,” Paul stated.

Program supporters argue that negative impressions about deportees hamper their chances to get loans in El Salvador. That’s unfair, they said, given that most criminal deportees’ crimes involve “assault, drunk driving, and drug possession.”

To which Paul responded: “So while banks justifiably hesitate to take on such a risk, it is apparently perfectly reasonable to pass that risk on to the American taxpayer.”

Jessica Vaughn, policy analyst at the nonpartisan Center for Immigration Studies, said that while many things could go wrong, “It’s in our interest to ensure that people who are deported don’t turn around and come back again.”

“In concept, it may not be that bad of an idea,” she told Watchdog in an interview.

While asserting that border deterrence is “the only thing that will work in the long run,” Vaughn added, “People have to have a reason to stay in their country.”

But she shared Paul’s concerns about rewarding criminal immigrants, noting that the bulk of deportees in the Obama era were convicted of crimes in the U.S.

If and when border security is tightened, Vaughn said, “I can see a program like this when we get back to deporting people who are caught working and not necessarily criminals.”

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4 years ago

So. when is this going to be discontinued permanently?

4 years ago

Why do the democrats insist that the American taxpayers should pay for the woes of illegal aliens? They come into our country illegally, then send their kids to our public schools, use our public funds to pay for their health care, and oftentimes collect welfare from various programs. We, who question this largess of public expenditures, estimated at over $200 billion per year, are called cold-hearted and hateful. Yet, we did not invite them here. They came of their own volition, expecting the American public to be stupid enough to pay their way in our society of a higher standard living. It is not cold-hearted to prevent illegal aliens from entering our country and forcing them to return to their native lands and make their native societies politically and economically better for themselves and all their countrymen, just as our Founding Fathers and their peers put their lives and wealth on the line to bring a lasting independence from England and a new freedom-oriented society. People who deliberately place themselves in harms way and great economic risk as illegal aliens into the U. S. don’t deserve our pity and solace for making dishonest and bad errors in judgment. There is such a thing as tough love, and if the U. S. really wants to have a foreign policy of expanding freedom throughout the world, we need to force people in other countries and societies to raise up against their dictatorial rulers and governments, and thugs and gangs who keep them in bondage–just as our Founding Fathers, farmers, and lowly merchants did for us. We cannot afford this continued onslaught of illegal aliens because of the annual government outlays we pay for their presence, and because of the jobs lost to American citizens that are given to the illegal aliens.

4 years ago

Just when you think it can’t get any worse…

4 years ago

The Government has limited the raises in Social Security but has the money to support “ILLEGAL ALIENS” that are deported I am glad that Trump puts Americans First and where has Congress been on all this, totally asleep or don’t give a dam* ?? Time to bring this money home IMMEDIATELY !!

RW Stowe
4 years ago

…Vaughn said, “I can see a program like this when we get back to deporting people who are caught working and not necessarily criminals.”
Spoken like a true bureaucrat…….!!

4 years ago

This is no surprise from Obama, the America hater, racist and illegal lover! This asinine program needs to be defunded immediately by Senate or Exec Order when Trump is inaugurated 1/20/16…….to hell with these illegal aliens…..

4 years ago

Somebody in the U.S. government needs to file charges against Barrack Hussein Obama for TREASON where he SHOULD be convicted and face the most SEVERE punishment allowable by law!!!

4 years ago

So we all sit here and watch this anti-American destroy our country. There is no way to stop him short of military action against him and all of his appointees and the other radical Socialist Democrats that are perpetrating the destruction of our democracy without firing a shot. Americans fell asleep and they took over. Nothing will happen to stop this because the DNC owns the media. When he is out of office he will be even MORE dangerous than he is now! It will take radical action to stop him and his cronies from the complete destruction of our country but no one will do anything about it. It’s all over but the crying folks.

Larry Reoch
4 years ago


4 years ago

I hope this is some of the government waste Trump will put a stop to.

Frank cicero
4 years ago

I hope Trump uses Obama s White House picture for family dart board games.

4 years ago

While the VA is too corrupt to function……..

4 years ago

So, our fellow citizens numbering into the millions who are out of work are less important than these “criminal immigrants”? Let’s face reality! Getting our house cleaning done should be a top priority, and that cleaning should start in Washington, District of Corruption, further starting with Obama and continuing downward to all of his cronies both political and non-government lackeys! Until we wake up and start this process, we will always be controlled by “BIG BROTHER!”

4 years ago

Since most of these people deported a.re criminals to some degree we need to deport them with -0- compensation. Let their home country take care of them in any method they choose. Obama hates America so much and he wants to help them so much let him help them with his money

4 years ago

This is very interesting to me. Our Catholic church helps the Salvadorans constantly. Groups from the church are always traveling there and posting their experiences regarding the help they have provided these people – not to mention the praise and interviews they have to appeal to charitable people They also help them set up businesses and cottage industries. At our Christmas festival this year, they had a table of homemade items made by mostly the women. It was the largest table there! I totally agree w/PaulE. It’s not bad enough that we have to help people in our country that don’t want to work, but we are also being fooled into taking care of the world’s socialist societies. For me, this is a real eye opener re the fact that we have charitable organizations helping this particular country PLUS OUR GOVERNMENT!!?? Thank you AMAC for printing this article and presenting it to our members!!!

Tom Wilde
4 years ago

So now the Obama Regime is REWARDING deportees? My, my. Maybe I’ll declare myself to be an illegal alien, because I “perceive” myself to be ,and demand to be deported. Perhaps to Aruba. Tahiti maybe? Why not a golf course in Hawaii?

Then I’ll apply for $50,000 grant and set myself up nicely at the expense of American tax payers.

So, once again, did Congress FUND this garbage? Did the Bend Over and Ram it Here Republican Party under Benedict Boehner, RINO Ryan and Mitch the Switch McConnell actually approve this crap? If not then there is no legal authority for it so why is it being tolerated?

So who is our worst enemy? The obvious one that stands openly in front of us all firing machine guns at us? Or the enemy that skulks about in the dark shadows buying the ammunition?

This kind of thing is just another example of why I HATE the latter day Democrat Party and why I LOATHE the latter day Republican Party. One is at the very least as bad as the other and we just gave the GOP even MORE power in November. Draining that Swamp better include rounding up and caging a herd of elephants as well as those Donkeys.

4 years ago

This absurdity should be one of the first hit by the Trumpster’s “delete” pen on the 20th of January. Why should American taxpayers pick up the tab to support migrants who wondered in to our land, uninvited, then committed crimes while here? No, we should put them on a cargo plane and deposit them back in the country from whence they came. Then we should bill that country for the transportation costs and any other expenses incurred by US taxpayers for their illegal entry.

This sounds to me as if one dark and dreary night, Obozo was saying to himself, “How can I further burden American taxpayers? They have it so easy. Everybody keeps their thermostats at 72 degrees, there’s not enough suffering in America. They claim to be so exceptional, these damn bitter clingers. And the police act stupidly. I’ll show’em. Ms. Jarrett, get me my pen. I’ve got an idea for a brand new Executive Order. We’ll let all these illegals flow unimpeded into the country and send the bill to the hard working taxpayers. They all say I’m too ill equipped to be the Commander-in-Chief and call me a narcissist. I’ll show them! This order becomes effective immediately.”

4 years ago

Those who elected/voted for Trump should demand Congress introduce a binding bill to force Obama use the money from his book writing to repay these deadbeat illegal immigrant gifts! Pay our people in need, especially homeless vets and elderly seniors until his money is gone!

Judy - Kalamazoo, MI
4 years ago

Just another truckload of bs from the fantasy known as congress. Wouldn’t it be something if every one of ’em were to be run on a polygraph & if most of ’em flunked kick ’em out – forever – it get non-liars & true conservatives in!

Hen3ry H
4 years ago

Jan 20 can’t get here soon enough.
Will be nice when we get an administration that thinks about the concerns of the USA taxpayer first.

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