Doctors Go Woke, Urge Removal of Boy and Girl From Birth Certificates

AMAC Exclusive by: Aaron Kliegman


The left’s war on reality keeps reaching new levels of absurdity. Now, even the concept of assigning a sex to newborn babies has become unpalatable to liberals, as the American Medical Association (AMA) recently announced that biological sex should be removed from all birth certificates. According to a resolution from the AMA, the organization will “advocate for the removal of sex as a legal designation on the public portion of the birth certificate and that it be visible for medical and statistical use only.”

The announcement will undoubtedly come as a shock to most Americans who, until a few years ago, had probably never even heard the term “trans.” The concept of malleable gender identity — the idea that anyone can self-identify as male, female, or neither— is understandably foreign to most people. Until relatively recently, journalists weren’t writing about it, lawmakers weren’t legislating about it, and medical professionals weren’t thinking about it.

How quickly things can change. A recent report from the AMA expanding on the aforementioned resolution now says that gender must be removed from birth certificates “to protect individual privacy and to prevent discrimination.”

It’s no surprise given radical stances like these that the AMA has increasingly become a fringe organization made up largely of academics and lobbyists, not practicing doctors, that Democrats often use to provide their policy stances with a façade of “expertise.” In fact, less than 15% of active physicians were dues-paying members of the AMA as of 2019, and rank-and-file doctors have long criticized the AMA for acting as if it speaks for every physician.

But that hasn’t stopped AMA Board Chair-Elect Sandra Adamson Fryhofer from issuing sweeping statements suggesting that every doctor and hospital should follow their proposal anyway. “Designating sex on birth certificates as male or female, and making that information available on the public portion, perpetuates a view that sex designation is permanent and fails to recognize the medical spectrum of gender identity,” she said recently. “This type of categorization system also risks stifling an individual’s self-expression and self-identification and contributes to marginalization and minoritization.”

One can agree or disagree, but the fact is that 48 states and the District of Columbia already allow people to amend their listed sex on their birth certificate to reflect their individual gender identities. If someone is trans, there’s nothing stopping them from changing the designation on their birth certificate from male to female or vice versa.

Why, then, is the AMA’s resolution even necessary? One reason the AMA board cites in its report is that only 10 states allow for a gender-neutral designation — typically “X” — on a birth certificate. In other words, the AMA, a professional association and lobbying group of physicians and medical students — supposed experts — is explicitly endorsing the notion that gender is not a biological reality but is rather a social construct that must be dismantled. It’s unclear what a designation of “X” on a birth certificate actually means, biologically or medically.

If all medical professionals were to embrace the AMA’s recommendation, the only logical outcome would be a fundamental reversal of how our society views gender. The AMA has already supported efforts to provide children under the age of 18 with “gender affirming” medical treatment. But even then, the idea was that babies would be assumed to be their biological sex until they are old enough to choose their own pronouns. Now, the AMA wants every American parent to instead assume that their child might be trans straight from the womb.

Although you won’t see opposition to the AMA’s resolution from any mainstream news outlets, many in the medical community have expressed concern about the implications of the statement. Robert Jackson, an MD from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, recently told WebMD Health News, “We as physicians need to report things accurately… All through medical school, residency, and specialty training we were supposed to delegate all of the physical findings of the patient we’re taking care of. I think when the child is born, they do have physical characteristics either male or female and I think that probably should be on the public record.”

If someone gets older and wants to change their gender and update their birth certificate accordingly, that’s one thing. But eliminating sex distinctions from the very beginning of life ignores the most basic science — indeed, a fundamental, objective truth of biological life. This begs a troubling question: If we’re disagreeing about such clear objective truths, then how can we as a country ever hope to unite socially and culturally, let alone politically?

More concretely, the AMA’s decision poses a real medical risk. In 2019, a transgender man — a biological female who identified as a male — birthed a stillborn baby because nurses didn’t consider checking if the patient was pregnant. Such cases are only more likely to occur if birth certificates don’t specify one’s sex.

With the support of our major institutions, from the media to Hollywood, corporate America, and now the medical establishment, wokeness is on the march. And the gender issue is at the tip of the woke spear.

If such forces, including the AMA, have their way, soon enough parents won’t be asking whether it’s a boy or a girl. They’ll be calling their child an it, until he or she chooses a gender — or no gender at all.

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Gail Arneman
10 months ago

This wish to do away with gender has about sense as doing away with agriculture. Or art. Or sports. Or business. It’s just a part of life and more importantly, it defines a person.– Boy, is that going to annoy quite a few people but that’s the way it is.

Robin Walter Boyd
10 months ago

This just may surpass the idiocy of citizens in the movie Idiocracy. Just saying…

10 months ago

Ridiculous! What is WRONG with these people?

Mario Capparuccini
10 months ago

Absolute insanity! I am a practicing physician and I do not belong to the AMA. The AMA does not speak for me!

10 months ago

A suggestion to Mario. That’s fine. Maybe you can speak up for yourself against such insanity.

Barbara L Ennis
10 months ago

Absurd !!

10 months ago

Another so called professional group, showing lack of backbone and eager to bend it’s knee to the wishes of the Communist Democrats. Maybe these un-educated should have exposed themselves to Marxist thought and history before they cave in any further.

Jerry Lessardd
10 months ago

So we make those Doctors go broke and go elsewhere for medical services.

Lee S McQuillen
10 months ago
Reply to  Jerry Lessardd

Great idea! They’re supposed to be smart but I have my doubts about this particular group of idiots!

James Sperling
10 months ago

The American Medical Association has totally lost their minds. It has become a fringe organization as the article says, made of mostly academics and lobbyists type people similar to those who control our doctors when he or she prescribed prescription or surgery and these idiots tell the doctors what they can or can do. God created us as male or female and when born that is what is to be put on the birth certificate. These Democrats when in Hell shout out for a glass of water, well sorry they should have know better than killing innocence babies and trying to change the sex of others.

10 months ago

I would have no confidence in going to a doctor that buys into this woke crap.

10 months ago

Removing the gender line from birth certificates is just another big waste of energy, time and money, addressing non-problems one after another as we are all forced to march toward becoming a non-thinking, wimp like obedient society.

Miranda DeGroot
10 months ago

I just lost a dear friend do to Covid-19. In a way, I am a bit sad that he left me here in the world of the absurdity. AMA is normalizing perversion. Their actions are reflections of how they think.

Randall L.
10 months ago

Hmmm, what a wacky way to conclude that we humans have no distinction to accept such a simple thing like male & female differentiation. Has anyone else watched the movie, “Kindergarten Cop?” Aside from the Hollywood hype, even little kids (if they’re raised properly) know the basic difference between a boy and a girl. If you haven’t seen the movie, then you don’t recall the particular scene I’m talking about. Watch it for yourself, & you’ll get the message.

10 months ago

Having once worked as a Personnel Director in a major hospital, I learned that LGBTQA are disproportionately attracted to the medical profession, whether it be as an Orderly or a Doctor. For decades they kept a low profile in fear of retaliation, but now there aren’t any consequences for any type of perversion. Moreover, these deviants want to convince the rest of us to consider any sexual experience “normal.” So now the AMA is “woke.” Have we abandoned the idea that criminal behavior is antisocial and destructive? What’s next? Will incest and pedophilia find justification?
How about bestiality? Where will we draw the line in the new normal? You have to stand for your beliefs and oppose this insanity.

10 months ago
Reply to  Patriot

Thank you Patriot for your statement. I agee. After all, the Bible tells us God created “man and woman”, not what’s being promoted in our society today. It’s too bad these people are so confused about their sex and unhappy with who they are. There will be an judgement just as Sodom and Gomorrah.

10 months ago

When the Medical Profession Doctors come up with this kind in inane nonsense, it casts a big doubt about how valid there dooms-day urging to wear masks for Corona Virus.

Sue Diederich
10 months ago

I got news for this Rockefeller created idiocy called the AMA… Personally – I think anyone signing on to that sort of thing needs far more than a psychiatric evaluation…

10 months ago

See, I knew I was right. Covid isn’t a lung disorder, it’s a brain disorder. Another round of mask mandates should be the final straw.

Mark Koppenhaver
10 months ago

I thought doctors were intelligent apparently they are as dumb as DemocRATS

Robert Zuccaro
10 months ago

And these are the same “scientists” creating laws at the Center for Disease and Rent Control.

10 months ago

God made us male and female!!! Since these gay couples can’t have kids, doesn’t that show everyone that their lifestyle is deviant and abhorrent and against God? Remember God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah!!! God will destroy us, if we don’t repent!!! 2 Chronicles 7:14 gives us our saving grace!!!

10 months ago
Reply to  Reality

May I ask why you say “God will destroy us, if we don’t repent”. Yes, we do need to repent for our own sins (not everyone elses sin, Jesus did that) and accept God the Father and his own son Jesus and believe IN HIM. Then he will not cast us away as a true believer. He wants us to love Him with our whole hearts. Jesus died for us and made a way to salvation and forgiveness and He said he would never leave us nor forsake us. But, he will destroy those who do not accept Him and turn from their wicked ways. Example in the Bible of Sodom and Gomorrah, a separation of believers and the lost.

10 months ago

When are all these Pussies going to develop backbones and tell these deviants to live their own lives and leave the rest of us alone. I’m tired of (in your face, you have to think like me or you are Racist, Bigoted, etc) crap from the perverts. I don’t care how they want to live, but don’t try to force your ideas on me.

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