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Don’t Say He’s Not Giving You Anything 

By Ian Gargan

covidThe Biden Administration has been accused of not helping our economy thrive.  Natural gas and oil prices are skyrocketing, and grocery stores are empty.  Even if you do find something at the store, there’s not enough staff to help you at the checkout. With the BBB plan adding dental insurance to Medicare, there was a glimmer of hope that Biden would help our nation’s seniors. Something they could smile about has been placed on the back burner.

So, what free stuff has Biden given us since coming into the office? At-home Covid-19 tests (But only three per household…  sorry, families of four!) and now he is sponsoring an initiative that offers our communities free crack pipes and condoms.

The Department of Health and Human Services has planned to use $9.75 million for ‘harm reduction in communities. They want to focus on disease control and reducing the number of overdose deaths.  Right out of the gate, the first challenge was distribution. How do we safely provide people with needles, pipes, and condoms? Vending machines! The best and safest way to buy a bag of chips or a “safe smoking kit.”

The equipment and supplies listed in this program grant are Infectious disease test kits, FDA-approved overdose reversal medication (because our government would never push something that’s not FDA approved), condoms, safe smoking kits, substance test kits, syringes, and medical disposal kits for after use of the needles. These vending machines will be a one-stop-shop for all your addiction needs, safe and easy.

You’ll have supplies for before, during, and after your drug use. Substance test kits will even tell you if you’re getting the best quality product and the safe smoking kits allow you not to get covid while you share your crack pipe with a pal.  They will also offer a resource called PrEP which can stop the transmission of HIV. If that doesn’t work, then condoms are available.

The bill also allows for funds to go toward a communication campaign focused on reducing the stigma related to harm reduction campaigns. So, we are spending money to deceive the public into believing we are spending money adequately and helpfully to help our communities thrive. Drug addiction is a disease and something that is plaguing our country now. The deaths are not due to the lack of users’ ability to find a clean needle or share a pipe. Fake versions of oxycodone are being trafficked through our open borders every day, and the ability to get opioids is unbelievably easy. For the US government to help its citizens use drugs more effectively is a slap in the face to every taxpayer.

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Christina Jenny
9 months ago

I wish this was a joke, What a terrible administration with such terrible ideas… Trump 2024

The red wave is coming!


9 months ago

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9 months ago

I was a Trump supporter however I am having second thoughts…….does anyone realize what another Trump Administration would do this country? This country would be so torn apart it would be unrecognizable……… Trump would not be good for this country…….think about it folks

9 months ago
Reply to  Walt

Walt, truth is the country is already unrecognizable. This isn’t the country I defended or the government our forefathers built. Instead of having second thoughts about Trump pick the best person, not party, and support him or her. Stand up for what is right not what your afraid of. Could haves and maybes don’t get results. The present government in America is broken and it needs redirection back to law an order and banding behind our constitution. So, its time for every citizen to get serious about how we, as a people got to this point and who was responsible. Maybe it is a reality that we have become a “participation troupe” nation, honoring nothing, expecting nothing, achieving nothing and fearing everything. Maybe not; but one thing is clear, what ever is done to get America back, is going to be an uphill challenge and there will be hard decisions regardless.

Bill T
9 months ago

OK, at least their hearts are in the right place, they understand how desperate and Misunderstood all of these drug attic’s in the United States will appreciate all there doing for them.
With the southern border wide open These new drug addicts can not only be guaranteed all the drugs they want but if it’s a lethal dose there literally dead in minutes, it’s a very sincere Gesture .I mean with the new trillion dollar infrastructure bill it’s such a heartwarming solution for all our new and existing drug addicted Americans. This is BIDEN’s biggest win yet and we’re all so extremely proud of him and his freedom loving administration. Wonder if they’ll provide caskets and tombstone’s also?

Jerry uger
9 months ago

It’s almost like someone telling a joke, I keep waiting for the punh line. But these people are for real, it’s simply astounding !

9 months ago
Reply to  Jerry uger

This is the twilight zone

Jean Rodgers
9 months ago

This is so sad.

9 months ago

This whole administration is a travesty! They have done nothing for seniors except cause us to worry in our beds if we’re going to be murdered in our beds by an illegal alien with border wide open. Totally worthless the whole administration.

David Millikan
9 months ago

DICTATOR Beijing biden put us back OVER 57 years in time in his first ILLEGAL year in WHITE House and now on his second ILLEGAL year he has put us back to the Stone Age with his NEANDERTHAL administration.
By the end of this year, 2022, DICTATOR Beijing biden will have USA in CAVE MAN TIMES with the rest of his CAVEMAN mentality administration leading the way saying they know what’s best for us by using their DRACONIAN/COMMUNIST tactics.
Watch and see.

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