Draft GOP Bill Gives Vets Non-VA Healthcare Option

old-veteran-salutefrom – Washington Examiner – by Diana Stacy

Veterans would be able to receive their healthcare from a government chartered nonprofit corporation rather than the Department of Veterans Affairs, under a new bill introduced this week by a member of the House Republican leadership.

The Caring for our Heroes in the 21st Century Act, from House GOP Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, could give veterans a way out of the troubled VA system that continues to suffer…

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Ruel D
5 years ago

Another government-run agency to screw up veteran healthcare. Note that one of the members of the board of directors would be the very VA Secretary that made the infamous Disney remark. Here’s an idea; give retired and/or disabled veterans a larger pension, say almost as big as a congressman gets for serving 4 whole years, and let them decide how and where to spend it. Maybe then they could buy their own health insurance before Obamacare ruins that system.

5 years ago
Reply to  Ruel D

They could simply give all veterans a VA Insurance Card that would allow them to get medical care at any doctor or hospital of their choosing anywhere in the U.S.. The bills would be sent directly from the doctor or hospital directly to the government for full payment. Shutdown the rest of the dysfunctional VA system, since as long as it is government run and managed it will never provide the proper care in a timely fashion. Of course we’ll never see this in our lifetime. Big government likes big government.

Ruel D
5 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Actually, there is medical insurance available to retirees and I would hope disabled vets. Its one of the few things I took with me when I retired. I did not want to rely on the government for anything. It meant a second career, but that has been worth it. I rely on the government for three things; a pension, and healthcare and life insurance. If they default on any or all of these, my golden years will go up in smoke, but I won’t starve. I cannot fathom people who are foolish enough to put their livelihoods into the hands of bureaucratic hacks sitting behind desks, thousands of miles from where they live.

5 years ago
Reply to  Ruel D

Well said Ruel D. My only point was that people expecting the VA system, as it now exists, to ever function properly are living in a fool’s paradise. Sure Washington can play musical chairs with the head of the VA every few years to pacify the public for a while, but the underlying systemic problems will continue. The multitude of bureaucratic layers within the administrative structure of the VA is what is both sucking up the most resources and causing the most problems. That aspect is never touched in any of the musical chair exercises and why the VA will never function as envisioned by the Washington elite.

The federal government by its very nature is both inefficient and wasteful, which is why it was originally designed to be of limited scope and size to concentrate on the very few areas where government was an absolute necessity (defense, ensure open and free trade between states, etc.). Basically a minimal footprint in the overall scope of the average person’s life. The VA is simply reflective of how virtually every other federal agency or program is setup to operate. The VA simply gets more headlines from time to time, because it touches a raw nerve with people concerning how veterans should be treated.

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