Editorial: Jill Stein’s Michigan Recount Exposes Voter Fraud in Democrat-Controlled Detroit. Good Job!

from – NetRightDaily

Jill Stein and her puppet master Hillary Clinton’s effort to stop the certification of enough Trump delegates to disrupt the Electoral College has run aground in the most delightful way.

In Michigan, where Trump has been certified the winner in spite of Stein’s efforts, Wayne County (Detroit), where Clinton overwhelmingly won, has come under fire explicitly due to the recount.  Turns out in 37 percent of the Detroit precincts more votes were cast than the number of people who showed up to the polls to vote. No one would have noticed if not for the personal enrichment recall scheme of the former Green Party presidential candidate.

The Detroit News quotes Krista Haroutunian, the chairwoman of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers as saying, “There’s always going to be small problems to some degree, but we didn’t expect the degree of problem we saw in Detroit. This isn’t normal.”

Now Wayne County officials will be subjected to an audit by the Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson’s office, the exact kind of electoral proctology exam that every local official fears.

I’m sure that during this holiday season, that Wayne County officials won’t be sending any Christmas cards Ms. Stein’s way.  However, they may send requests for Stein to provide money from her multi-million-dollar recall fundraising take to cover their legal fees once the investigations are complete.

To make matters worse for Democrats in the state, Stein’s broad claims of voter fraud convinced the GOP majority in the state legislature to respond by passing voter identification legislation.  The exact type of legislation that the left has vehemently opposed.  Talk about open mouth, insert foot.

The only other thing that the Green Party wrecking ball could do to further destroy the left in the Wolverine state would be if she credited (rightly or wrongly) public employee union cash with being instrumental in funding the farce of a recount prompting Michigan legislators to go all Scott Walker on them and prevent the state collection of union dues.

C’mon Jill, you can do it — praise the state employee unions and do us all a favor.

Speaking of the venerable Governor Walker, the collapse of the powerful public employee union political clout was instrumental in the victory of both Trump and Senator Ron Johnson in November.  Stein’s Wisconsin recount helped rub salt in those wounds as the Trump margin of victory in the state climbed by 131 votes giving him a more than 22,000 vote victory.

The sad fact is that everyone knew that Stein’s effort was specious because it is virtually impossible for a vote differential of that magnitude to be overcome by provisional and other disputed ballots.  Her ploy was to work to cause and delay the counting process to stop the state from certifying the election prior to the December 19th Electoral College voting.  This cynical attempt to disrupt that process not by winning states but by throwing the certification process into disarray was beaten and the people of Wisconsin and Michigan will be represented when Donald Trump is officially elected President of the United States.

As for Stein and her shenanigans, they will be forgotten in history never receiving the true scorn they deserve.  However, in Michigan, she will be remembered fondly by those who want fair elections due to the voter identification laws she inspired, and angrily by Democratic Party election officials in Detroit whose lives are about to get a lot worse due to the in-depth scrutiny of their work that is about to be undertaken.

Somehow, just desserts get served immediately, and for Jill Stein and her backers, they are getting double portions of a nasty stew.  Too bad, couldn’t happen to better people.


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Ivan Berry
4 years ago

Lie, cheat and steal, along with emote is the progressive way. Were it not for manipulated emotion there would be no progressive product. PaulE is correct in brains never being a pre-requisite for being a Democrat or Socialist.
Along with, “Lie, cheat and steal,” we might add the bureaucratic mantra of “Hide it, lie about it and blame it on somebody else.”

4 years ago

The thing the Democrats (using Jill Stein as their proxy shill) have to be afraid of is that in their zeal to try and pack the ballot boxes in a number of states with “newly discovered, uncounted votes for Hillary” (carried in by the so-called Democrat operatives assisting in the re-count process) is that they risk exposing the Democrat voter fraud they already committed election night. That the real number of actual votes for Hillary in this case are substantially less than the number of voters credited to her on election night. Oops!

Now if we were to repeat this re-count process in a number of former Democrat strongholds in the country where Trump won and see the same results as Michigan, that so-called “Hillary won the majority of votes” might likely be discovered to be completely false. That when you count actual voters and weed out the illegals that were allowed to vote in the Democrat-run states (California and New York being prime examples) and the usual dead voters, who magically manage to rise long enough every four years to vote for the Democrat Presidential candidate, you would find Hillary didn’t win the majority vote either. So clearly in their desperation to steal the election from Trump, neither Clinton, Podesta nor the DNC have apparently thought this out very well. Then again, brains have never been a pre-requisite to be a Democrat or a Socialist. The ability to lie, cheat and steal with a straight face are much more highly prized.

4 years ago

Unintended consequences!! ?

Now let’s see if they do anything about their voting machines.

Voting machines in my county and a majority of other counties have paper ballots. Voters place the form in the scanner themselves, poll workers are not allowed to touch them.

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