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Eliminate Costly and Ineffective VA Bureaucracy

AMAC Member: Walter Bunyea

Location: Virginia


As an Iraq war veteran, I wish that all Veterans could get good private health care.
Eliminate the very costly and ineffective VA bureaucracy. Don’t reward the VA with more money.

Two far better steps:

Give veterans annual vouchers to use for private health care and doctor’s of their choice.

Give veterans tax free health savings accounts.

I expect Democrats to favor big inefficient and ineffective government run health care solutions. They don’t understand the power of free markets. But, Republicans should know better and provde leadership! To keep the same failed system is ridiculous, wasteful, and a continued disservice to all Veterans.

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Jerry Caruthers
9 months ago

I agree, A surgical procedure was performed on my face at the Veterans Administration (VA) Emergency Room (ER), the packing inside the wound fell out and I started bleeding out. I went to the nearest ER to stop the bleeding. The VA refused to pay the hospital bill because it was not service connected, so I had to pay a $1200 medical bill. I appealed their decision and was denied again and was told that if I was 100% disabled the VA would have paid the tab. I got mad as hell, stood up and started yelling what makes the difference if you are 10% or 100% disabled, the [email protected]#$ing thing is still not service connected!!! Then two VA cops showed up and started patronizing me and escorted me to my car, then a VA squad car escorted me off the VA campus, then a local P.D. squad car followed me for 3 to 5 miles! What makes me even madder is all of these thugs and slugs can go to any ER in the country and get free health care and they don’t do anything to earn government entitlements. But not a veteran, you get half of your face blown off and you have to fight the government to get your benefits! Does anyone remember that movie Article 99? Not much has changed since that movie came out! I also contacted various veteran organizations and they all told me O-well, so said to bad!          

Bill law
5 years ago

What they ought to do is fire every body and start over. Docs and other end pros evaluated, and everybody else should have an honorable dichargevand a 214 proving their service. Period. No more petty civil service bureaucrats who think they’re doing bets a favor.

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