European Tax Bureaucrats Are Raising Taxes on U.S. Companies and Undermining Tax Reform

tax reformIn the wake of recent tax reform in the United States, one might be tempted to think that a relatively quiet time of adjustment and digestion is ahead when it comes to U.S. companies doing business overseas. After all, a lot has changed–there’s a “deemed repatriation” tax on deferred foreign earnings, new “BEAT” and “GILTI” tax rules to prevent tax base erosion and corporate inversions, and of course a new 21 percent tax rate here at home…

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From - Forbes - by Ryan Ellis

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3 years ago

So we cut taxes to encourage U.S. international companies to bring their overseas profits back into this country. It would seem that if the Europeans now want to raise taxes on U.S. companies doing business in their borders, that too would encourage these U.S. companies to bring home their funds and invest them domestically in new plant and equipment instead of continuing to expand in the hostile environment the author described. Isn’t that good for America?

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