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Everyone Needs a Flu Shot, Particularly Those at Greatest Risk – the Elderly, says AMAC

flu season shot elderlyWASHINGTON, DC – Drug stores have had signs heralding the 2018-19 Flu Season for weeks.  Meanwhile, if you’ve visited your doctor recently, he or she has most likely reminded you to get your flu shots in a timely fashion this year.

However, notes the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], there continues to be widespread reluctance, based on indifference and fear, among Americans to be immunized against the flu.  Most years only about half of those who should seek protection get a flu shot.  As a result, too many at risk individuals, including elderly Americans, succumb to influenza and too many of them die.

Last year’s flu season was exceptionally long.  It lasted from October 1, 2017 and continued until nearly the end of April 2018 and caused some 30,453 laboratory-confirmed hospitalizations of flu victims, most of whom were 65 years old or older, according to the Centers for Disease Control [CDC].

So, why don’t more of us embrace the flu vaccine as an established preventive measure?

AMAC suggests that the “myths” about the flu shot may have something to do with it.  Perhaps the most senseless misconception people might have is that they need not be vaccinated every year to be protected.  The most important reason for getting a shot every year is the simple fact that in the course of a year the vaccine loses its effectiveness.  In addition, the makeup of the flu virus, itself, changes each year so a new vaccine needs to be produced annually.  And, that is why the CDC strongly recommends that, ideally, everyone, six months old and older should be immunized at the onset of flu season.

AMAC is particularly focused on encouraging America’s seniors to get a flu shot pointing out that 58% of all those who had to be hospitalized due to influenza last year were over 65 years of age.  In fact, the CDC even underscores the need for older Americans to be vaccinated because they are at higher risk of developing serious complications from flu.  There’s even a special version of the vaccine especially designed for seniors.  It’s a high-dose vaccine that contains four times the amount of antigen contained in a regular shot.

The CDC says that the high-dose vaccine was tested in a massive clinical trial in which there were 30,000 participants.  The trial proved the effectiveness of the high-dose version of the vaccine among the 65-plus set.  Those seniors who received the high dose vaccine “had 24% fewer influenza infections as compared to those who received the standard dose flu vaccine.”

Most physicians will tell you that if you are among the skeptics when it comes to flu shots, you need to focus on the facts, not the myths.  And, if the truth about the flu be told, it will be told by the Centers for Disease Control, which says get a flu shot as early as you can in the season because it is the best way to help protect yourself.



The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] [https://www.amac.us] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at https://amac.us/join-amac.


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3 years ago

Wow! I never expected Amac to be totally pushing this flu shot idea or any idea of totally trusting in govt central control 100% the same (You must conform!) for “everyone”. It kinda makes me sick.

3 years ago

On 10-15-18 I contacted AMAC, requesting a follow-up article specifically addressing the comments posted on this article. Let’s see who’s listening.

Alan Clemence
3 years ago

One of the main reasons my wife and I joined AMAC was to get away from the leftist agenda especially fake news. We would have hoped this would have included big pharma propaganda such as flu shots.

Suzan Williams
3 years ago

I am 75 years old and have NEVER had a flu shot. I have had only one year, at age 66, where I had a mild case of the flu. I don’t expect to get a flu shot this year. Wash hands, keep you face washed using mild soap and warm water, keep away from those who are coughing and sneezing and too stupid to stay home. If you work, refuse to in writing if the company won’t send sick people home. I megadose multi vitamins, B12, D and Zinc throughout the flu season and during that time NEVER shake hands.

3 years ago

I was just about to join AMAC in support of my conservative values – then I read your article promoting flu shots! What a joke! Really poor representation of conservative folks as you help Big Pharma get richer at the expense of our health and well being.

3 years ago

In 2017, the flu vaccine was only about 30% effective. The first shingles vaccine about 50%. The first time I got a flu shot, my digestive system suffered for days. Never got another one. Despite a shingles shot, got it 2 more times. Now I’m trying the new 2 part shingles vaccine. All of this vaccinating came at a physical and monetary cost. I do believe, however, that many vaccines, such as the ones to prevent Polio. Measles, Mumps, etc. are very worthwhile, and parents need to have their children inoculated.

3 years ago

I wish someone would publish the stats on the percentage of those that get the flu shot get the flu versus those who don’t get the flu shot who get the flu.

Paula F
3 years ago

The flu shot is full of toxins just like other immunization shots. It’s extremely dangerous and has long term effects on your body. I wouldn’t put that crap in me , ever!!! I was a nurse assistant and saw many people who had the flu shot, being hospitalized with the flu. Plus I’ve seen terrible reactions associated with it.

Alan Clemence
3 years ago

My wife and I signed up for Amac to get away from this kind of agenda and misinformation. This is disappointing to us.

Dan W.
3 years ago

OK, this morning (October 1st) I put my money where my mouth is and got the high-dose flu shot.

I will let everyone know if I don’t survive the week.

Gary S.
3 years ago

I am disappointed to see tis kind of recommendation from AMAC. Vaccines, most of them anyway, are nothing more than big pharma creating customers and slowly poisoning the American public. I was hoping you would be less like the AARP and actually provide healthy, educated, non-partisan advice based on FACTS for various life topics.

3 years ago

So disappointed that AMAC would fall into this dangerous fallacy of vaccinations. I thought more highly of the intelligence of the people running this organization.

3 years ago

I tried to vote up on some of the comments – the system voted down instead – what gives here?

3 years ago

I am so encouraged to read all of the comments against getting the flu shot. Big Pharma and the CDC are in cahoots. These vaccines are BIG money makers. I have never gotten the flu shot and have not had the flu in 12 years, and before that, rarely. I take vitamins and herbs and do regular colon cleanses to keep my immune system healthy. Vaccines are highly toxic! The side effects are worse than the flu or disease they are supposed to prevent. Go to http://www.vaccinesrevealed.com

Susan Smith
3 years ago

Shame on you AMAC..never had a flu shot, never will..age 67..I have read everything I can get my hands on..no toxins injected in my body knowingly..not on this illness..”flu”…just a minor bump in the road for we healthy people.

Lillie Passwaiter
3 years ago

The article above is a lie from the pit of hell!!!!! For you to publish something like this is disgraceful and I support all of the comments below that also describe the sorrowful results of taking a flu shot.
I thought that AMAC was the members friend but I guess not when you are in favor of something that makes us sick!!!!!
I guess I will NOT RENEW with Amac again!

3 years ago

AMEN to the 96% who are against flu shots. If we boost up our immune systems with antioxidants, practice good hygiene, and get sufficient rest, we will be fine. Flu shots, and vaccines – all filled with chemicals, and even fetal tissues. I wonder if big Pharma gets flu shots, because they know what they contain? Check out NVIC.org for an eye opening report (National Vaccine Information Center).

3 years ago

WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!! Where is John Grimaldi getting his information?

3 years ago

This is one article I strongly disagree with. There has been so much research on vaccines that the public has been kept in the dark about, including flu shots. Big Pharma is not on our side.

3 years ago

I haven’t had a flu shot in probably 15 years. I take the pills that I buy from my chiropractor and haven’t had the flu. The flu shots have too much mercury. Watch Doug Kaufman on “Know the Cause” to learn this.

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