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Exempt America from ObamaCare Rally

By Caroline Howle –

Having gained momentum and publicity over the five-week August recess, the effort to defund ObamaCare took center stage once again on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol on September 10 and AMAC was there.  A slew of Tea Party big-wigs rallied with several hundred anti-ObamaCare spectators for the “Exempt America from ObamaCare” event, blasting the deeply flawed law and its presidential architect.  With the health insurance exchanges set to open in a little less than three weeks, time for the GOP to take action to strip funding for ObamaCare is quickly running out.

This rally – sponsored by a number of conservative groups – echoed the anti-ObamaCare sentiments of many Americans, who passionately conveyed their expectations to see the cumbersome law defunded to members of Congress over the recess break.  In fact, opposition to ObamaCare has only continued to climb as implementation of the law draws nearer.  According to a new CNN/ORC International poll, 57 percent of those surveyed oppose ObamaCare – a troubling statistic for the White House, still several months away from the complete overhaul of the U.S. health care system.

Contributing to the public’s frustration with the law is the string of decisions by the Obama administration to delay – or refuse to enforce – critical components of their own pride and joy.  For instance, it was announced in July that implementation of the employer mandate – a provision in the law that requires businesses with 50 employees or more to provide health care to workers – would be delayed for one year to give employers more time to comply with the law’s reporting requirements.  Despite letting big business off the hook, the American people were not offered the same relief.  Instead, the individual mandate remains in effect and requires most Americans to purchase health insurance, or pay a fine – starting in January 2014.

Speaking to protestors at the rally, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) incited a roar from the crowd when he said, “Rather than the delays, we should delay the whole thing permanently – and come up with a new commonsense solution” to the problems facing the American health care system.  Laying out the current situation for those at the rally, Cruz put it this way: “Pay for a law already too broken to fix or pay a penalty that not even fortune 500 companies” will be forced to shell out.  The fact remains, “[the president] does not have the authority to change the law.”

These types of damning statements spewed from the mouths of speaker after speaker, amid chants to “defund it!”  Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) took the stage to reassure onlookers that the effort to defund ObamaCare “isn’t about shutting down the government” – an issue that has clearly divided the Republican Party.  Introducing a bill that promises to keep the government up and running while stripping funding for ObamaCare, Rep. Graves and 42 of his conservative colleagues hope to kill ObamaCare once and for all.

Still, the road ahead won’t be easy for conservatives wanting to see ObamaCare defunded.  The Democratic-controlled Senate isn’t likely to take action against the president’s signature legislative achievement.  Regardless, many conservatives in Congress stand ready to make their Democratic colleagues pay the ultimate political price for supporting this deeply flawed, job-killing law.  Quoting conservative icon Ronald Reagan, Rep. Mark Meadows said, “If you can’t make them see the light – make sure they feel the heat.”

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8 years ago

Our president(s) have taken way too much power on their own. Since when has ANYTHING that has been run by the government been done efficiently OR cost-effectively? How many “programs” have ballooned out of control once taken over by the government? They’re full of fraud and all the oversight in the world doesn’t seem to be able to fix anything! We need an overhaul – pronto, but I don’t think those yahoos up in Washington are going to like it! (And if they do, we need to try again!!)

Rick Whistler
8 years ago

The President backed by a ruthless agenda based media have finally overcome the Constitution. They are exempt from budgeting, exempt from accountability, exempt from the law of the land. Honesty is dead! Catch them in the act of lawless behavior, they simply ignore the public behind the media curtains. The best we can expect from this administration is retirement of the ring leaders (IRS), more in your face lies, and a total disregard for the PEOPLE!

Our government is being run by thugs and elitist idiots. Since history is rarely taught in school anymore the current and next generation will not know the same tactics were used by Fascists and Communists alike in the 1930’s. They will intentionally create crisis after crisis to eliminate individual freedoms and dictate central government controls. The Facists lost in WWll but look at the great strides the “Liberals” aka our modern day Socialists have made in China, Russia and America to name a few.


8 years ago

I have written my senators and Harry Reid. They wish to ignore the state of the American public and the wishes of the people. We need to bring Obamacare to a vote of the people. It is a travesty to our nation and should be defeated. They will not face that they get a pass as government workers and the unions do not want it and what it is doing to the American job market.

John F, Manders

8 years ago

cheers to the above comments. defunding obamacare will one of the best things the senate has done in a long time but do they have the balls to do so. to all to vote to defund it election should be reelected to those such as harry reid and nancy pilosci (oh however she spells it), defeat should be theirs. unless of course the ballots are rigged as they were in the last presidential election.

Diana Garmon
8 years ago

I simply do not understand. It is perfectly clear that the American people do not want Obamacare and yet it will start into affect in less than three weeks. It is no wonder we have become complacent. It appears it doesn’t matter what we want, Obama and Congress are going to do what they please. I do not believe there is one honest politician left.
It’s a shame we can’t open the presidency to more people who are not attorneys and filthy rich. We would have a much better pool from which to chose. We need to get rid of this man before we have no country left.
You know who likes Obama? All those people who have their hands out and are receiving everything for free. Take away their freebies and you will see just how fast they vote him out of office!

Don Miller
8 years ago

It really is a shame what this country has come to. The Obama administration has really sunk this country to a new low.What makes this dictator think he can come in here and dictate what we as Americans need to be told that we have to have a government run health care system. As stated ,buy another common sense viewer this government of ours can not run a vacuum cleaner with out spreading dirt around. Now they are shoving there health care crap down our throats, and telling us to do as we say, not as we do. .we are heading down a rough road to dictatorship and we are setting back and letting it happen. There is going to come a day when people are going to get tired of the governments bull crap. But, by then it, will be to late! So, what’s next? being told what kind of house to buy and from whom, the color of the carpet in our homes, that may sound far fetched right now but don’t count it out just yet. If we are smart we will get off our collective rears and do some thing about this dictator that is taking over this country. And yes, this dictator was elected because of the color of his skin, both times! The people did not put him in office the second time every one knows it was the government that put him there but, alas, the people will do nothing but cower down and do nothing just because of the color of this dictators skin.

Jack Aigner
8 years ago

Our president is a frigging moron.Get rid of Obamacare and impeach the jackass.He is a great speaker as long as he has the teleprompter.Sad part about all of this is that our political system is broken.It takes too much money to get elected for the politicians to do the right thing to fix the problems in this country.Whether it be oil prices,health insurance,food costs,property taxes or just general costs of living the small man especiailly the seniors are getting screwed.My wife and I watched our retirement savings lose over 50 per cent of its value because big banks and financial institutions who were too big to fail had no one watching them because the politicians said government did not belong in their business.Bulls**t to that one.If that is true how come it is OK to have government control our health insurance.Government cannot run a simple thing like a post office efficiently how do they expect to get health insurance right.If this president was elected because of the color of his skin it may be too late for us.I am sure Martin Luther King did not have what is happening in this country today as part of his dream.I have black friends who just shake their heads over issues.AARP does not do nothing but try to scam people with overpriced rotten car insurance policies,health supplement policies,hearing aids and cell phones to seniors.OOPS I almost forgot that stupid magazine they send around.This is the first I have heard about AMAC.Hopefully you can make a presence that will be felt in this country.It really needs it.

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