FBI Investigating Chinese Espionage in All 50 States

China Chinese espionage FBI investigatingFBI Director Christopher Wray revealed on July 18 that the FBI is investigating Chinese economic espionage cases in all 50 U.S. states, and that China is regarded as the “most significant” long-term threat to the United States.

Wray, speaking to NBC at the Aspen Ideas Forum on July 18, said Chinese espionage “covers everything from corn seeds in Iowa to wind turbines in Massachusetts and everything in between.”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is using a set of unconventional warfare methods against the United States, designed to achieve the goals of war without the need for troop-on-troop combat. This includes subversive methods to infiltrate and undermine U.S. institutions, propaganda operations to alter public perception, economic warfare programs to steal from the U.S. economy, and more.

Many of these strategies were outlined in a 1999 Chinese military book, “Unrestricted Warfare.” Many of the tactics also pull from older subversive methods used by the Soviet Union, and go beyond them.

Subversion is used by communist regimes to gradually seize control of a country by attacking and undermining the institutions that make it function, driving its population into conflict, in order to bring the country to a state of crisis that allows for outside intervention, either through foreign invasion or a new political structure.

It is also designed to gradually achieve the goal of creating a communist state by subverting and destroying religious belief, morality, and tradition through infiltrating institutions, and by creating advocacy movements, among other methods.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) brought attention to the economic arm of the CCP’s unrestricted warfare system in a hearing on July 19.

Commenting on the hearing, Frank Gaffney, president and CEO of the Center for Security Policy, said in an interview with Secure Freedom Minute Radio that “amidst the political jockeying in Washington to establish which party is more hostile to Vladimir Putin’s Russia, an even more ominous threat is getting scant attention.”

“Fortunately, the fact that Communist China has actually been waging ‘unrestricted warfare’ against the United States for decades is the focus of an important congressional hearing today,” Gaffney said.

“The hearing is particularly timely in light of President Trump’s efforts to use tariffs, investment restrictions, and other measures to fight back. It may be one of our last chances to do so.”

The CCP’s unrestricted warfare system is often highlighted in discussions about Chinese cyber threats and theft of intellectual property, but the strategies go far beyond this.

Unrestricted warfare utilizes a long list of methods, including “culture warfare,” “smuggling warfare,” “drug warfare,” “environmental warfare,” “guerrilla warfare,” and many others. These methods may be divided into categories of needing no military involvement, some military involvement, or full military involvement.

A related strategy, inducted into the official strategies of the CCP’s People’s Liberation Army, is its “Three Warfares” system, which includes psychological warfare designed to alter how people interpret information, media warfare to control what information is available, and legal warfare to manipulate international court systems.

While the subversive and unconventional warfare tactics used by the CCP are coming to light, the broader picture is still not widely understood, according to Casey Fleming, CEO of BlackOps Partners Corp., a global intelligence strategy and cyber advisory company.

“Most senior leaders and lawmakers are unaware of the deep extent of espionage and vast infiltration Chinese government has perpetrated in all sectors over the past two decades,” Fleming said.

“It is part of the Chinese regime’s strategy to feign partnerships while gutting the American economy of stolen innovation, trade secrets, and intellectual property from every sector: business, military, government, academia, and even think tanks and law firms.”

According to Fleming, while Chinese espionage cases are now being investigated across the United States, the cases need to be understood in the broader context of the CCP’s strategies.

“Extensive Chinese espionage is tied to a broader strategy to subvert the United States ideologically and to eventually overtake the United States both financially and militarily through robust and consistent intellectual property theft, under the guise of plausible deniability,” he said.

Wray, speaking at Aspen, also briefly explained this concept, stating that China is “trying to position itself as the sole dominant superpower” and that “they’re trying to replace the United States in that role.”

“I think China, from a counterintelligence perspective, represents in many ways the broadest, most challenging, most significant threat we face as a country,” Wray said.

“The volume of it, the pervasiveness of it, the significance of it, is something that I think this country cannot underestimate.”

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Joshua Philipp

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4 years ago

Do we really want the FBI to be involved in this? How do we know if they are telling us the truth?

4 years ago

If a majority of our politicians would care more about Americans, and less about stuffing their pockets with money from China, we could stop a lot of what’s going on!

Old Silk
4 years ago

Long overdue vindication has come for those of us who have been saying all along that communist China is the bigger threat.

Martin Steed
4 years ago

The Chinese have been doing this stuff for decades. Back in the 1990s, they bought some jets from McDonnell-Douglas. The parts were assembled into major assemblies in the US, but final assembly was in China. End result was that China was then able to reverse engineer the aircraft and build their own from the ground up. They did a similar thing with GM by enticing GM to manufacture “parts” in China for final assembly in the US. That then allows China to use the “parts” manufactured in China to assemble their own version of the GM cars. They look ahead 10, 20, even 50 years while we look ahead to the next quarter, or the next election. That’s how they beat us.

4 years ago

Wait a minute, the Democrats keep telling us it’s all Russia doing this stuff. Could it be the Dems are just stupid? ;-)

Pat R
4 years ago

All the more reason to agree with Rand Paul who believes in closed borders, sovereignty, and keeping our noses (and finances) out of other countries’ business. Big chip in US sovereignty and status was partnering in the WTO, then developing relations with known enemy states. And how do these states then perceive us? They hate us and use our own money, given to them in trade purchases, to defeat us. Didn’t help any to have crippling laws and regulations placed on US industries years ago that (along with cheaper products from overseas) shut down those industries, chipping away at US independence and sovereignty.

4 years ago

It’d be nice if somebody investigated FBI ESPIONAGE in all 50 States!!!

4 years ago

The FBI doesn’t investigate anything unless there’s money in it for them. They are RICO Act mercs.
Wray is part of the Deep State and anything he says has to be taken with a few tons of salt.

4 years ago

The privilege of free election protection is a must….from within or without intrusion and sabotage of the ballot and vote is a federal offense and every state should be aware of the penalty of non compliance and the teeth to enforce this right should be big and sharp…..Stealing is a crime…

Michael Stertz
4 years ago

The Chinese – not the Russians – are the real national security threat.

C. Bankson
4 years ago

Sounds like the Democrats are using the same playbook… while RINOs are simply lining their pockets with payola and don’t care about the consequences of their plausible denial version of treason…

Van Hamlin
4 years ago

Read “Secret Empires” by Peter Schweizer! The Social Democrats have been in bed with the Chi-Coms for a long time!

Arnold Sharkey
4 years ago

Just look at there military equipment and it’s almost a copy of U.S or Russian equipment and it’s mostly U.S there new fighter aircraft is a knockoff of the F-22 there ships radar is just like the U.S Navy’s ,they don’t design nothing they steal designs ,and the U.S has done nothing to stop there hacking when is enough of this thief going to stop.

Felix Guerrera
4 years ago

What I could never understand is why their money never had any gold value in the world monetary system ? Their motto must be as I thought, “SPEND NO MONEY, LOSE NO MONEY”. Nobody better than them when it comes to that. I wonder why no one realized this? So much for USA Intelligence ! They give us a Hot Dog for a Ham. We’ll have to save up more money to give them ! They want to control all money and their Juan is nothing . If we have their money, we will not be able to buy anything , that is worse than we are now! Oh well no money to spend ,we have to learn from them. They want to be like USA and buy for nothing because we have nothing now !

William Showalter
4 years ago

All it takes is the foot in he door. When you let people like the Clinton’s in office. This is what happens. I learned that from my dad many years ago. Wished everyone knew. thanks

4 years ago

….and yet we continue to transfer our wealth to China buy buying their goods at places like Walmart. Wise up!

4 years ago

They’ve spent billions on property in NYC alone in 2011. Why the surprise?

4 years ago

How many of you have searched for ownership of railroads in USA eastern states. Would it cause you problem, if you found Chinese companies own man of those railroads. And the Dassel
Engines today have all kinds of radio and communications equipment, rolling through all our major cities, and can intercept all kinds of signals and communications? Chinese own box companies at both ends of the Panama Canal, a port in LA-SD area, and have fishing boats on all the oceans, with strange “fishing poles”. Same with all countries who fish the oceans. Just as Russia flies planes near our coasts.
——- Working Communications in Pacific, from Hawaii, we restricted our transmitting or receiving, when many of those ships was reported in our waters, or docking at Hawaii ports. Same with aircraft or space craft. And that was 1972 to 1976. With High Definition, and Digital communications, we have much more bandwidth, power, and abilities. But so do the other countries. And Operators of equipment need to practice “communications security” of what they send or receive, how we secure it, and who we inform. How many of you on net, doodle on table napkins about your work, to friends, and leave the napkin crumbled on your plate, or on the table. Have you ever questioned yourself on who your waiter or bus boy-girl is, and what type of restaurant are you in?
———How secure is the electronic equipment in your home, or office? Is it storing or sending, receiving information, you did not ask for, or need? And when transmitting classified or sensitive information, is it possible the recipient is not cleared or have clearance for that information? Even the person at next desk, to yours?

ahem tonto
4 years ago

China’s threats to America are diverse and numerous. Getting Walmart and the other big box stores on board to stem or stop the flow of Chinese merchandise would yield immense leverage against China’s economy. Buy American needs to be more than a slogan on a chevron in the aisles of Walmart and other American retailers while they continue to stock their inventories with Chinese goods. The numerous U.S. companies with new factories in China should be penalized with appropriate financial disincentives. They are so many ways to influence China’s actions habits and their manipulation of the price of goods, markets and currencies. Our Congress has done nothing to stem the tide of their aggression in those arenas and has therefore supplied them with the financial wherewithal to build a large and powerful military presence that threatens the free world.

4 years ago
Reply to  ahem tonto

This article goes hand in hand with the other article on Unions. Union Wages forced businesses to have to raise the costs of their products. Then, with Government taxes AND restrictions, these businesses were forced to move their businesses out of country just to survive. President Trump as a businessman knows what it takes to compete and profit and is trying to address this problem. Of course, open borders is inviting in foreign nations/investors/workers to actively participate in hacking their jobs or buying right into our latest technology. And the Progrssively Communist Democrats are complicent in destroying this country!

4 years ago

There is a commie in the wood pile…times 100,000,000, for sure. They’re efffing everywhere…

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