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FDA Approves Antibody Test – Could Be Key to Developing Vaccine

vaccineThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first test for blood antibodies that could be key in developing a vaccine to fight the coronavirus. The test should be able to recognize people who have contracted and recovered from the virus and provide valuable immunity data.

If a person has positive antibodies, this means that they’ve recovered from the virus and usually can’t be re-infected, which is critical information for those working in health care. In other words, the antibodies will “remember” the specific virus that caused an infection and will attack it if it enters the body again.  Antibody tests are important because they can identify those infected with the virus yet show no symptoms of it. The results can help slow the spread of the outbreak.

The FDA fast-tracked development of the antibody test and there are more than 30 different companies working on these tests.

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